10 Reasons Why College Students Should Play Tennis

College Students Tennis

College years happen when you are young and vibrant. You have free time after class to play games, among many other activities you may choose.  Tennis should be top of your list. How much free time do college students really have?

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Tennis is one of the easiest sports to take up while in college. You do not need a lot of muscles to play tennis. You also only need one partner to play as opposed to football, baseball, hockey, and such games that require teams.

Top tennis players have more opportunities to play beyond college. Here are ten smart reasons why you should play tennis in college.

1. Keep fit

College Students Tennis

This sport will get you off your feet. You have to run around the court as you serve and return balls. The sport requires you to stretch your arms, legs, and other muscles in the body. It is the best sport to keep fit.

A single tennis game could last hours. As you rehearse for the game and during the actual competition, the body is under pressure. You sweat and push the heart to top performance. In case you miss a partner, there is the option of playing against a wall or the net, like in Squash.

Tennis is a workout hack while you enjoy the company of other tennis enthusiasts. The rewards of exercise include a better concentration in class, a stronger immune system, and improved sleep. It has a huge impact on your academic, social, and personal life.

2. Tennis is fun

Play it sport for the fun of it. If you are looking for a place to lift your mood, the tennis court is the best place. You do not require advanced professional skills to enjoy a game of tennis. In fact, two amateurs are likely to enjoy a game of tennis more than professionals because they are not after the scoreline.

It courts occupy a very small space. The limited space allows you to preserve your energy. You can stop and restart the game anytime, helping you to handle the early stages of unfitness. In case you are joined by friends or classmates, you can pause midway for a chat. The tennis court is the best place to pass time with friends.

3. To join the school athletics team

school athletics team

Colleges put together the best tennis players to represent them in competition. If you are good at the game, you will have a chance to represent your college. It is an honor to enter into record books as the best tennis player of your generation.

School athletics teams also come with added benefits. For instance, you may get a scholarship by virtual or playing for the university. It reduces your financial burden, helping you to do more with your university years.

College sporting opportunities also allow you to socialize and launch your professional career in tennis. Scouts will spot you during these events and offer professional contracts. Utilize the opportunity to join the college team and see new possibilities in your professional life.

4. Compete at the international level

Playing this sport in college is a chance to launch your professional tennis career. You begin by winning internal competitions from where you participate in tournaments. The tournaments expose you to international agents who invite you to the international stage.

At the international level, you will earn a fortune and prestige. All these benefits come with free training from your college coach and resources provided by the sporting department.

5. To socialize

College Students Tennis

Play tennis to meet new people. Other people are interested in this, most of whom will not be from your class or hostel. You also meet seniors and juniors enjoying the sport. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new friends and build networks for future academic as well as personal engagements. You may also take a friend out on a tennis court to spend more engaging time.

6. Enhance your academic life

The benefits of playing tennis and being active will rub into your academic life. As you play on the court, you will feel mentally and physically fit. You can concentrate in class better, resulting in improved grades.

Because it helps you to sleep soundly, you will grasp what is taught in class better. It might also give you the chance to meet a peer or senior who may help you with assignments. Mentally and physically, the benefits add up to an improved academic performance.

7. To earn from playing

money in playing tennis

There is money in playing tennis. It mainly comes from winning tournaments or allowances you get from being a member of the university team. Such money will improve your overall college experience. The money could also help you to start a business while still in college.

8. Reduce stress

Sports are excellent stress relievers for college students. Whether you are having problems with academic or social life, a game of tennis will leave you calm. It eliminates anxiety to help you focus on the task at hand. Without stress, you can complete your assignments faster or deliver more insightful answers. It also saves you from long-term lifestyle diseases that may emanate from stress.

9. Get away from books

College Students Tennis

A student should take time off books to relax the body and mind. Spending too much time in the library or your room will cause fatigue. It also reduces your rate of absorption and concentration. Get off the books by playing a game of tennis. By the time you return, your mind will be fresh and rejuvenated.

10. Long-term overall health

Watching your long-term health while in college will pay with a comfortable life in the future. For instance, you avoid too much weight while in college. This sport also helps to improve your mental health. It keeps the muscles flexible and the immune system intact. Collectively, you will be a healthier person going into the future.

Take a racket and get to the tennis court for several hours each week. Find a training partner and work hard to rise through the ranks of the game. Beyond mental and physical benefits, you can earn a fortune while still in college by playing a few rounds of tennis.

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