Best Tennis Racquet 2020 – For Adult with Cover


If you want to buy a tennis racquet but not sure about which is the best and most suited one for you. It is confusing when you want to buy a product, but you are not either familiar with the product or not aware of its features. Here you will get a lot of useful information about tennis racquet, and it will surely help you in making your choice. It also guides you to get the appropriate racquet.  

Top 5 Tennis Racquet – Best Selling Brands

While playing, every swing of the racquet becomes powerful. It is a racquet which most of the professionals and club members prefer while playing. Most of the players having a variety of styles often make use of these easy to grip and easy to play racquet to win the game. Let us discuss some of the best tennis racquets available under various brand names in the market.

#1. Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet

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Wilson tennis racquet is the ideal tennis racquet It has perfect design, power-packed performance and remains lightweight. The racquet is made of aluminium with bigger head size, and grip size varies from 4 3/8 inches to 4 1/2 inches. The racket is popular among beginners because of its larger hitting area, which makes it easy to play without missing the ball while playing on the court. 

Tour Slam Lite racquet allows a player to get extra momentum while attacking the ball, and it results in playing the shot with power and spin. The racquet is made of the latest power string bridge technology. 

#2. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet

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HEAD Ti tennis racquet is the most trusted name in the world of tennis. The racquet with 4 1/2 inches grip is an adult tennis racquet with a moderate swing. The racquet is made of titanium alloy with a sturdy structure remains long durable. Every shot that a player plays gets added with power and stability. 

The racket with 4 1/2 inches grip allows the player to hold the racket by altering the angle easily. The grip helps in playing backhand comfortably and with a two-handed grip helps in playing powerful backhand strokes. HEAD Ti racquet has ignited potential and is made of innovative design, which has become popular in the tennis world. The racquet has become part of many tennis championships and grand slams, and it has offered the championship material products. The racquet is versatile, having a nice combination of quality and performance. The stylish racquet has larger sweet spots that make you enjoy the game. 

#3. Oppum Adult Tennis Racquet

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Oppum adult carbon tennis racquet is a nicely designed and super lightweight tennis racket which remains shock-proof and throw-proof. Oppum is a well-known brand that offers a variety of famous sports products to the customer at a reasonable price. The racquet are designed using a combination of carbon-aluminium composite, which remains stronger than most of the products available in the market.

The racquet with a hardness of high-elastic tube makes it flexible. It certainly improves the stability and overall performance with high-precision control. The one-piece design of the racket avoids deformation while playing. It is the best product available in the market with a 100 per cent guarantee and makes every customer happy and satisfied.  The grip over racket helps beginner and professionals to play their shots well. The racket looks stylish with rubber opening and uses a 2-hole technique for effective usage. The tennis racket is certainly in demand because of its superior quality design and usefulness.

#4. Wilson Federer Adult Tennis Racquet

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The branded tennis racquet is always considered as the best and the most powerful one. Wilson Federer adult tennis racquet is always in demand among the tennis players for its optimal power, stability and forgiveness. The 11.5 oz of the weight of the racquet allows you to hit with power, anywhere from the court. The 110 sq. inches of the head can easily help you to play your shots. 

The tennis racket with Arch technology increases the power and stability and it allows a better understanding of the game by enhancing your passion. While choosing a racquet, you must consider the head-size area in terms of inches or centimetres. Larger the size of the head, a better it is to play the shots. Also if the racket is heavy then it needs better technique to play your shots otherwise it can lead to poor performance. But the Wilson racquets offer the perfect combination of the high-quality racquets with perfect precision offering better performances on the courts.

#5. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet 3/8 In Grip

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HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis racquet with 4 3/8 in grip helps you to have a better grasp over the tennis racquet. The grip is very important while playing tennis. If the grip is not proper while playing a match, it can lead to injuries. But the racket with 4 3/8 in grip helps a player to perform better. The racket is the most suitable for beginners and also for the professionals. 

The racquet is designed using innovative techniques that enhance the ability and winning mentality of the players. The racket with the bigger-sized head is sturdy in design and long durable. It is preferred by the players of different age groups, abilities and style. The matches the players play and won remain in the memory and can be cherished for long. It is one of the best brands available in the market offering the sport-related, time-tested products that are always in demand. 

Buying Guide To Choose Best Tennis Racquet

If you decided to buy a tennis racquet that can make you play like a champion then first you should read the buying guide which is given below. It will help you to know the important facts and the features of the tennis racket. It will help you to decide the best product by ordering it online.

Racquet head size: The head size is the actual hitting area of the racquet. The hitting area of the racquet is called the sweet spot. There are different head-sizes available for the racket. To use more sweet area you need more power. But most of the professionals prefer a smaller head size to use limited power and accurate moves.

Weight of Racquet: The weight of the racquet is also an important role while choosing a racket. The racquets weighing heavily are highly preferred because heavy racquets have short swings and require less strength while using. It can generate more power while playing. Heavy racquets are shock observers. Some players use lightweight racquets for easy moves and for a spin.

Grip Size: The grip is the part of the racquet where the player touches the racket while playing. The grip size can influence the performance of a player. If you have a proper grip over your racket then you will perform better. There is a simple rule to find the grip size. Hold the racket in your hand. The gap between the index finger and the base of the palm show the size of the grip. These are some of the useful features that help you to find a tennis racquet with a modern look at a reasonable price.

Bottom Lines

Buying guide helps in understanding the basic but most important features of the tennis racquet. It will help you in finding the most useful tennis racquet having a perfect look, design and according to the suggestions given. Branded products offer more value for your money.



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