Top 12 Best Tennis Racquet For Tennis Elbow 2024 – No More Pain

Best Tennis Racquet For Tennis Elbow

There is nothing worse for a tennis player than developing a tennis player’s elbow. This dangerous situation can cause damage to the game and cause pain. No need to be frustrated because you will overcome this situation if you take the right steps.

After taking precautionary measures, you will be playing tennis continuously. While there is a special treatment for tennis elbow, the best thing you can do is change your tennis racquet.

Wrong tennis racquets can damage your wrist and elbows while the right side will keep you playing for years or decades! I have been playing tennis for over 10 years.

Top Tennis Racquet for Tennis Elbow Reviews

Here are some tips for the best tennis racquets if you find tennis elbow. These racquets have different head sizes and string weights. Their important features are given below.

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List of Top Rated Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow

1. Prince Phantom Pro 100 Racquets Reviews


The Phantom Prince pro is known for having a thin radius that provides the same flexibility as the racquet. Weighing 11.6 ounces for the standard model. The swing weight is very comfortable with the racquet.

The ball feedback was incredible from the rope bed, as the players were damp and felt every punch. He used the so-called CTS technology. Which allowed the racquet to start with a slight radius in the tree area, and then grow on its head.

Players who have tennis elbow should look at this racquet as a good choice. If the problem keeps coming up again and again.

They have several different options on the line. Each with slightly different specifications.

The 93 square head size may be too small for some players. But the 100-box size is suitable for anyone looking to play a more modern style. This gives the player less room to use by lowering the point. While still providing the same amount of comfort.

 Main Features 
  • The size of the grip is 4.5/8 inches
  • It comes with headlights that control balance.
  • It has a smart frame geometry.
  • It has two versions, for beginners to advanced players.
  • The head size is 100 square inches.
  • The length of this racquet is 27 inches.
  • The size of the beam is 24/5 mm.
  • Strung weight is 11.6 ounces.
  • Unstrung weight is 10.8 ounces.
  • Pattern of the string is 16 x 18
  • The weight of the swing is 328 ounces.
  • Its balance is 7 pts HL
  • Flex rate is 56
It gives nice feelings while playing.
It gives lots of power.
It gives high spin. So, it is spin-friendly.
Its maximum flex rate is 56.
It is best for intermediate and advanced players.
It has CTS technology.
It gives low power while playing.


2. Wilson Blade Countervail Tennis Racquets


This is the best racquet you can use when thinking of tennis elbow racquets. It has 3-point headlights. That is easy to maneuver, and if the ball is tightening effect is taken by the racquet handle.

The string weight is 11.3 ounces. Which is almost fair on the arm when playing? In terms of versatility, its flex score is 63.

The Wilson Blade 98 is enough to make sure it plays well and absorbs the ball’s vibration. One of the best features of this racquet is that having a strong ground point means that it is easier to hit the ball correctly.

As you know, hitting the ball wrong is a major cause for tennis players elbows, and Wilson Blade 98 is easy to avoid.

To eliminate wrist vibrations, Wilson also inserted a magnifying handle on the tennis racquet’s head. This is a great advantage in avoiding or treating tennis elbow.

As we know that our health is most important than other things. So, to relieve pain choice of the best tennis racquets, and the elbow is most important. It is easy to operate and control. You can buy it easily online. It is available at reasonable prices.

 Main Features 
  • Its grip size is 4.1/8
  • The size of the head is 98 square inches.
  • It has 3-point headlights.
  • The length of this racquet is 27 inches.
  • The weight of the string is 11.3 ounces.
  • Unstrung weight is 10.8 ounces.
  • Its rating score is 63.
  • The pattern of string is 18 x 20
  • Its balance is 4 pts HL
  • Its Flex rate is 64
  • The weight of the swing is 334 ounces.
It is a very comfortable racquet.
The technology used is very competitive.
While playing, it uses less energy.
This racquet is very reliable for tennis players.
It is easily affordable.
It is a pain-relieving.
It is not friendly with the spin.


3. Yonex Ezone 98 Limited Edition


One of the best racquets available for tennis elbow is the Yonex Ezone DR 98. It has one of the lowest flex ratings 59. Which makes the racquets more flexible and easier to use? The string weight is 11.4 ounces. It comes with a soft GUT strap to reduce stress on the wrist and forearm when striking.

The beams are not too thick and taper to 19mm. Which helps them to keep the racquet flexible. It has a headlight that causes the racquet to experience the effort and vibration of the ball rather than the elbow.

The Yonex also includes an oval shaft fitted with this racquet to help control and flexibility.

Yonex also includes a feature called Quake Shut Gel that filters unwanted vibrations that go hand and wrist. With all of these vibrating damping features, the Yonex Ezone is one of the best elbow tennis racquets.

Its shape is isometric. It is made of two types of material. One is a string, and the other is unstrung. The weight of the string is almost 11.4 ounces. And the weight of unstrung is 10.8 ounces. It gives comfort while playing. Its head is larger. Whose size are 98 square inches?

 Main Features 
  • It has an isometric head shape.
  • It comes with a dual shut system.
  • Unstrung weight is 10.8 ounces.
  • String weight is 11.4 ounces.
  • Its rating is 59.
  • Size of the beam is 19 mm
  • It comes with headlights to control the elbow’s balance.
  • It has quake shut gel to filters the unwanted vibrations.
  • Its head size is 98 square inches.
  • The length of this racquet is 27 inches.
  • 6 pts HL is its balance
  • Pattern of a string is 16 x 19
  • The flex rate is 63
  • The weight of the swing is 316 ounces.
This racquet gives a lot of energy to the player's elbow.
It offers maximum speed to push the ball.
It gives vibration while hitting the ball.
It is best for long swings.
It is best for kids, intermediates and advanced players.
Its design is not good. But quality is the best.


4. Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquets


New Wilson Clash 100 is designed to differentiate between the stiff frame available today and the racquet that is exceptionally flexible without decreasing its power.

The Clash 100, now known as the Pro, has more weight than the other two early versions of Clash. Clash 100, has two major innovations. FreeFlex technology arranges carbon fiber in new and different ways. This creates new flexible points and bends the frame in an unobtrusive way.

Clash uses StableSmart frame geometry to balance the unique flexibility with the stability needed to withstand big shots.

Wilson Clash 100 is specially designed by using FreeFlex technology to bend with any swing style. This technology provides maximum control over the shot. In addition, the geometry of the StableSmart frame enhances stability and power to the racquet. With a variety of play styles, the players will have different views on each stroke.

Although they did not see everything completely, everyone can agree that the racquet has excellent handling and stability due to its weight. On the whole, the Wilson Clash 100 is not like any other racket, and you must give it a try.

Finest Ever Tennis Racquet Wilson Clash 100

 Main Features 
  • It used FreeFlex technology for innovative flexibility.
  • StableSmart frames enhance stability and power.
  • It is best for intermediate and advance players.
  • It is appropriate for all playing styles.
  • It adds a little weight to reduce vibrations during impact. .
It is best for players who need to spin.
It gives a flexible feel.
Although it is flexible, but power is not compromised.
It provides excellent maneuverability.
It is easy and control and comfortable.
Not suitable for beginners.


5. Prince Textreme 100 Tour Racquets


The prince tour is famous for making a bright racquet and there is no exception. Like Wilson, it comes with all the features to help solve tennis elbow problems. Weight is really – not too heavy, but it should be sufficient to play and protect. This is another product of flashlight. Which helps prevent excessive physical stress in your field.

The RDC Flex score is 59. Which is very flexible and gives you a great sense of humor when kissing the ball. Weight compared to Wilson’s at 11.3 and 27 inches long. It was perfect for the shock of the body that caused the tennis elbow.

Thanks to this length and size, the racquet is very easy to move and rotate. I think this is actually one of the keys plus points: it’s easy to play and “friendly” so you can stop the problem before you start.


 Main Features 
  • The size of the grip is 4.1/4
  • It comes with headlights that control balance.
  • It has a smart frame geometry.
  • It is best for all levels of players.
  • The head size is 100 square inches.
  • The length of this racquet is 27 inches.
  • The size of the beam is 24/5 mm.
  • Strung weight is 11.3 ounces.
  • Unstrung weight is 10.8 ounces.
  • The pattern of a string is 16 x 18
  • The weight of the swing is 327 ounces.
  • Its balance is 7 pts HL
  • Its Flex rate is 59
It gives nice feelings while playing.
It gives lots of power.
It gives high spin. So, it is spin-friendly.
Its maximum flex rate is 59.
It is best for intermediate and advanced players.
Its weight is high for kids and beginners.

6. Head Graphene Prestige 360 Tennis Racquets


HEAD Graphene Prestige 360 is a very good product. It is a very good tennis racquet for people who have tennis elbow. The head measures 98 inches square, but in many ways, it fits what we need.

Smaller heads make racing easier and take control of your shots. This will eliminate any problems caused by fastening the ball.

The profile of the beam is very nice and subtle, leading to a flexible frame. This other racquet is a headlight with all the advantages previously discussed.

The weight distribution of the racquet is optimized to prevent torque in the wrist through the handle.

Overall, the Graphene 360 Prestige Head is a tennis elbow racquet with the right amount of strength, weight, and control.

 Main Features 
  • The size of array grip is 4.1/8
  • It comes with headlights that control balance.
  • It has smart frame geometry.
  • It has two versions, from beginners to advanced players.
  • The head size is 98 square inches.
  • The length of this racquet is 27 inches.
  • The size of the beam is 20 mm.
  • Strung weight is 11.9 ounces.
  • Unstring weight is 11.3 ounces.
  • Pattern of the string is 16 x 19
  • Weight of swing is 321
It gives a nice sensation.
It gives a lot of power while playing.
Its head and frame are sturdy.
Its manufacturing material is high quality.
It gives low swing speed.

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Check out our top 5 picks for 2024 in the following infographic:

What is Tennis Elbow?

According to WebMD, it is a condition on the outside of the elbow to be painful to the lateral epicondyle. The main reason is that the muscles and tendons of the forearm are damaged by the use of the same motion.[/su_note]

This will cause pain and a kick in the elbow. Although commonly associated with the game of tennis, it can affect a variety of people, from golfers to carpenters.


Q.1: Is a heavier tennis racquet best for tennis elbow?

Generally, a heavier tennis racquet will absorb a great deal of shock, so if you are suffering from tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow, it may be helpful to use a heavier racquet. A heavy racquet can also cause stress on the arm and, in addition, result in poor technique and contact with the ball.

Q.2: What is the best tension for a tennis racquet?

The first thing you can do when tightening a new tennis racquet is to share the difference and start with the right stress at the center of the manufacturer’s advice.

For example, if you say that the racquet string tension is recommended that 55 pounds to 60 pounds, first start with 58 pounds and see what it feels.

Q.3: Is a lightweight tennis racquet better?

No, it is not good. Because heavier tennis racquets can absorb more tension and shock, it causes less impact on the forearm.

Also, they are stronger with the same string tension as the lighter racquet. It is more stable and steadier when he produces a fast, powerful blow, which is felt on a lighter racquet.

Q.4: Write the weight of different tennis racquets.

The weight of the racquet can vary. The heavy racquet weighs over 11 ounces (312 grams), the medium weight racquet weighs between 9.8 and 10.9 ounces (278 to 309 grams), and the lightweight racquet weighs between 9 and 9.4 ounces (from 255 to 266 grams). Generally, the heavier racquet produces more power, less torque, and better control.

Q.5: Why is a tennis racquet so expensive?

It is made of carbon or graphite. The other thing is to make a tennis racquet with a firm hold. That’s why it is the most expensive.


Tennis elbow is a challenge for those players who play a lot. It often happens when the racquet setup is changed. And players play too many hours a day.

One of the most common misconceptions about tennis players’ elbows is that using a racquet may cause tennis players’ elbows.

This is not true! Heavier’s tennis racquet didn’t hurt the tennis player’s elbow. In fact, they help you recover! Apparently, the racquet is more likely to absorb the impact and vibrate the ball.

This is better for you as it does not enter your body. Most people start with a tennis racquet that is light, and I began to increase my skill in advance.

If you find a tennis elbow, I would recommend looking at a racquet in the range of 10 to 11.5. Some people advised 12 times or more, but I’ve found that generally too heavy to be 95% of men.

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