Boris Becker Believes Raducanu Will Be Able to Win More Grand Slams

Boris Becker Believes Raducanu Will Be Able to Win More Grand Slams

Former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker has expressed concern over Emma Raducanu’s wrist surgeries, suggesting they could jeopardize her career. Despite his apprehensions, Becker believes that Raducanu possesses the skill and potential to win more Grand Slam titles.

Since her remarkable victory at the 2021 US Open, Raducanu has struggled to maintain consistent form. Various factors such as newfound fame, fitness issues, and multiple coaching changes have been cited as possible contributors to her on-court difficulties. 

Recently, she underwent surgery on her wrists and ankle with the aim of improving her long-term health. Becker draws parallels with his own experience, having won Grand Slams during his teenage years before encountering wrist problems. 

While he managed to make a successful comeback, Becker cautions that Raducanu cannot be guaranteed the same outcome. He voices his concerns, stating that the surgeries on her playing wrist and non-dominant wrist, coupled with the ankle surgery, present significant challenges for a young woman in the sport.

Becker also suggests that Raducanu’s early establishment in the tennis circuit might have motivated her opponents to elevate their game against her. He explains that when a player has nothing to lose, anyone can become a formidable competitor. 

Furthermore, he refrains from delving into the specifics of Raducanu’s coaching changes, as he is not privy to her inner circle. However, he emphasizes the importance of building a strong support system and finding the necessary resources to navigate the challenges of being a young athlete at the pinnacle of success. 

Becker believes that Raducanu, who has already proven her capabilities by winning a Grand Slam, possesses the talent to achieve further victories. He acknowledges that while there may be a few individuals who could provide assistance, ultimately, Raducanu and her parents must be ready and committed to the journey. 

Raducanu is currently facing a recovery period of several months following her surgeries, which means she will miss both the upcoming French Open and Wimbledon tournaments.

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