How Much Does a Padel Court Cost?

Woman, man, old, young, fat, thin: everyone can play padel and even together. That is the outstanding quality of the sport, padel brings everyone together for sporty fun with the help of affordable padel court costs. In Spain (where there are 4 million of them) female and male players are almost equal. Children can play from 3-4 years.

But that does not mean that the sport is undemanding, on the contrary. The rule is “easy to learn but hard to master”, which you can also see from the fact that the superstars of the sport are all approaching their 40s and the 20-year-olds usually swipe out of the box at tournaments without any problems. On this point, our team basically offers a large scale of models for indoor and outdoor use.

The outdoor models offer additional reinforcement of the vertical supports for better structural stability against the wind loads. Depending on the wind zone in which the project is located, this company offers the right statics package for you. You can achieve the maximum padel court cost optimization via 2, 4 or 6 padel courts.

What Are The Important Factors On Padel Court Expenses?

The fibrillated turf is very common and is also very popular among the players. The quartz sand works much better on fibrillated turf and creates optimal playing behavior after a short time. The monofilament is usually more durable and has a surcharge. With quartz sand it takes much longer until it has worked into the fibers in order to create optimal playing behavior.

Artificial turf systems with textured filaments allow intensive use, and optimal cushioning and achieve a long service life even with reduced maintenance. The ball bounce is excellent from the first moment and immediately after laying it at all points, regular and homogeneous.

On the other handball stop, nets are used on padel courts in special locations, such as very close to the roadside. This will prevent the balls from being played on the street to a large extent.

In terms of the glass thickness, for outdoor use, 12 mm is provided. Usually 10 mm for indoor systems. In the southern countries, 10 mm is often used, but in strongly standardized countries such as Germany, Switzerland or Austria, our company recommends the use of ESG glass with a thickness of 12 mm.

When setting up in a hall, it should be noted whether the hall is already equipped with lighting. If there is enough lighting, then you could do without the masts and the simple lighting of the court. This makes the court cheaper.

That would be “without lighting”. If the light in the hall is insufficient, additional LED spotlights can be hung from the ceiling. The transport costs are also an integral part of the offer and are taken into account in the price.

There are situations where the truck cannot drive up to the construction site and the material cannot be unloaded directly at the construction site with the help of a crane. As a rule, the path is already determined when the foundation is being built, so this scenario arises relatively rarely.

What Are The Dimensions of An Ideal Padel Court?

The padel court has a rectangular playing field with the dimensions of 20m x 10m and is usually equipped with an infilled artificial turf system. The court is enclosed by walls 3 to 4 m high. The walls of the padel court, similar to squash are actively included in the game. Access is via one or two entrances, which are usually positioned symmetrically in the middle of the square.

A padel court can be built in different designs and with different equipment. In addition to the processed materials, the equipment with the sports flooring or the installation of an LED floodlight system has an effect on the padel court costs associated with the construction of the padel court. In the following we have put together information on the dimensions and materials of a padel court:

  • Playing field: 20m x 30m
  • Playing field walls: mostly 3m to 4m high
  • Frame: steel structure made of prefabricated steel frame
  • Glass cladding: Tempered glass panels (10cm thick)
  • Sports flooring: artificial turf filled with sand (alternatively: concrete or synthetic sports flooring) including lines
  • Floodlight: LED floodlight system (mast height: 6 m)

Padel rackets are significantly shorter than tennis or squash rackets and measure a maximum of 45.5 cm in length, 26 cm in width and 38 mm in thickness. The playing surface is also not covered but made entirely of plastic or carbon fiber, with holes on the surface to reduce air resistance.

The easy entry into the game is mainly thanks to these racket properties because they make the successful shot less technically demanding. The lack of covering also takes some speed out of the game compared to other racket sports.

Is It Affordable To Build A Padel Court?

If a tennis club or a tennis hall operator wants to build a padel court, the first step should be to specify the financing, list the costs and obtain comparative offers relating to the construction of the padel court. Then a suitable area has to be found and support in the association has to be established.

The construction of a padel court can be a worthwhile investment for the tennis club or the operator of a tennis hall. When building the padel court, you should rely on the know-how and expertise of experienced padel court builders.

The industry experts have already built numerous padel courts and know which DIN standards must be met when building a paddle court. You can easily contact Integral Spor in order to get definitive and correct information about padel court costs.


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