11 Best Tennis Grips 2024 – Grip Style & Tips

Following grips will allow you to hold the tennis racquet with more confidence and control to make your shots better and more productive.

Do you have any idea that small changes in your sports equipment can be highly productive and beneficial?

Such as getting the best tennis grips will make your overall performance of you as a Tennis player, in the tennis ground, playing tennis, highly better and more progressive. You must be wondering how you will get to know what tennis grip is the best, Right? Not to worry, as I am here for you with my research and experience.

I have prepared this piece article for you that contains the three best tennis grips with all of the features, specifications, and their advantages and disadvantages explained in detail.

Furthermore, the article’s description will let you know about the aspects you should focus on before finalizing your tennis grip.

All of this information is just a read away, so make sure to read the following description with proper attention to get the best information possible related to the best Tennis grips.

Top Picks List of Tennis Grips

Following is the description of the three best tennis grips that will allow you to hold the tennis racquet with more confidence and control to make your shots better and more productive.

1. Gamma Hi-Tech Contour Replacement Grip – Best Tennis Grips

Gamma Hi-Tech Contour Replacement Grip


This tennis grip tape is basically from the Gamma company, renowned for its high quality and durable products among sports equipment. This Gamma Hi-Tech Contour Replacement Grip is one of the best creations for Tennis players.

It is constructed in a way that provides higher stickiness to make sure you have a firm grip over your racquet. This high stickiness will help you in holding the racquet for longer times.

Moreover, the feature in our top selection is the contoured grip which provides the player with perfect control on the racquet, ultimately helping in the enhanced and advanced level of continuous performance.

Applying this grip on your racquet will allow you to hold the racquet strongly and firmly for a long time without getting tired. The perforations present on the surface of this grip tape increase the breathability of the grip making your hand feel warm and more relaxed, especially on hot summer days.

This feature helps in long-lasting playing by allowing you to hold the racquet throughout the time without any complications. Additionally, a variant of this Gamma High-Tech Replacement

Grip in the form of High-Tech Gel Grip is present that provides us with the choice of selecting the more advanced product with shock-absorbing features. Moreover, the Tennis grip we are talking about does not noticeably increase or decrease the thickness of the racquet handle, making it more convenient and easy for you to hold.

  • Stickiness
  • High traction and control
  • Contoured grip
  • Tough to apply


Gamma Hi-Tech Contour Replacement Grip is a grip tape of a tennis racquet that consists of high stickiness and contoured gripping. As soon as you apply it to your racquet, you will noticeably feel the difference in comfortability and control this grip tape is providing you. Its high traction and holding make it more in demand and famous among professional sportsmen.

2. HEAD Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip – Best Tennis Replacement Grip

HEAD Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip

Because of the presence of extreme tackiness and stickiness, the HEAD Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip is excellently constructed to make you feel highly comfortable and controlled throughout the game.

It is built with elastomer material which consists of perforation on its surface, making this tennis grip superb and breathable. This breathability feature helps in keeping your hands warm and calmer throughout the game, no matter what season you are playing.

Moreover, it gives you a great feeling of holding when wrapping it around your racquet’s handle. It is constructed with an elastomer material. Further, it is highly absorbent and can absorb the sweat of your hand, making you feel dry.

With no irritable sweating, you would be able to hold the racquet for longer times. Furthermore, this product is said to be the most popular from this company and now is available in a pack of 12 items to make sure you can buy more at once.

It is designed for wrapping over the already present grip tape on the racquet’s handle. So this tennis grip in the form of overgrip helps you feel more comfortable and cushioned when wrapped over an already existing grip. Furthermore, it is highly versatile and functioning and can bind in other games such as baseball, pickleball, and La Crosse. Lastly, this product is straightforward to apply on the racquet.

  • Highly comfortable to hold
  • Moisture absorption
  • Easy to apply
  • Poor gripping


This Tennis grip is an over-grip tape that means it is designed to wrap around an existing tape. It makes you feel highly comfortable to hold the racquet throughout the game without making you tired. With moisture absorption features, this grip tape is ideal for those who sweat a lot. Moreover, being easy to apply, the product is famous among beginners and professionals.

3. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip – Best Tennis Racket Grip

Yonex Super Grap Overgrip


The length of this grip tape, which is already sold, if measured in size, can wrap the world almost five times. Now you can have an idea of its popularity and use. Moreover, I like to mention that most professional players such as Denis Shapovalov, Nick Kyrgios, Stan Wawrinka, and Frances Tiafoe have used this overgrip on their racquets.

Because of being thick, this overgrip is highly comfortable and cushioned to hold. It provides easy and convenient gripping to the player and will make you feel great while holding it.

This grab overgrip tape exists in two colors, black and white. The black ones are less sticky as compared to the white ones. You can get the one you think is suitable for you according to your choice.

Furthermore, no matter which color of tape you purchase, you will end up having comfortable and firm control over the racquet because Yonex does not compromise comfortability.

You will find this grip highly versatile because it can be used in other games. Badminton racquets, squash racquets, and racquetball racquets can be wrapped using this tape.

Moreover, you can also use it to wrap around the hockey stick to increase your gripping and holding. Furthermore, many reviewers have reviewed that this overgrip tape is very reliable in holding and gripping the equipment for a long time.

Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

  • Assures cushioning and comfortability
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • High tackiness
  • Slippage


This tennis grip tape is an overgrip tape wrapped over on the previously wrapped tape. It provides you with extraordinary cushioning and comfortability and makes you hold the racquet reliably for longer times. It is prevalent among professional players and is durable in construction.

Buying Guide

Here is an explanation of some of the features that should be present in your tennis grip to make it worth buying and beneficial in functioning.

1. Cushioning

Always select the grip you think will make you feel comfortable holding the racquet. You have to keep the racquet throughout the game without any pause. So you should have the grip according to that.

In case the grip you are selecting is not convenient and comfortable to hold, such a grip will make you feel tired and will strain your hands and wrist. Moreover, the comfort given by this grip tape will help you in extended-lasting and continuous play without making you feel fatigued up.

2. Stickiness

Buying Guide Best Tennis Grips Stickiness

There is some count of stickiness in every kind of grip tape you use for tennis. You should select the Tennis grip with a lot more stickiness and tackiness.

This is necessary to get maximum control and hold over the tennis racquet while playing tennis. But make sure and ask yourself whether you like sticking the tape on the racquet or not.

It is something to question because most of the time, most players do not like this stickiness in their hands. Furthermore, make sure that if your hands sweat, they can produce a mess when holding a sticky tape with sweaty hands. So keep in mind these factors while selecting the tennis grip.

3. Breathability

Before finalizing the tennis grip, make sure the grip you are selecting is breathable. This will be helpful for you, especially if you have sweaty hands and are playing in the summer. The breathability of the grip works in keeping your hand cooler and warmer.

It also reduces the amount of sweat your hands produce in hot summers. All of these features, when combined, give you strong traction and control over your racquet. So make sure you select the grip tape with the breathability features.

4. Ability To Absorb Moisture

Buying Guide Best Tennis Grips Ability To Absorb Moisture

Look for the tennis grip which has the feature of absorbing moisture. Some of the tapes come with this feature that can absorb moisture from the surroundings.

In this way, you can hold the racquet for as long as you want because the grip will absorb the moisture between your hands and the racquet. Before finalizing your tape, always look for this feature and always try your best to get a grip with the ability to absorb moisture.


FAQ Best Tennis Grips

1. What kind of shape does grip tape come in?

It depends on the manufacturer and the company that is making them. Most of the grip tapes are generally plain and flat.

Moreover, the overgrip tapes are more perforated and have more holes for increased breathability. At the same time, the replacement grips are generally not breathable and have few perforations. So make sure to keep in mind your purpose of buying and select the tape accordingly.

2. Can I use two overgrips?

It depends on your purpose and your choice whether you want it or not. Because some players wish their handles to be more oversized, they use two overgrips, one after the other, on their handles.

In another case, some players get annoyed with the double grips as it makes the grip thicker. Moreover, the players who prefer to add the tape on already existing hold have conveyed that this provides them with more comfortable and robust handling of the racquet.

3. Do all pros use overgrips?

Yes, it has been noticed that all Pro players use overgrips. They say that using an overgrip makes them feel like using a new racquet. Most of them carry an additional pair of overgrips in their bags.

This can help them in case the older one is damaged. Moreover, it adds to their comfort level and makes sure that they can handle the racquet throughout the play without any strain and stresses of sweating and holding the racquet until the game ends.


Tennis grips are of high importance when you play a professional game. They are tightened over the racquet’s handle, where you will hold it for longer. Ensure to get the Tennis grip which will provide you with maximum comfort and easiness throughout the holding. The tennis grip should not be rugged and highly thick as it will annoy you.

Make sure to look for the Tennis grip, which is breathable, high in stickiness, and provides you with convenience in handling. The above-selected products are selected based on these features, so you can consider them before going to a heavy and tiring search.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy:

  • Gamma Hi-Tech Contour Replacement Gripnull – is a grip tape that provides high stickiness and contour grip to make you able to hold it more efficiently and comfortably.




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