Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket Review

For all the tennis enthusiasts out there, Wilson Federer Strung Tennis is the new talk among Federer fans. The incredible volleys and the serving ground the tennis serves talk of the terms. The official name of the Wilson label is very much known in the US Open. Undoubtedly, they have made their place producing high-quality products. They have successfully attained the trust of sports enthusiasts over the past years.

If you are looking for a new racket to push your play or make a difference, the right tennis is the key. Although the choice depends upon various considerations, which encompass your body type, style of play, and the level of the skill you currency are. This article contains a detailed Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket Review. So, lets dive in!

Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket Characteristics:

The racket released by the Wilson has incredible features starting from the string bed to head shape. Wilson has been around for numerous years and served us with their excellent quality. Here are some of the specifications which make the racket different from the ones already on the market.


When considering a racket to buy, one of the most remarkable features which every tennis player looks at is the weight. If you are a beginner, you must start with a lightweight tennis racket. One thing which it makes sure of is the reduction of shock in your arms and wrist. With a heavy racket, your wrist might get stiffer and may provide less pliability. A lighter one makes you less worn out from the game compared to using a thick one.

Source: gearhungry.com

The Wilson racket is 326 grams. They made it of aluminum. This ingredient makes a perfect companion for any tennis player who is at their beginning stage. The racket is remarkably light and lets you practice more without getting tired quickly.

Volcanic Frame Of The Racket

Wilson has created a racket that is composed of titanium alloy. They are hence successfully been called one of the top sellers of the tennis rackets and rightfully called so. Tennis has a frame that provides volcanic technology. It gives stability to the player, which to be honest required when you are in the beginning stage of your play. The complete structure provides strength to the player.

In an interview with the Wilson sports design team, they rightfully said that the system of the racket stringing is similar to the suspension bridge, hence allowing overall control to the player.

It removes the webbing of the string that causes the acceleration to break from one side to the other. The Wilson racket provides two strings tied strongly together, allowing considerable support to the player.

Length Of The Racket

There are various reasons to consider the length of the racket before digging to buy one. Many of the reasons include performance, reach, and maneuverability.

The length should be accurately balanced. The more the magnitude of the racket, the harder it is to maneuver. But then again, the longer the racket, the more reach it affords. The ability to hit the ball from long distances will be allowed. Hence, the length should be a balance between the two.

Source: protips.dickssportinggoods.com

Wilson Federer rackets are one of the professional suppliers of rackets. They have designed it with perfect precision and compatibility.

They have kept the length to 30” strings. It can allow the beginners to reach past the opponent without having to run ahead of them. It gives you an extra edge while playing and adds to your topspin while throwing the ball.

Powerful Strings

The threads of the racket are the most critical factor for playing. The quality and the trademark make all the difference. Professional players have been using ones having a thinner gauge of the string that allows them to control. The thicker one gives power to the playing style of the player.

The threads of the Wilson rackets provide a fulfilling experience, whether you are playing professionally or playing for fun.


The racket of the Wilson Federer corporation has the hold that suits all kinds of the counterweight, giving you dominion over the shot. The architecture allows the players a steady hand with the racket. Whether you are a small-handed player or otherwise, the headlight stability of the racket provides you the suiting grip for the attacking play.

Pros Of The Wilson Federer Racket

Here are some of the pros and cons of the racket


  • Incredible grip
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible head size and overall balance
  • Shock pads allow retention of shock
  • Moisture-wicking automation
  • Prominent for both novices and intermediate


  • Won’t be best for heavy playing and professional players

Specifications Of Wilson Federer Racket

Here are some of the technical specifications of the racket.

Particular Details
Material Aluminium
Colour Availability Red /Black
Item Weight 0.31kg
Head Size 710 sqcm
Grip L2
Skill Level
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
Ratings +
Weight 326 g

Comparison With Other Rackets

The Wilson has a brand name that has withstood many years. We cannot undermine the quality and excellence of their products. Various other manufacturers produce professional rackets. When comparing the two, the Federer racket takes an edge.

The overall performance and feel of the racket give you the experience of playing a professional-grade racket sport. It will surely add to your game and improve it.


Wilson Federer is a vast supplier of sports products. The racket is perfect for intermediate players who are starting their hobby or career in tennis. It helps a lot for beginner players to bridge the gap between their blanks.

Source: tennisprosport.com

It provides excellent balance and control for the intermediate players who have been playing for some time. The regulation and balance allow the players to experience real tennis. All those who started with low-quality gear might look for the professional raclette that will make a difference in their game.

The racket is available both online and in any local sports store. This new gear will not disappoint you.

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