The Top 5 Famous Tennis Players Who Have a Passion for Gambling: Serving Up Risk

Most people enjoy gambling as a favorite pass time, and famous tennis players are no exception. The thrill and gratification that comes along with it are often hard to resist, especially if you know how to keep your gaming in check.

Interestingly, we found out that the most celebrated tennis players enjoy gambling and have found a way of managing their gambling, whether in online casinos, mobile wagering, or land-based casinos. Money gambling has created a community in which everyone wants to participate, regardless of whether they win or lose.

Why Gambling Could be Addictive?

Most people believe gambling addiction is linked to the urge to make easy money after placing a small amount as a wager. This might not be too far from the truth, but insufficient to justify gambling addiction’s actual cause. Here are some of the major causes of gambling addiction:

Chasing losses -Humans are instinctively more sensitive to losses than wins. A small loss will trigger the urge to wager more, hoping to win. The same cannot be the same with a small win.

-Near wins are the best triggers of gambling addiction.

Illusive Control -A false belief that the gambler has some level of power or control over chance.

-The unpredictability of certain casino games only proves to drive this urge beyond the limit for those unable to control their gaming habits.

The Gambling Fallacy -This refers to the perception that the game’s chance of winning will increase with each loss.

-Chance will never increase nor decrease when gambling. Other critical aspects of gaming, such as Random Number Generators, House Edge, and others, dictate the chances of winning.

Individual Situation -Females are least likely to be addicted to gambling, unlike men.

-It is common among the unemployed, unlike those studying, working, or retired.

-Those with signs of mental health problems are also more prone to gambling addiction.

– Race might be a contributor to gambling addiction, with minority races being more prone to addiction, unlike whites or Asians

Considering the above causes of problem gambling points out that gambling has nothing to do with the drive to land a huge win.

Famous Tennis Players with a Passion for Gambling

Presently, popular online casinos allow players to enjoy unparalleled bonuses and promotions, with athletes exhibiting a clear preference for traditional casino games such as blackjack and poker. That notwithstanding, here are the top 5 famous tennis players that are passionate about gambling:

  • Rafael Nadal
  • Patrik Antonius
  • Gus Hansen
  • Jimmy Connors
  • David Benyamine

Here is a preview of their stories.

1. David Benyamine

David is a French athlete celebrated for the many successful tournaments he participated in and the prestigious titles he won in his career. He did not pursue tennis until retirement but instead focused on other activities.

David Benyamine has an excellent memory and an unmatched intuition. No wonder his favorite casino games include video slots and table games. He has, particularly, concentrated on-board games and made good money from them. He has come up with a strategy that has proven to work in many tournaments.

2. Jimmy Connors

Jimmy is a legend in the world of tennis. He is known to be an athlete that was never intimidated by formidable opponents and loved to make tough decisions. He participated in many tournaments and won coveted titles. Unfortunately, all this is in his past since he decided to pursue other sources of passion.

Jimmy Connors loves casino; his favorite plays are table, poker, and roulette. He also loves to engage in online slots and likes progressive jackpots and bonuses.

3. Gus Hansen

He is one of the popular tennis players that enjoyed a successful and rewarding career in the game. He is presently known to be a professional poker player. The Danish gamer embraced mobile gaming earlier, which has paid off. He is a household name in the high-stake poker space now and mainly prefers slots, table games, and roulette.

Other favorite games enjoyed by Gus include card tournaments. He is particularly drawn to online casinos that offer good bonuses and accept low wagering requirements. He holds three world poker tour titles and has won other amazing prizes in gambling.

4. Patrik Antonius

Patrik is a famous tennis player that has become one of the best gamblers. The athlete did not allow the back injury that cut short his tennis career to stop him from pursuing and excelling in other passions. He instead switched to gambling and made a name for himself. He is particularly known as one of the best poker players and has won in major tournaments.

Patrik Antonius has become a legend in the gambling space. He loves poker and enjoys other popular casino games like board games, video slots, and roulette. The Finnish poker player had a successful career in tennis and has also been a coach and model. His earnings from casino have exceeded $13,000,000 over his career in gaming.

5. Rafael Nadal

He is the GOD in the world of tennis, having built a successful career in the game. The Spanish professional won innumerable titles in Tennis in various tournaments and is known to be among the tennis players who reached the Grand Slam Tournament finals at least four times in their career.

Rafael Nadal has a passion for gambling, with a strong bias toward poker. Card games and slot games are also his favorites. He has registered some big wins in poker tournaments in the past. He also enjoys online sports.

Quick Tips to Overcome Gambling Addiction

Gambling is legal in most states across the globe, and it is agreeable that a gamer might end up being in a state where they are unable to resist the impulse to gamble. At this point, the player may suffer adverse social and personal consequences.

Fortunately, you can overcome gambling problems by planning your game, never chasing losses, instead forgetting about yesterday’s losses and moving on, switching to an old hobby to minimize gambling, and engaging in other stress-relieving activities other than gambling.

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