Adding Weight To Tennis Racquet

Adding Weight To Tennis Racquet

Adding weight to a tennis racquet can bring a visible difference to a player’s performance. Many aspects like balance, swing, bend, flexibility, and mass are taken into consideration while making the perfect racquet for the game.

Most legendary players in this game have focused on customizing their equipment to serve it to their advantage.

This implies strengthening the gear to sharpen the attacks and avoid injuries at the same time. Having too much or too little mass can also hamper one’s ability to perform their best. In this article, we will investigate strategies that you can utilize to impose weight on your gaming armor.

adding Weight To Tennis Racquet

Methods To Add Weight:

There are three easy ways you can force weight onto your tool. Silicone, leather grip, and tape are the common methods that modern-day players use. Anyway, all three ways are equally functional yet work uniquely in contrast to one another.


While silicone may sound like an unusual option, many master performers would agree that it has its benefits. Nonetheless, this preference perhaps becomes more of a permanent choice than others. This fluid operates as a supplementary coating that decreases the shock to the attacking limb.

To put in the gel first, you will need to remove the lid at the bottom. When you begin pouring the component, ensure you are monitoring the additional pressure. At the point when the liquid texture turns out thick, you can shut the lower part of the tip.

Since working with silicone can be messy, it’s reasonable to have a few cotton balls with you. It will restrict the watery material from fleeing into other portions and will also not affect the total mass of your gear. Moreover, the grease is also inexpensive and easily accessible.

Leather Grip:

Leather Grip

Compared to the above alternative, this is rather traditional, but eventually, to this day, it is perceived as incredibly trendy. Besides amplifying strength, it also enhances the comfort of the participants. Relying on the grasps you adopt, the mass can alter up to 10-20 grams.

However, leather can make you perspire more than normal, so while playing in warmer environments, you should resist leather covering. Also, if you’re someone whose palms are sweaty more often than not, utilizing this grip will make it complicated to keep up with your strokes.

The process of binding a handle is simple and self-explanatory. Due to its thickness, one layer is sufficient, but you can proceed with the second one if you would like. Compared to synthetic, leather can be harsh on the skin and incite soreness. But on a good note, leather is reliable and survives longer than others. Also, you can now get them rinsed with suitable conditioners.

Lead tape:

This is the most beneficial gadget you can use to expand the mass of your playing equipment. The tapes are available in both long wheel and cut-out arrangements. However, most organizations sell previously weighted 9-gram stripes.

Not only the pressure but the stripes can also differ the equilibrium, swivel, and resilience of your equipment. Most of the straps come in safeguarding shields, so you do not risk bruising your skin. In numerous manners, you can tie the tape to provide further strength.

Tightening the ribbon on the top improves the mass while placing it at the angle of 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock expands the rigidity and energy of your tool. You can similarly put in at 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock to find harmony.

Also, you must expand the mass from the sides by removing the protective streak and fastening the lead inside the structure.

Also, secure the tapes in the exact situation on both sides to resist unevenness. Other than the above postures, one can also gain mass by binding the reel to the throat of the server.

In this method, the equilibrium point remains unaffected. Those who wish to expand mass and swing without shifting the gravity point should try out this circumstance.


Through this article, we have informed you about different ways in which you can work on adding weight to your tennis racquet, and your favorite gear on the court. From silicone gel to lead tape, there are different options for different people. No matter which way you follow, it is undeniable that strengthening weight has its usefulness.

Not just the pressure, you can also shift the equilibrium, swing, shock, and energy by using the mentioned components. For any beginners, it would be clever to experiment with the tapes or leather first; however, for a long-lasting effect, they might opt for silicone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Perfect Weight Of A Racquet?

The perfect weight should range between 9.8-11 ounces. Having less than this mass would be more manageable certainly, but that would generate less powerful shots. The ones weighted above 11 ounces are categorized as thick or heavy racquets.

2. Are Heavy Racquets Better Than Others?

Weighty ones give more stability than the other ones. The more steady it is, the less shock it communicates, which assists with having better control. Since the effect of the shock diminishes, it assists the players in staying away from extra shocks to their arms.

Furthermore, the heavier equipment helps one return quicker and more influential shots while applying minimum pressure.

3. How Much Weight Do Strings Add To Your Racquets?

This little item is positioned all over the frame of the racquet. Similar to their looks, they also expand only a tiny bit of weight, fluctuating between 15-20 grams.

4. Are Leather Grips Heavy?

Leather is certainly thicker than other alternatives. Made of animal skin, this product can be customized by ordering in different shapes and lengths. While it is indeed more high-priced than artificial hold, it’s worth every penny.

5. How Much Weight Should You Put On My Racquet?

The answer is ever-changing. The ideal mass for you may not be enough for another person, so you must experiment on the net enough to figure out what helps you. If you’re thinking of a thicker oscillate, strengthening a tape of 6-10 grams should be enough.

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