Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners & Intermediate Player 2020


Tennis has become popular among young and old. Most of the young players are interested in the game of tennis. The young children and their parents, both knew that tennis is a challenging game, but it will help a person to become rich and famous too. For the young kids who start playing tennis at a young age need to have a racquet of the right size.

Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet for Beginners

The racquet should be of proper size relative to the height of the player. It helps the children in playing their shots with easy weight transfer.  If the racquet is too small or too big, then it makes the game difficult to play. To get the most appropriate tennis racquet for your kids, study the list given below, which includes a few best tennis racquets for beginners available in the market. 

#1 HEAD Speed Kids Tennis Racquet

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HEAD speed tennis racquets are one of the most advanced and constantly improving tennis racquets that are designed according to the basic and advanced level techniques. There are different sets of racquets available for the various age groups.  The racquets are designed between the sizes 19 to 25 inches for the children between the ages of 2 years to 8 years. 

The racquets for beginners are specially designed having a lightweight head, which is easy to balance while playing the shots. It keeps the vibration under control, and that increases the stability of the racquet. The kids can easily hit the ball without much pressure. The racquets are made of aluminium and can be durable for long. Are you ready to teach your child the first lesson of tennis or want to practice with him or her? Get the best available racquet today, before it’s too late.

#2 Gamma Sports Junior Tennis Racquet

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Gamma sports junior tennis racquet is one of the ideal tennis racquets that suits well to the junior tennis players. The racquet is perfectly designed to suit the young children below the age group 10. It helps in learning the skills and getting the required experience for the kids. There are various types of racquets available for young kids, and most of the racquets depend on the height of a child.

The racquets with wrapped handles remain sturdy while absorbing every impact of the hits and are made to serve longer under various conditions during the practice. The orange-coloured racquets look smart in the hands of young boys and girls.  The handy, lightweight racquets do not stress the children while playing the shots and enjoying the game. The company offers a year warranty against the manufacturing defects only, and it does not cover any normal damages due to abuse or ignorance.

#3 Oppum Carbon Fiber Tennis racquet

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One of the superior quality racquets available in the shops is oppum tennis racquet for beginners. The high-class technique used while designing the elegant look of the racquet with a triangular-shaped frame.  The wooden handles are long, easy to hold and added with shock-absorbing hand glue. The handle offers a comfortable grip that allows you to switch the angles while holding the racquet freely.

The superior quality tennis racquet is well suited for beginners. The young kids enjoy the feel of the racquet that develops a level of confidence. The racquet definitely improves the performance of kids with the wonderful racquet on the court, and the parents feel proud of it. The design of the racquet is based on double hole threading technology.  Each of the threading holes is positioned on the rubber gap with a nicely designed cord. It looks stylish and remains durable even after long usage.

#4 Senston Kids Junior Tennis Racquet 

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Senston kid’s junior tennis racquet with racquet cover is the thoroughly designed racquet for the children between 2 to 5 years. The racquet is practically suitable for the kids and is available in a package that includes 1 nicely built racquet, 1 colourful racquet cover, 1 overgrip, and 1 vibration dampener in prominent colours. The weightless racquet is easy for the kids to carry and swing while playing the game of tennis.  

The racquet is based on one-piece moulded technology using aluminium that makes the racquet effective and long-lasting.  It allows the children to hit accelerated shots, but it also helps in controlling the strokes. It ensures the children to have better techniques while playing on the court. The parents will love the sight of young kids walking over the ground with Senston tennis racquet attached in the shoulder strap. 

#5 Wilson Slam Junior Tennis racquet

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Wilson slam junior tennis racquet allows young boys and girls to enjoy the game of tennis. With the stylish racquet in hand, the kids start imitating the famous tennis players whom they watch on TV. Wilson is a worldwide brand, committed to serving young and old sportsmen and especially tennis players. The innovative tennis equipment encourages the players, irrespective of their age, to play and enjoy the tennis match. 

The racquet is lightweight and specially made for beginners. The six-sided handle has a base of plastic and it is surrounded by rubber wrapped cushion.  The entire frame of the racquet is made of two separate pieces which are attached closely to form a strong supportive handle. The build of the racquet remains firm, smooth, and light, which makes a child hold it easily and swing it with power. The children of the age group 7 to 8 years perfectly use the racquet and enjoy the game.

Buying Guide for Beginners to Find Best Tennis Racquet

The buying guide is very essential while making your choice to select the most useful racquet for your child. The guide will describe some of the valuable objectives that are important for you to consider before you order a junior racquet for your son or daughter.

The right size of the racquet: You have to understand how important it is to get a racquet of appropriate size for the children before they start playing—the size of the racquet mainly related to the height of the child. Find the exact size of the racquet in the chart before you buy it. Bigger or smaller sized racquet makes it difficult to play for a child, and he or she may lose interest in the sports.

Suitably weighted racquet: The child shouldn’t feel the tennis racquet either heavier or lighter while playing the game. It will influence the action and the movement of the child. It could end with an injury or pain if the weight of the racquet couldn’t be adjusted well by the children.  Get a racquet with a suitable weight, which makes the actions easier and flexible.

Type of racquet: The tennis racquets for children should be lightweight, smooth, and easy to handle. The racquet should be made of aluminium cover added with plastic and rubber. Children like the racquets, which are flat and shiny with the larger head area. Children will love to carry the racquet in the shoulder straps after the game.

Other requirements: The grip-size should be smaller and easy to hold the racquet. The warranty is also essential against any manufacturing error.  Also, the price of the racquet should be reasonable. 

Final Words

The list of the best tennis racquets for beginners given in the list along with the main objectives referred in the buying guide. These objectives will ensure that you will get the required information about the racquets for beginners. It will help you to make your mind and make a quick decision.


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