Barbara Schett Believes That Iga Swiatek Is the Favorite to Win French Open

Barbara Schett Believes That Iga Swiatek Is the Favorite to Win French Open

According to Eurosport expert Barbara Schett, the upcoming French Open is expected to witness fierce competition for the women’s singles title. With the tournament commencing on May 28, Schett believes that the battle will primarily be among three formidable players: Iga Swiatek, Aryna Sabalenka, and Elena Rybakina. 

Swiatek, the defending champion and world No. 1, enters as the favorite, having previously triumphed twice in Grand Slam events. However, she faces strong opposition from Sabalenka, the world No. 2, who emerged victorious at the Australian Open earlier this year, defeating both Swiatek and Rybakina. 

Sabalenka’s recent win against Swiatek in the Madrid Open final further adds to the intensity of their rivalry. Rybakina, the defending Wimbledon champion, enters Roland-Garros with two WTA 1000 titles this season, including a victory over Swiatek and Sabalenka at Indian Wells. Schett firmly believes that the second Grand Slam of the year will primarily revolve around these three exceptional players.

Expressing her thoughts on the upcoming tournament, Schett emphasized the competition between Swiatek, Sabalenka, and Rybakina. She acknowledged Swiatek’s solid performance despite her recent loss to Sabalenka in Madrid, attributing the outcome to the faster conditions there. 

However, Schett believes that the playing conditions in Paris will favor Swiatek, as she feels comfortable and has proven herself to be playing at a consistently high level. Schett also highlighted the pressure Swiatek faces in defending her No. 1 ranking. 

However, she views the presence of Sabalenka and Rybakina as beneficial for Swiatek, as they provide challenging competition and motivate her to maintain her top position. With the French Open set to captivate tennis fans worldwide, all eyes will be on these exceptional players as they strive for victory on the clay courts of Roland-Garros.

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