10 Best Basketball Shoes 2024 – Men & Women

Best Basketball Shoes

Basketball is a game that consists of running, sudden stops, jumping, and sharp direction changes. Some shoes are designed to support some of these features, but only the best basketball shoes will support all of them.

Basketball is a difficult game to play. You must be well aware of when your basketball shoes are needed to be replaced. Whether you are replacing an old set or buying the first pair as a beginner basketball player, knowing the best choices and technologies available in the market can help you understand what matters most.

If you are not aware of how to start the best basketball shoe research, make sure you know at least some of the most popular designs and brands.

Too much or no equipment in the shoes is an issue that athletes do not want. Once you have mastered the game skills, it is easier to find the features you want. Basketball shoes are divided into three main parts: upper, midsole, and outsole.

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Every part of your shoe has a quality that will affect its durability and performance. So, identifying the features that match your needs and style of play is very important to get the right equipment.

The best basketball shoes available in the market are reviewed in this article.  Read it thoroughly and make your best choice.

Our Top Pick Best Basketball Shoes 2024 Reviews

best budget basketball shoes

Editor’s Pick
Best Performance

Nike Kyrie 6 Men's Basketball Shoes

Budget Friendly

Under Armour Men's Curry 5 Basketball Shoe

Lists OF Top Rated Best Basketball Shoes 2024 Reviews

1. Nike Kyrie 6 Men’s Basketball Shoes – (Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support)

Nike Kyrie 6 Men's Basketball Shoes


Kyrie’s signature line is one of the most cost-effective collections from Nike. Turbo pillow on the toes and straps on the ankles keep your feet locked and comfortable while you play. Moreover, the Kyrie collection typically comes in a variety of color combinations. So, you can add some excitement to your game.

The grip of the Kyrie Signature collection is definitely good and Kyrie 6 has also the same features to provide you a lot of stopping power in all directions. Kyrie 6 has phylon padding in heel areas to make it softer than previous models. The Zoom Turbo on the front has a nice rebound.

The materials used in this shoe are soft, comfortable, and offers excellent support and stability for fast and crossover movements. In general, Kyrie 6 is the updated version of Kyrie 5 with many small improvements that make it an excellent shoe. It may be the best Kyrie to date.

Main Features:

  • The forefront offers comfort, control, and rebound features.
  • It is lightweight
  • It is made of meshed material for maximum breathability
  • It has reinforced toe to minimize wear and tear
  • Air Zoom Turbo unit offers superior cushioning.
  • Lace-up structure for a stable feel
  • It has a padded collar for extra comfort
  • The heel counter provides support and generates energy
  • It offers extra support and padding to the ankle
  • The sole design offers excellent traction and grip in the court

Nike Kyrie 6 Men's Basketball Shoes


It is fast and good-looking. Perfect cushioning allows you to move quickly in the court. I will recommend it to intermediate and professional basketball players.

It is designed to offer a lower-to-court feel.
It keeps the feet in position.
Lockdown support.
It is a perfect combination of airborne mesh and leather upper.
It has an adaptable midfoot strap
Molded heel counter
Zoom Air technology for extra comfort
It runs small.


2. Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 Basketball Shoe – (Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping)

Under Armour Men's Curry 5 Basketball Shoe


The mission of Under Armor is to improve all athletes with passion, design, and strive for relentless innovation. The cushioning is similar to Curry 4: the patented foam has a dense feeling like EVA. So, there is no real sense of impact on safety or energy rebound. I never feel any pain in the joints while exercising.

Curry 5 tastes softer, first of all, due to the OrthoLite blue sock liner. It is true that the foam of heels is softer, but not too soft. Again, it is very humid, stable at jumps and landings, and even without compression. It never hurts.

Knitted and elastic internal socks, make Curry 5 comfortable running shoes, and provide the necessary ventilation outside Anafoam. The inserts are really compression socks that shape and fit the foot perfectly. Nothing else needs to be discussed except the TPU middle shank which lifts the arch on the floor and tightens.

The midfoot is almost completely supported by a TPU shank under the arch. Almost an inch from the floor; strongly and stably.

Anafoam does a great job of keeping the toes above the feet during lateral movements, so it does not matter if it fails during play. The central foam is rigid and stable and will not compress with weight during landing.

Main Features:

  • It is lightweight
  • It offers maximum speed and agility
  • Full knit construction
  • It provides a precise fit and feel
  • Midsoles are made of EVA cushioning
  • Underfoot is very responsive
  • It offers an excellent grip in all courts.


Lightweight, speed, excellent feel, EVA cushioning, superb traction, and stable support make this shoe a great for basketball players.

It is very stable and responsive.
It does not cause pain.
Cushioning around the heel to keep it in position
It is made of excellent materials.
It has excellent built quality.
Traction is inconsistent.


3. Nike Precision 3

Nike Precision 3


These are expensive basketball shoes. Very light and responsive. I feel fast and quick when I wear it. The attraction is amazing. Everything is clear and looks durable. It is also very comfortable. Every time I wear it, I feel ready to explode in the field.

The material is, however, cheap, especially the upper mesh material. I pushed hard and they didn’t fall, but it was clearly Nike’s cheap stuff. This may not have some features that support, generally the key side, so I do not recommend it for a player who is more severe or people who need more support shoes.

I personally found comfort according to my needs and never encountered any problems or other issues, but I was much better off. To keep it lighter and faster, this is a great budget option that will make you feel good and give you a good responsive feel in the court.

Main Features:

  • The midsole is designed with extra cushioning to offer extra comfort
  • Excellent engineered panel
  • Extra eyelets improve the fit
  • It offers multi-directional traction
  • It assists in lateral movements.


These are the best basketball shoes at this price. I love how it looks on my ankles and feet. Pillows are also better than expected at this price. These are good shoes, but order larger sizes to accommodate ankle support.

It makes you feel every move in court.
Excellent stability.
It is a perfect combination of comfort and cushioning.
It has a lightweight midsole.
It offers traction in all directions.
Excellent ankle support.
They are very durable.
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Material quality is not premium.


4. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus – (Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches)

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus


These are beautiful shoes. The soles of the shoe are tough. Just as you can beat and touch the wooden floor, it is not flexible at all. I think there are some benefits to this because it is really deliberately done this way. Strange to me too, but my son wants to keep it like that.

I bought these shoes to play basketball, generally indoors on a hardwood field, but also on a hard court. It is very safe when playing, has a good sense of width, and is very stable. Very suitable for me. Slightly heavier from the soles, but the perfect size. The material of the sole is suitable for pain and great flexibility for hard courts.

Main Features:

  • TPU-inspired eyeliner from snakes
  • The upper material advances control and stability
  • It has lightweight support construction
  • Air Zoom unit helps ground pads while landing on the field
  • The top design offers support and helps free ankle movement


Beautiful design, excellent control, and stability, lightweight, superb cushioning, and ankle support make this shoe a perfect choice for beginners.

The Mamba-inspired footprint gives you the charm to move rapidly in any direction.
This has a low profile, which helps you feel the court.
The Air Zoom helps land with pillows, thus giving a responsive reaction.
If you try harder, more energy will return.
The cheapest design offers lightweight support with free movement of the ankles.
The upper featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.
They are not very durable.


5. New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker – (Best Cross Training Shoes women’s)

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker


The shoes have a sporty look and look great with jeans. They are very suitable and have a perfect size. The soles are comfy to allow you to have a very soft walk. Also, the side of the shoe is not stiff. So, it can be used for a short time, but do not stay comfortable all day.

New Balance FuelCore Nergize shoe Trends are perfect for those who seek a combination of style and comfort. These shoes are stylish and have a sleek bootie style top, which wraps around the feet to provide fit, support, and add neatness to your look. It is made for style and comfort

It has REVlite midsole that provides lightweight cushions for an extra responsive feel. The memory sole gives it a soft feel at every step, making them perfect for everyday use. It offers a frivolous fit and feels that can add a level of comfort when you’re on a task.  These modern shoes are available in a variety of color options with a simple style.

Main Features:

  • REVlite midsole cushioning offers extremely lightweight padding.
  • It offers a responsive feel throughout the day.
  • Underfoot has a memory that offers a luxurious feel step by step.
  • You can also wear it anywhere anytime.
  • They are extremely comfortable and stylish.
  • The upper part hugs your foot and supports it.
  • It offers a lightweight Feel
  • The Upper is modern and eye-catching
  • It is made of synthetic materials for a comfortable feel.
  • Available in different color combinations.

New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker


These are lightweight and fit the price. They feel comfortable and perfect for people suffering from plantar fasciitis. I love these shoes. Highly recommended.

They provide all-day comfort.
It has a modern style and colors.
Lightweight nature.
They fit perfectly.
Easy to put on and off.
They are made of breathable material.
It comes at a reasonable price.
Low-cut design is good.
It is not suitable for people with high arches.


6. Nike Women’s Training Basketball Shoe – (Best Women’s Basketball Shoes)

Nike Women's Training Basketball Shoe


These basketball shoes have perforated leather upper material. With the Nike Swoosh logo, it is an excellent pair of shoes that you can wear even when not in the field. It also has rubber soles that efficiently give it grip. It fits perfectly, so it can be left out of control in a better field. These shoes come in a variety of color options. The price is also very affordable.

The modern design provides an optimal grip with a classic look. This model from the Nik has leather edges to provide a cleaner, slimmer, and smoother line. The leather and textile upper are strategically placed on the outer layer for unmatched durability, fit, and support. The perforated design keeps the sweat away and keeps the feet cool and dry.

Main Features:

  • It has a high quality leather upper.
  • The polyurethane midsole absorbs shock for a smoother feel.
  • The outsole is made of rubber for maximum grip and durability.
  • It has meshed material for airflow.
  • It is very lightweight.


They fit perfectly. These shoes are perfect for people who are looking for a good pair of shoes for their feet and want to relieve them. These shoes are superb. Quality, comfort, and feel are excellent.

High-heeled shoes that match the style of your everyday outfit.
This is among the most reasonably priced women's basketball shoes.
The leather top makes this the most durable shoe.
Very good at preventing foot injuries.
The pillows are very soft, so there are no unpleasant problems.
In the summer season, it does not feel hot.
It remains cool and comfortable.
They are not durable.


7. Nike Women’s Basketball Shoe

Nike Women's Basketball Shoe


The Nike Women’s Basketball Shoe praises the women who brought a change in the community and set examples for the society. The design of the sneaker shows this mindset through a double Swoosh, height, and strength.

The foam strap and groove outsole make sure lightweight, elasticity, and comfort. With the iconic shape, a little larger midsole makes the shoes recognizable and useful.

The padding on the front are responsive and fresh, and the foam on the heels provides adequate protection from the impact. The material looks cheap, but it is convenient to walk around and do the job. A full-length zoom is placed under the feet and gives you a lot of rebounds and feel.

The pillows are a bit controversial, some reviewers are very fond of them, and others may not fit into a dusty garden. The look and feel of the material are not very premium, but the top performance of the upper is top-notch. Suitable for basketball players because it is not much long and tight.

Main Features:

  • Perfect size.
  • Orthopedic shoe insoles.
  • Excellent build quality
  • Excellent comfort and support
  • Superb cushioning

Nike Women's Basketball Shoe


Orthopedic support, good quality, cushioning, lightweight, grip, and flexibility make this shoe a great choice for women who want to play basketball.

It is lightweight.
They are flexible to allow lateral movements.
It has an iconic shape
It has a rubber sole for superb traction
It does not cause pain
It is a bit expensive.


8. Adidas D Rose 773 Basketball Shoe – (Best Adidas Basketball Shoes 2024)

Adidas D Rose 773 Basketball Shoe


I bought a lot of basketball shoes and this is a strong choice. It is affordable and worth every cent. The fit is big enough for the size of 10 ½. Neat appearance and also long length, the toe box is good enough. I wear them and there are no performance issues.

The ankle support is sufficient and it appears there is very little healing slip. The grip on the sole is also not a problem. When you slide your foot into a shoe, it feels like when you put it into a bootie. It has not a bad design. It matches my wardrobe.

EVA midsole provides a nice bounce. According to me, Adidas has relied heavily on Boost in these shoes. The combination of Boost and Adiprene does not make a good bearing system. The new Bounce feature is great for Adidas and offers a solid second-hand option.

Perforated synthetic material is used in the toe box.  Meshed panels are available in the midfoot. I liked the padding and tongue. The shoes fit perfectly. The metatarsal area is really good for wrapping the legs while tightening the straps, and as I said before, the tongue is comfortable. The two straps on the back are useless because they are sewn on the shoe, but the internal toe box makes you comfortable and keeps you safe.

Main Features:

  • It is made of 100% synthetic material.
  • It has a rubber sole for better traction.
  • It looks and feels great.
  • It is made of breathable material.
  • It has excellent ventilation for airflow.

Adidas D Rose 773 Basketball Shoe


Due to well-cushioned, stylish. well-constructed, superb ankle support, cushioning and breathability, these sneakers will take your game to the next level. I would surely recommend these basketball sneakers. They look good as well.

You can use it in your routine work as well.
They are very comfortable.
It has excellent cushioning.
It offers great ankle support.
It fits perfectly.
The channels in the sole are incredibly shallow.


9. Adidas Kids’ Hoops Mid 2.0 – (Best Kids Basketball Shoes)

Adidas Kids' Hoops Mid 2.0


These basketball-inspired children’s shoes have a layer of synthetic tissue and textiles to provide comfort for active feet. The modified 3-strap and rubber soles provide the shoes with a classic style.

Kids will look super stylish in these Adidas sneakers. The top is made of a combination of textile and synthetic fabrics. It has a mid-top design. Traditional closure with lace. It provides a soft tongue and collar. It has a layer of breathable fabric.

The soles of the feet are soft for added comfort. Soles are made of durable rubber. The shoe weight is about 8 oz. Note that measurements may vary by size. The weight of these shoes is based on one item, not a pair.

These shoes fit perfectly. They look great and comfortable. We expect camouflage on the top of the shoe, but the design includes a group of dinosaurs with a camouflage pattern.

Main Features:

  • It is made of a combination of synthetics and Textile materials.
  • It has a rubber outsole for extra grip
  • It has almost 0-3 inches platform
  • It has almost 0-3 inches boot opening
  • It offers a regular fit
  • It has stitched textile upper
  • Midfoot is supported by TPU
  • OrthoLite sock liner provides excellent comfort and performance
  • Perfect gift for children
  • EVA midsole provides excellent and lightweight cushioning


These shoes are specially designed for kids. They are very comfortable and look great. The color scheme is also loved by kids. Surely a great present for any kid.

These shoes are well-engineered and good looking.
They are very comfortable especially for kids.
These are high-quality shoes.
Long shoelaces.
It comes at a reasonable price.
Difficult to find the perfect size.


Buyer Guide On How To Choose Best Basketball Shoes in 2024:

buyers guide to basketball shoes


Comfortable shoes benefit you to play well and can provide comfort. Some brands have their distinctive ingredients used to add padding, but all are personal choices. The best cushioning is that which you do not feel when playing because it means cushioning is performing well.

If you find that your new sneakers do not have enough cushioning because it will make the court feel very difficult or painful. On the other side, extra padding makes smooth movements difficult.


Running fast is very important in basketball. The best basketball shoes allow you to run smoothly and quickly.

The shoe from larger bands can be explored here as they are made with the latest materials that can increase grip and decrease weight. If you feel slow because of your shoes, then it may extremely affect your basketball performance.

best baskerball shoes


Brands also play an important role in basketball, especially if you play a game that can be recorded or shown at least on a semi-professional level. The brand’s logos are often blurred if they don’t pay you, and many brands will display a distinctive logo on their shoes.

For example, Nike shoes often have a Nike logo which can cause a problem if you use your skills at a professional level without contacting Nike first.


It should be noted that traction could be a key element in many basketball techniques. Whether you play on an indoor or an outdoor surface, gaining a reliable attraction is especially critical, especially if you spend most of your time in the court.

If you move more, you will stumble and slip if you cannot catch a decent grip on the surface.


Q.1: What is the best basketball shoe?

Nike Kyrie 6 Men’s Basketball Shoes is the best basketball shoe for men and Nike Women’s Training Basketball Shoe is the best basketball shoe for women.

Q.2: How much should we spend on basketball shoes?

A good basketball shoe can surely enhance your performance. If you are a serious basketball player, you much choose the best pair of shoes within your budget. There are a lot of options available in the market.

You can get a decent pair of shoes for between $75-$100. If you are a beginner, you can go for a cheaper one. Remember that your shoe will not only improve your performance but also save you from injury.

Q.3: How to prevent shoes from smelling?

It is a common issue that shoes start smelling due to continuous use. Smell produces when feet get wet and do not get dry. After that smelly bacteria produced and cause the smell.

There are some tips that you can use to prevent your shoes from smelling.

  • Never go barefooted in the shoes
  • Use the right sock
  • Take off the shoes after the game
  • Place your shoes in a cool and dry place
  • Replace the inner sole regularly

Q.4: Which sock is best to use with basketball shoes?

Socks play an important role in a basketball game. They protect the feet from blisters and stress. Socks also keep the feet cool and dry. You can sock thickness according to your playing style and performance level.

But make sure they should not affect your flexibility and movement. In the end, I must say that replace the socks regularly after some games.


If you are still looking for the best basketball shoes, then continue your search according to your requirements. Whether you see sports shoes, soccer shoes, or shoes that do not fit into the general type of basketball shoes, there is definitely at least one item you can use. You may even experience unexpected things that result in your favorite basketball shoes.

There is no such thing as the best basketball shoe. The most important is your personal choice. It is better to take care of your needs and focus on the most important features, as there is no need to hurry.

The more time you study the better your results will be, so it is not wrong for you to take some time to research your options.

You can also try some of the products listed in this article as a starting point as it can give you an idea of ​​what to look for in basketball shoes. We have also written an amazing article after testing on best running shoes 2024, best tennis shoes and best pickleball shoes you can read them also.

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