High Stakes And Match Points: Tennis Players Who Are Known Gamblers

Tennis Players Who Are Known Gamblers

Watching a tennis match between the world’s best players is a delight! One of the most popular professional sports of the modern day, Tennis is not just about winning and losing; it is more about the emotions of fans who support their favorite players. From Nadal, Federer, and Djokovic to the Williams sisters, Sania Mirza and Maria Sharapova, the world of tennis has been enlightened because of these talents.

Because of these incredible players with impressive world rankings, tennis has become a more popular international sport. Apart from playing tennis like a pro, did you know that these celebrity players are also a fan of gambling? Yes, several popular names associated with gambling have also had major wins in both fields.

Whether at poker clubs or casinos, several popular names from the world of tennis have hit the breaking news many times for winning gambling tournaments. You can visit SatoshiHero to enjoy the best gambling games and get a chance to pay with cryptocurrencies.

The Craze For Gambling

The Craze For Gambling

Gambling is very addictive and yet very exciting. The wins are always profitable and further increase the urge to play and win more. A few years ago, gambling was illegal in most countries, but comparing the scenario to today, people are more flexible about gambling bets and games. Through games, people actively engage in online betting and earn lucrative amounts.

Ever since the introduction of cryptocurrencies and their rise in value across the international market, crypto gambling has also become a thing. Instead of spending money from the bank, people, without hesitation, spend their cryptocurrencies while making the biggest bets. Therefore, the picture of gambling is way different today than ten years ago. Today, several countries practice legal gambling and sports betting, which is why numerous people have found a pathway to turn rags into riches. That is, earning money in the fastest way has become possible because of gambling.

Top-5 Tennis Players Who Love Gambling As Much As Their Rackets

Tennis is the passion and profession of many world-renowned players, but some also love to gamble as much as they love to play on the field. The renowned names you have come across are mostly associated with poker clubs and casinos. The top 5 tennis players who are also skilled gamblers are:

1. David Benyamine

Whenever it comes to gambling, David Benyamine has remained a constant name in the list of the best professional tennis-playing gamblers. A skilled French athlete who has won several tournaments throughout his career, David, after retirement, took his interest in board games. Luckily, the board games brought back his player’s spirit and helped him win a lot of money from gambling.

Within years, David Benyamine mastered several table games and also video slots, which made him a pro at gambling. He developed unique strategies that he often applied to win tournaments.

2. Rafael Nadal

The Spanish tennis player everyone recognizes for his 13 French Open wins, Rafael Nadal, has made it to the top-10 world rankings list many times. This incredibly talented player has won the Grand Slams 17 times and received a peak position of 2nd in the world rankings. Nada is the perfect example of experience and maturation; he got better and better on the field with age.

This skilled athlete is also a lover of poker; sources confirm Nadal to be a skilled poker player who has also won tournaments and lucrative prizes. Nadal also occasionally loves to play online slots whenever he feels like stepping out of his professional life.

3. Novak Djokovic

Currently ranked as world number 1, Novak Djokovic has had an extraordinary 12-year career in tennis. From hitting the top-5 world ranking lists consistently to winning several French Opens and Grand Slams, Djokovic has had many historic wins to count on. To this incredible athlete, poker is a wonderful brain booster; thus, he loves to play whenever possible. Even if he is more fascinated with tennis than gambling, Djokovic does not want to make poker his bigger fascination. He loves to keep it occasional.

4. Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius

Another name that you would always find on the top tennis-playing gamblers is Patrik Antonius. The former Finnish tennis player and coach, and currently a model, has had a remarkable career on the field. After retirement, Antonius took modeling as a serious career and rejuvenated his gaming spirit through gambling.

Antonius has been declared an outstanding gambler by many sources; he is a pro when it comes to video slots and roulettes. Because of his skills and constant tournament wins, Antonius has also been declared a gambling legend.

5. Roger Federer

Another name from the tennis world that has always made it to the top 5 world ranking list is Roger Federer; the legendary tennis player has given historical performances and won 20 Grand Slams throughout his career. Ranked world number 1 several times, Federer’s ever-smiling face and legendary skills on the field have always left the fans in awe. This extraordinary Swiss athlete also takes gambling as a hobby. He loves to gamble in his leisure time and has often been seen in Monte Carlo for that.

Why Do Popular Tennis Players Indulge In Gambling?

The exact reason why the renowned names from the world of tennis are often associated with gambling, but the most predictable reason is simply because they love to. Gambling for professional players is never just a game of money and fate; it is more about skills and strategies. Thus, gambling games are more of a brain booster type. Another reason can be that these popular tennis players have found a new hobby through gambling which they enjoy post-retirement or in their leisure time.

Wrapping Up

Gambling is fun for anyone who learns the rules and understands the game strategies. For a long time, people have perceived gambling as an evil thing that takes all their fortunes away. However, the picture is totally different today. Gambling is no more an evil thing to do; instead, it is being explored by people worldwide through games and online platforms. And these world-renowned tennis players are a wonderful example of playing gambling as a sport and not just a mere game of money.

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