How to Bet on Tennis: 5 Tips and Strategies to Stay “A Cut Above”

Sports betting is now trending, as people are making a significant amount of money simply by betting on live sports online. Are you thinking of starting betting online? If you don’t know which sports to bet on, we suggest tennis betting. It may not be as popular as other sports, but it is undoubtedly the best sport to bet on if you’re new to the gambling world. If you have good knowledge about tennis and are interested in converting this knowledge into cash rewards, then get ready to start your new venture in tennis betting. Here is a quick guide on tennis tips for beginners.

Why is Tennis easy to bet on?


A tennis match comprises various sets within a game. So, you may have the option to bet on stages or the overall match results. As a beginner, it would be easier to begin based on the match basis. You can easily predict which player will win and place your bet accordingly.

Before placing your bet, you need to do proper research on each player and know more about them. Analyse – how good are they? How long have they been playing tennis? – As these factors will generally affect the match results. So, make sure to get a firm idea of which player is playing better and who is more likely to win. Placing your bet based on this analysis will surely yield a favorable outcome. Furthermore, if you want to learn to bet on tennis, consulting with professionals is your best option. Check out for tennis advice and betting tips.

How to Bet on Tennis


If you want to bet on a match, the first and foremost thing you need to do is – find a bookmaker or a betting platform. You can open an account with 2 or 3 sportsbooks to find the best workable one for you. Many popular tennis bookmakers will guide beginners on proceeding with tennis betting. We came with a list of safe and secure sports betting platforms you can try out as it has been handpicked by our experts. This guide is written with a helping hand from our friends at who are experts when it comes to betting for Indian players.

To know how to bet on tennis, you need to be aware of the five different types of betting strategies, and they are as follows:

● Outright betting

In this betting, you will be required to place your bet on the tournament’s winner.

● Match betting

As the name indicates, it relates to a single match – where you need to pick a winner or a loser. This is the most straightforward method of betting on tennis.

● Handicap betting

There are two different areas of handicap betting, i.e., set handicaps and game handicaps.

In this betting, you need to decide who will win the game with a handicap advantage.

● Over-under betting

You need to bet on the total number of games played in a match in this betting.

● In-play betting

In-play betting is the most popular and emerging option for tennis bettors. This is live betting, where the bet is placed during the event.

Other betting options available


In case you don’t want to wait until the end of a tournament or match to win a bet, then there are many options you can choose from. For example, you can place your bet on a player till a certain point of the match or pick a winner of one of the matches. The game results until that point will decide whether you won or lost the bet.

Tennis Betting Strategies and Tips


Are you ready to start tennis betting? To increase your chance of winning, you need to follow a few betting tips.

1. Sign-up for the best betting website

Do proper research and find out a reliable betting platform. Register on the safe bookmakers to enjoy many welcome bonuses and offers.

2. Analyse the style of play

It’s a must to analyse the style of play of each player. Usually, beginners look up the names and records of the players and blindly bet on them. And it doesn’t work out. So, before betting, learn the strengths (tennis backhand tips & forehand) and weaknesses of all the tennis players to maximize your chance of winnings.

3. Check the Motivation of the Players

Analyse and find out what motivates a tennis player to perform in a particular match? It can be – financial gains, maintaining his reputation, or the desire to win a tournament for his country. The motivation of players can affect your possibility of winnings. So you will have to consider the player who is the most motivated to win.

These are just tennis betting tips for beginners. Also, you can find a lot of websites that show the prediction of who will win the match. Since you’re a novice bettor, you can try out these sites in the initial stage, and in the long run, you will be used to predicting the man of the match on your own.

10Cric Tennis betting rules


Do you want to increase your chance of winnings with minimal risks? Then, be sure to follow the tennis betting

● Open different accounts with different bookmakers to choose the best
● Maintain a proper record of every bet placed on tennis
● Understand your deposit and withdrawal from Paypal, Neteller, or Skrill, etc.
● Be informed about the players playing style, strengths, and weakness
● Look for suspect seed
● Follow sport betting ethics

What’s more?


There are a lot of success stories of bettors who made a fortune with the best tennis betting bookmakers. Thinking, can you make the same? Yes, of course! With in-depth knowledge of tennis sports and following simple tricks, you can earn a good amount in sports betting.

There is no secret to making the most out of sports betting other than – knowing about the payer’s strength and choosing the right sportsbook! So, why are you waiting?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tennis good for betting?

Yes, compared to other sports such as football, cricket, and volleyball, Tennis is the good one as it provides a lot of odds and possibilities to maximize the winnings for savvy bettors.

How do you bet on tennis and win big?

The sportsbook you choose plays a vital role in deciding your winnings. So, you can always prefer to go with big names, as it will be safe and legal, provides bettors with a seamless platform to assist players in betting and generate more winnings.

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