5 Best Tennis Balls For Dogs 2024 – Pet Safe Rubber Tennis Ball

perfect tennis balls for playful pups

Watching my pup chase a ball, and the pure joy and excitement in her is a delight to watch. It’s as if time stands still for a moment, and her whole world revolves around that small, fuzzy sphere.

But! Not all tennis balls are created equal when it comes to our canine companions. As dog owners, we want to provide our furry friends with the best tennis balls that are not only fun but also safe and durable.

best dogs tennis ball

So, which tennis balls are truly tail-waggingly good? And are there any that are specifically designed for our canine companions? Let’s delve into the world of tennis balls for dogs and find the perfect match for your four-legged friend.

Top Tennis Balls For Dogs Review

Let me ask you something. What makes a tennis ball ideal for dogs?

Is that size? They do fit perfectly in the mouth of all dogs. And if your pup has the coordination, they can be fun to catch

Is it the feel? The soft furry feel of the ball on the dog’s tongue is soft and gentle

How about the color? Is the yellow hue of a traditional tennis ball easy to track

The durability? I know my dog loves nothing more than ripping apart a fresh, new tennis ball

Or the involvement? My pup will be napping all day, but once she hears me putting on my tennis shoes, she at my side, hoping for a chance to interrupt my training session

Whatever the reason, read on to find some of the best tennis balls for dogs I have come across

#1 Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

Hyper pet tennis balls are specifically made for dogs. Made of a Grade A rubber, not only will they struggle to tear these balls apart, it’s also good for their teeth.

These balls do not contain any types of harmful chemicals or contents that may harm them.

They can be bought in many bright and different colors so dogs (or their owners) can track them easily.

They are found in a pack of four or six, and the buyers can choose it accordingly.

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

#2 Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball 

Banfeng Giant 9.5_ Dog Tennis Ball 

This rubber ball is manufactured by Banfeng and is just awesome. 

They are made of non-toxic and non-abrasive materials, so the ball is safe for your dogs teeth.

This tennis ball is superb for the dogs, as it will make them feel energized and refreshed.

This giant size tennis ball can easily come under their teeth, and they will feel great while playing with it.

The main thing about this ball is that dogs of all ages and sizes can use it. And you will get a good laugh the first time you see your pup running around with one of these oversized balls in its mouth.

#3 Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

If you have a small dog in your home, you can try these balls made by Zanies. The ball is safe for them, as it is made from high-quality materials.

These small-sized balls are available in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose one tailored to you and your pup. Who says big dogs get all the fun.

#4 KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls 

KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls 

Your dog will love the softball made by KONG Air Squeaker.

Made with high-quality and rugged material, it’s perfectly safe for your canine. Further soft and squishy, this ball is also good for your dogs teeth.

KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls 

#5 Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports

Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports

The tennis balls by Woof Sports is superb and genius. The fabric and the materials used here are of top-quality.

Coming in bright orange and in multi-packs, these are the most economical purchase for ball count. However, be warned that these balls will have the shortest shelf life of all listed so far.

Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports

Buying Guide To Find Best & Safe Tennis Ball For Dogs

dogs tennis ballWhen it comes to choosing the best tennis ball for your dog, several factors should be considered. Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects to keep in mind:


Look for tennis balls specifically designed for dogs, as they are typically made with more durable materials to withstand vigorous play.

Reinforced seams and non-toxic components are important for ensuring your pup’s safety.


Consider the size of your dog when choosing a tennis ball.

Smaller breeds may find standard-sized tennis balls difficult to carry or play with comfortably, so look for options that are specifically designed for smaller mouths.

dogs tennis ball toys


While dogs are not particularly discerning about the color of their tennis balls, opting for bright colors can make it easier for both you and your dog to locate the ball during playtime.

Plus, vibrant colors can add an extra touch of excitement to their play sessions.


Dogs love the unpredictable nature of a bouncing tennis ball. Opt for balls with good bounce capabilities to keep your pup entertained and engaged during play.


dogs tennis ball toy

Why do dogs like tennis balls so much?

Dogs are instinctively drawn to objects that they can chase, catch, and retrieve.

The size, texture, and bounce of tennis balls make them perfect for interactive play, satisfying their natural prey drive and providing physical exercise.

What are tennis balls made of?

Tennis balls are typically made of a rubber core covered with a layer of felt. The felt helps to create the distinctive texture and grip that dogs love.

Are tennis balls safe for dogs to play with?

While tennis balls are generally safe for dogs, it’s important to choose balls specifically designed for canine use.

Regular tennis balls can wear down quickly and pose a choking hazard if the felt or rubber becomes damaged. Opting for dog-specific tennis balls ensures added durability and safety.

What is the difference between regular tennis balls and tennis balls for dogs?

Tennis balls for dogs are designed with dogs’ needs in mind. They are made with more durable materials and often have reinforced seams to withstand rough play.

Additionally, dog-specific tennis balls are typically non-toxic and come in sizes better suited for dogs.

Which color should the tennis ball for the dog be?

Dogs are not particularly concerned about the color of their tennis balls.

However, choosing bright and easily visible colors can make it easier for both you and your dog to locate the ball during outdoor play sessions.

Which tennis balls should I buy for my dog?

The ideal tennis ball for your dog depends on factors such as your dog’s size, play style, and durability needs. It’s important to choose tailored to your dog!

Bottom lines

In the world of tennis balls for dogs, finding the perfect match for your furry companion is key to providing them with endless hours of joy and play. As we’ve explored the various aspects of tennis balls for dogs, from quality and color to size and bounce, it’s clear that not all tennis balls are created equal when it comes to canine enjoyment and safety.

By investing in tennis balls specifically designed for dogs, you can ensure durability, reinforced seams, and non-toxic materials that prioritize your pup’s well-being. The vibrant colors available in dog-specific tennis balls add an extra element of excitement to their play sessions, while also making it easier for both you and your dog to spot the ball during outdoor adventures.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can now bark up the right tree to find the perfect ball for your companion. So go out there and have the time of your life, playing with your fluffy companion.




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