Athletes and Poker: Tennis Players Who are Actually Good at Poker

Tennis is a match of wits and focus, but some stars are usually known for their skills outside the court. Impressively, several players have managed to make a name for themselves while playing poker.

Some of the thriving card players in the world are tennis stars. Their experience in competitive gaming has helped them succeed.

A lot of tennis strategies and techniques can be applied to poker. This is what makes tennis players such good gamblers. They are frequently seen playing at the table in different casinos, and many are known to visit them online. We will look at some of the best tennis players who are good at poker and explore their backgrounds and success stories.

Why Do They Play Poker?


It is no longer news that most athletes enjoy various online casino games and play them very often. Thus, it is common to find court-game participants handling a deck of cards. Most superstars are gambling — they don’t mind wagering some money on their favorite poker games.

The athletes also play at online casinos for the most thrilling experience and choose the best casino operators for Canadian players at reading the professional reviews. These operators offer fair gaming and intriguing perks that reward users for their passion. All the casinos listed have been licensed by the UKGC, MGA, and several others. Safety and security are the reason celebrities use these sites.

Pokies are becoming a popular pastime for those with a successful tennis career. That’s because it’s low-impact and doesn’t strain the body much. Top athletes come off as fierce competitors and usually settle for entertainments requiring skill and strategy, like blackjack and poker.

Many traditional and online casinos offer some of the best poker types to newbies and expert gamers. Whether offline or online casino, the variants will keep you spellbound. A lot of court professionals have already expressed interest in the game and tried their hand at it.

Famous Athletes Who Are Also Outstanding Poker Players


Poker is a “game of chance” that requires intricate skills and practice. Famous people are also active on poker sites, including jocks on the court. You can find many putting good use of their poker skills in an online casino.

Moreover, there are several intriguing poker variants and titles at various casinos. Sportspeople who handle rackets can also find a handful of tennis-themed pokies from some of the industry’s top program developers. A standard option is the Centre Court slot game, powered by Microgaming. With such, both sports professionals and fans can indulge in a wild, thrilling, and worthwhile adventure of online casinos.

The following are some professionals on the court that are exceptional at poker.

Boris Becker

If you are familiar with racket tournaments, you must know the star, Boris Becker. The former #1 positioned gamer and winner of the six-time Grand Slam title, does this ring a bell? Well, the German professional is also a PokerStars representative. He signed with the poker site in 2007.

Although Becker shines brighter on the court, he has successfully built his focus on cards. The sportsman faces no challenge in changing with the game’s tide. He has won about $25,080,956 in court matches. Also, Boris cashed out $72,779 from live poker contests.

A common strategy Boris Becker uses is participating on a similar table for a long time. The star feels that he has an edge engaging with familiar competitors. The poker player thinks and suggests that perceptiveness and proper understudy are needed in card games.

David Benyamine


Like Boris Becker, David Benyamine is another famous professional known by older fans. The French star has been exceptional on the court for several years. He had to move his course elsewhere due to his sustained shoulder injury.

Benyamine decided to build a career in card games and does pretty well. The former tennis player plays poker with excellent skills. He emerged as the most followed card game player during the Full Tilt Card Game.

David Benyamine has hit over $7,800,000 from live card tournaments and made it to four World Series of Poker (WSOP) final tables.

Gus Hansen

This legend was famous for his impressive skills on the court back in the day. Following his youth championship, the Danish athlete became famous in world-class backgammon and games in online casinos, which transitioned into his poker course.

Interestingly, Gus Hansen became the first person to win three WPT (World Poker Tour) open tournaments. The star entertainer has appeared at several card tables and faced several opponents.

Patrick De Koster


Despite the tragic injuries Patrick De Koster got while on the court during the early days of his career, he has found solace in playing poker. The Dutch legend has won up to $282,544 from dealing with pokies. The most notable success came from the WPT National Series.

Patrick De Koster went against Pete Linton at the WPT National Series and took home $196,652. Furthermore, the player finished 247th place in 2010 at the WSOP Main Event and cashed out $40,000.

Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal is a tennis star who holds the #3 spot and is famously called the “King of the Clay.” He loves to relax over interesting poker games at casinos.

Nadal has garnered much respect and holds 92 titles competing on the court. As one of the greatest tennis players, he has bagged 14 French Open titles, along with US Open, Australian Open, and Wimbledon titles. He was a gold medalist at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

In 2012, the legend emerged as a PokerStars ambassador and hit at a few tournaments. While participating at the Monte Carlo Casino at some point, Rafael Nadal went against Vanessa Selbst.

Jimmy Connors

This famous American legend can be easily compared to Michael Jordan, thanks to his love of gambling. The former #1 player even has a book about his gambling habits. He is a high roller.

Jimmy Connors certainly had a prolific career as an athlete and performed exceptionally on the court. The athlete holds outstanding Open Era records for men’s singles, alongside US Opens, Australian Opens, Wimbledons, and Grand Prix Super Series titles. However, poker is one of his off-court antics. He is sometimes found at the table with cards.


Tennis stars are usually known for their skills on the court. A lot of them fancy poker. Socializing and making new friends and wagering some money at online casinos bring a lot of joy. These are the reasons you may find court players at casinos shuffling cards.

Also, these professionals can quickly adapt and learn how to play poker thanks to their competitive nature. Winning in card games at casino tables brings them as much adrenaline as tennis.

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