12 Best Tennis Bags With Shoe Compartment 2024 – Wilson, Babolat, Adidas and Other

Tennis Bags With Shoe Compartment

Tennis is a demanding sport that needs players to have a high level of ability, endurance, focus, and precision. At the point when you’re out on the court, be that as it may, having the right stuff could spell the contrast between winning and losing a match.

We have selected the top bags for you to choose from in our guide to buying the Best Tennis Bags With Shoe compartments. To assist you in choosing the best tennis bags for your racquets and shoes, we examined bags suitable for players of all levels.

Top Tennis Bags With Shoe Compartment Review

1. Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack

The Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack is the best tennis bag for storing your racquets and sneakers. It’s a bag with a clean exterior in matte hues that’s sleek, sharp, and aesthetically pleasant. It’s a must-have for Roger Federer’s admirers because it’s tailored to his tastes.

Its design is elegant, and the bag is constructed of high-quality materials, making it superior to many other top-notch backpacks on the market. Two racquets may easily fit in the racquet compartment, and the two main chambers have enough room for other items like clothes, tennis balls, or shoes.

The Wilson Federer DNA Tennis Backpack is a great alternative for players of all abilities, and it can also be used as a work or school bag. Choose the Wilson Federer DNA tennis backpack if you value functionality and versatility.


  • The wallet or phone can be kept in the felt-lined, zipped pocket.
  • This bag has two large sections for storing various tennis accessories.
  • Tennis equipment or balls can be stored in two big compartments.
  • This backpack contains a huge Thermoguard compartment to keep snacks and drinks cold.
  • A displayed representation of Federer’s autograph is one of the key attractions.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Available in two sophisticated color schemes.

2. Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Backpack

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Backpack

Babolat’s Pure Aero Backpack is an outstanding all-around bag and one of the best tennis bags with shoe compartments on the market.

It has a breathable shoe compartment on the base and space for two racquets. Paying attention to music or digital broadcasts before your coordinate is straightforward, with an earphone space on the highest point of the pack.

Smaller merchandise, for example, water bottles, holds, a phone, or a wallet, can be put away in smaller compartments on the two sides of the rucksack.

Comfort and versatility are further developed by the cushioned, flexible lattice lashes. On the highest point of the sack, there is a conveying handle.


  • Tennis shoes or soiled clothes will fit in the breathable pocket.
  • For personal stuff, there are several smaller accessory compartments.
  • Three color choices are available.
  • Listening on the fly is simple with the headphone hole.

3. K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag

K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag

The duffel bag-style product has a lot of capacity, and while it doesn’t have the most elaborate design, it’s a great budget-friendly solution. It’ll hold up nicely if you chuck and slide it about. Given the bag’s low cost, its durability is a pleasant surprise.

Only three tennis rackets can be stored in this bag. There is, however, a lot more space for extra gear and apparel.

Three zippered front pockets are perfect for storing quick-access essentials, and a separate zippered shoe compartment keeps them separate from anything else. A spacious front organizer keeps your gear tidy and accessible.


  • There are two huge elastic bottle pockets.
  • A cushioned wrap and two long handles
  • There are three color options.
  • It is affordable as well as durable.

4. Adidas Tour Tennis Bag 12-Pack

Adidas Tour Tennis Bag 12-Pack

Although Adidas is well-known in the sporting world, they aren’t the first name that springs to mind when considering a tennis bag. The Adidas Tour Tennis Bag 12-pack is a genuine 12-pack tennis bag that comes in a stylish black, red, and white color scheme with iconic stripes.

You can also get just black and white if that’s your preferred color scheme. This bag features two big insulated storage compartments for rackets to keep them safe from the elements.

The top of the back can be zipped open to keep dirty clothes or shoes. This is a fantastic medium-sized alternative that provides plenty of storage capacity without weighing you down with additional baggage. Freshpak is a vented system that holds your filthy clothes and shoes and ventilates them to keep the bag from becoming filthy.


  • It has two large, insulated compartments that accommodate up to six racquets each.
  • Provides weather protection for tennis strings.
  • On the front side, there is a FreshPak vented compartment.
  • Padded shoulder straps with UltraRide technology.
  • For those on a budget, this is the best alternative.

5. Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Rackpack XL Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre Tour Endurance Rackpack XL Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre has given its previous Rackpack model a modern and elegant makeover, resulting in a beautiful, more durable, and larger bag. The Tour Endurance Rackpack XL has a Tarpaulin outside. It’s made of serious areas of strength for a waterproof and UV-safe material that keeps the sack looking new for a long time.

This backpack is suitable for tennis professionals because it has a tidy and well-designed interior. It has a center compartment that can accommodate up to six tennis rackets. Smaller goods such as wallets or cell phones can be stored inside compartments. More racquets can be stored by adjusting the Velcro dividers.

The inside of the Rackpack XL contains two cross-section pockets that are fixed with a zipper. The most pleasant component of this pack is that it is one of only a handful of exceptional bags with a ventilated shoe pocket sufficiently enormous to store various sets of shoes and garments.


  • Excellent interior design.
  • The bag is water-resistant, UV-resistant, and durable.
  • The middle compartment may hold up to six racquets at once.
  • More racquets can be stored in the side slots.
  • Two large inner mesh pockets for storing tennis equipment and accessories.

6. LISH Game Point Tennis Backpack

LISH Game Point Tennis Backpack

The quality of this tennis bag is excellent. It’s constructed of 600D polyester, so it’ll last a long time. In addition, the colors on the bag show a modern, luxurious, and classy fabric.

A maximum of two racquets can be stored in the racquet compartment. The rackets are kept safe and secure by a zipper. A shoe compartment for dirty shoes and garments is also included in the bag. A front pocket holds small valuables.

The LISH Backpack likewise incorporates a huge compartment for towels, evolving garments, balls, and tidbits. A water bottle or a most loved drink can be put away in the side pockets. The LISH pack recognizes quality and sturdiness. It’s our number one tennis pack with a shoe compartment.


  • Extra-durable materials are used in the construction.
  • Daily use is possible.
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • There is a lot of room for storage.
  • At the bottom, there’s a shoe compartment.
  • Two rackets can be stored.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Tennis Bags With Shoe Compartment

Tennis Bags With Shoe Compartment infographic

Have you seen a player on the tennis court with a lovely bag and pondered where it came from? The right bag will safeguard your racket while additionally permitting you to convey your balls in general and other stuff.

Finding the best tennis bag involves considering highlights like simple storage, practicality, solidness, and comfort of purpose. You’ll want one with plenty of pockets for storing your belongings in the bag and side pouches for transporting other items like shoes or drinks.


When purchasing a tennis bag, consider storage capacity and the number of racquets you wish to store. Essential items such as tennis shoes or clothing will need to be stored. A shoe tunnel is included in some bags to keep your tennis shoes separate from the rest of the bag.

There are also bags with numerous accessory pockets. Consider the number of accessories you’ll be carrying and the pockets inside the bag before picking which tennis bag to buy.


Consider the types of pockets and compartments you’ll require or desire. Most will have a separate compartment for your racquets, but others may also have compartments for your shoes and apparel.

This is critical since you do not want your clean apparel to smell or become soiled due to worn shoes. Some are even vented to protect the interior from becoming stuffy. Outside compartments are useful since they can be used to store anything that you might need at any time.

Tennis Backpack Bag

Compartments for your shoes

This article is dedicated to tennis bags with shoe compartments, so how can you ignore a shoe compartment when looking for a tennis bag?

It’s such a plus to have a specific shoe storage area. A bag will sometimes go to great lengths to have a separate compartment specifically for the shoes.

This can be because if we have clay on our shoes or tennis ball fuzz on our clothes, we don’t want to mix them with the rest of our belongings, such as food and clothing, as they will be ruined.

When you don’t have a dedicated space for your shoes, there is always another storage option. Tennis players could wrap their shoes in a small plastic shopping bag before placing them in with the rest of their belongings for some more protection.


A tennis bag should have to cushion all around it. This is intended to safeguard the rackets in the event that the bag falls or collides with the ground. This shields everything within the contact, weather, and other elements that could harm your possessions. The importance of shoulder padding cannot be overstated.

A tennis bag, no matter how big or little can be inconvenient and heavy. This can be felt in the shoulders and back, and if the bag isn’t appropriately padded, it can cause a lot of discomfort.

Head Tour Team Tennis Backpack


An excellent tennis bag should last for a long time. Finding a bag made of high-quality materials is thus recommended.

Some tennis bags can be used as school backpacks, while others can be carried as attractive shopping bags or weekend getaway bags. To sustain daily use, these bags must be tough.


With so many various brands and alternatives on the market, it’s no surprise that finding the ideal tennis bag may be difficult. When selecting a tennis bag, many elements should be considered, from durability and practicality to your skill level and the type of tennis equipment you want to carry in the bag. For serious, competitive, high-level players, comfort and functionality are crucial.

For beginners, however, pricing, appearance, and utility are critical concerns. We hope that this post has assisted you in locating the best tennis bags with shoe compartment that meet your requirements and personality.


Tennis bag or backpack: which is better?

Your particular tastes will determine this. Backpacks are more natural for humans, but bags often have more usable capacity, ideal for traveling and different clothing/shoes.

Is it necessary to purchase the bags from the same company that supplied rackets to me?

While it is not forbidden to use a bag that does not match their rackets, it is preferable. When players order rackets from a particular manufacturer, they almost always get a bag that matches the rackets, not just the brand.

This is due to the fact that brands provide player packages based on your age group, division, and skill level. If a person dislikes the racket bag that came with their rackets, they may choose the best bag made by that manufacturer.

What signs tell you that you need a new bag?

There are numerous indicators that a new tennis bag is required. You can usually feel the structure’s support and the cushioning in the straps when you first obtain a new tennis bag. It’s time to start shopping for new bags if you notice the bag is becoming flimsy or hurting your shoulders while you carry it.

When it comes to a backpack, the support system is undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects. When the zippers start to fail, it’s a sign that the bag is starting to show its age. That could be due to rusting or build-up trash.




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