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Best Tennis Accessories

Our team at Tennis Extra has been scouring the market, in order to put together the best selection of accessories to help improve your Tennis game. Simply select one of our guides from the list below. Best Tennis Ball Machines

Best Tennis Rackets 2022

We tested a number of different tennis racket models, brands, and styles to find the best tennis rackets of the year. We have found that the top tennis racket for 2022 in terms of overall value is the Head Titanium Ti.S5 Comfort Zone. As a former professional tennis player, I’ve...
Are you looking to install a Tennis court or are simply curious about the size of a Tennis court's dimensions? We've provided all the official sizes for each area of the court. 1. Tennis Court Dimensions & Court Size Let’s look at the standard Tennis court dimensions, including the length, width,...
Here are 22 of the most incredible benefits that playing Tennis can have on your health, long term!
If you're new to the game of Tennis, you'd probably agree that the scoring system is rather confusing.  Tennis has a unique scoring system that differs from other sports. Below is a simple guide on how tennis scoring works. How Does Tennis Scoring Work? Tennis scoring is comprised of points, games, sets,...
We set our team of Tennis enthusiasts to work in order to find what Tennis Racket is best for your game, according to your skill level. Whether that be a beginner to Tennis, all the way through to the advanced player. Which Are the Best Tennis Rackets According to Skill Level? Upon...

The History Of Tennis

Amazingly, according to research the history of Tennis could well date back thousands of years, as far as Ancient Greece. Although, Tennis as its known today is likely to have been developed from a handball game known as "Paume" (palm) in 12th century France. As its name suggests, this game...
Each player has their own wants and needs when choosing a tennis racket, and there are many features to consider before making a final choice.

How to Make Tennis Even More Competitive on the Market?

We live in paradoxical times, and paradoxical times have not bypassed tennis either. The ratings are constantly increasing. The total number of tennis fans...

What’s next for Andy Murray?