10 Best Tennis Balls For Dogs 2023 – Pet Safe Rubber Tennis Ball

Best Tennis Balls For Dogs

Dogs often like to play with balls. People believe that dogs and tennis balls are like peanut butter and jelly. If you throw the ball, you find that they will immediately run after the ball.

Some dogs always love to chase after the balls. It is a staple for most dogs. The more you will throw the ball, the more they will run after it.

However, the main question that arises in the mind of the common people is which type of ball is best for dogs.  It is a confusing question for many people and dog lovers.

best dogs tennis ball

According to many, tennis balls are always presumed to be the best for dogs. This is the reason we find that many dog owners are slowly turning the tennis balls specially designed for dogs. 

Top Tennis Balls For Dogs Review

Even some companies have slowly manufactured tennis balls mainly for dogs. They have amazing shapes and designs that will easily catch the attention of the dogs. It will be great fun to gain probable information about the tennis balls for the dogs.

Such balls are safe, secure, and effective for pets. Most of the time, dogs become aggressive to chew the balls. But if you buy a good-quality ball, it can give you the best service and will not harm them or their health.

Now let us look at some of the best tennis balls that are found in the market. Here are some of them that will assist you in getting the right ball for your beloved pet. 

#1 Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

Hyper pet tennis balls are mainly meant for dogs. You can completely rely upon this product, especially for them. As the ball is made of Grade A rubber, it is good for their teeth.

They do not contain any types of harmful chemicals or contents that may harm them. The non-toxic feature of the balls has allowed a maximum number of people to buy this product. The ideal size of the ball is just perfect for them. They will have great fun while playing with this ball.

These balls are usually found in many bright colors so they can attract dogs. The ball is soft, and the pets can easily hold it.

They are found in a pack of four or six, and the buyers can choose it accordingly.

Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

#2 Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball 

Banfeng Giant 9.5_ Dog Tennis Ball 

The rubber ball that is manufactured by Banfeng is just awesome. There are some amazing characteristics of this ball that has made it great from all sides. The non-toxic and non-abrasive material of the ball is safe for the dog’s teeth.

This tennis ball is superb for the dogs, as it will make them feel energized and refreshed.

This giant size tennis ball can easily come under their teeth, and they will feel great while playing with it.

The main thing about this ball is that dogs of all ages and sizes can use it. They get a warm feeling while playing with it. If you choose the best color, that will be better for them. 

#3 Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

If you have a small dog in your home, you can try the balls that are made by Zanies. They will like it the most at the time of playing. The ball is safe for them, as it is made of good-quality materials.

With these small-sized balls, it becomes easier for them to pick it.  These balls are available in a wide variety of colors, and the owners can choose the bright ones from them.

The dogs will have a high-time while playing with this ball. It will also make you feel happy.

If you have a kid at home, your kid will highly enjoy it when the dog plays swiftly with the ball. People say dogs are best for the kids.

#4 KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls 

KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls 

It is great fun to play with the tennis balls that are manufactured by KONG Air Squeaker. Your dog will love this softball.

The ball is made with high-quality and rugged material, so it does not harm the dogs. This ball will not wear down the dog’s teeth in any situation. The fabric of the ball is great for the safety of the dogs. 

KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Balls 

#5 Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports

Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports

The tennis balls by Woof Sports is superb and genius. The way it will bounce and play with your dog will surprise you. The fabric and the materials used to manufacture this ball is of top-quality.

The bright orange and durable ball is found under a pack. It is always economical to buy such packs it will give a long-term service. 

Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports

Buying Guide To Find Best & Safe Tennis Ball For Dogs

dogs tennis ballNow let us come to the point in which we will gather good information about the tips to be followed while buying a tennis ball.


The most important thing to be checked by the buyer while buying a tennis ball, mainly for dogs is its quality. The ball should be soft and made of good-quality of rubber.

The fabrics used in the ball should be of standard material. Never go with one that is made of poor quality or rough fabrics. It can damage the teeth of the dogs.


Size is another factor that should be considered before buying a tennis ball. If your dog is small is size always emphasize on small-sized balls so they can get a good grip over it.  With bigger dogs go with the big-sized ones as they will be comfortable with those. 

dogs tennis ball toys


Always purchase bright color balls for the dogs as they prefer to play with bright ones like red, orange or sometimes fluorescent yellow.  As we all know that dogs have a strong fascination with bright colors, so it is good if you go with those. 


Bounce is another factor that should be checked before buying a tennis ball.  Just before making the payment check it that whether the ball gets bounced. If it does not do so, it is better to avoid it because your pet will not enjoy playing with it.

The more it will bounce, the more they will run after it.  Balls that do not bounce have no use. 


dogs tennis ball toy

Why do dogs like tennis balls so much?

Dogs, being playful animals, love tennis balls because of the texture that attracts them when it bounces.

Its size is perfect for them to hold in their mouths, and it is by far their favorite toy to chew on. It also has some evolutionary reasons, and this way, they can fulfill their predatory instincts.

What are tennis balls made of?

Tennis balls are made of a rubber core and stuffed with rags, horsehair, or materials that are similar to them. These balls are typically covered with wool or nylon shells. Some balls even contain trace amounts of lead. The core is pressured with air making it bounce efficiently.

Are tennis balls safe for dogs to play with?

Typically, yes. These balls are extremely firm, and the chances that dogs with powerful jaws can split them in half and choke are minimal. However, it can happen, so there are unique tennis balls on the market that you can purchase for your pet.

What is the difference between regular tennis balls and tennis balls for dogs?

Regular tennis balls are meant to be used for the game, and they are more abrasive. Tennis balls that are made especially for dogs are of non-abrasive material. These balls generally have an extra layer of rubber which makes it harder for dogs to tear them.

Which color should the tennis ball for the dog be?

Since dogs cannot detect green and red colors, it is best to avoid them. If you toss a ball that has one of those two colors in the grass, your dog will struggle to find it. The best options to go for are blue or yellow, and generally bright colors, which are very attractive for dogs.

Which tennis balls should I buy for my dog?

Color might be the biggest choice you have to make when purchasing this product. It is also essential to choose a ball that is made for dogs since they come with an extra rubber layer for their safety.

We recommend you to go for Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs. These come in various different colors, so you will be able to play with your pet on any type of surface without him struggling to find it.

Bottom lines

Buying a tennis ball is not a solution to the problem. There are tennis balls that are made for the dogs so they can enjoy the moment to the fullest. If you want to keep your dog active for a long time, it is important to allot a specific time when you can play with him.

It is also a tough job to choose the tennis ball specifically for them. But with the help of this discussion, it can now become easy for you to choose the right product for them. 

What are you thinking about? Just choose the best ones from the list, and it will largely help you to get the best ones. A small discussion on this subject will help you a lot in such a case.

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