10 Best Pickleball Shoes 2024 – Men & Women Top Picks

best budget Shoes for Pickleball

The best thing about pickleball is that it is a simple game to play. You just need a pickleball paddle, some pickleball balls, net and poles, and a nice pair of pickleball shoes in one of the lovely shoulder bags. However, when it comes to the list of required equipment, I am brief.

A huge mistake that beginners usually made is that they enter the court and start playing pickleball with a casual air of athletic shoes. Normal shoes are not suitable for the type of movement required in pickleball.

Proper footwear can reduce the risk of injury and improve your playing skills, so it is important to have a good pair of shoes from the start.

Pickleball Shoes

I must say that better shoes are more important than a paddle. Before striking the ball with your paddle, your shoes will provide you with support and mobility. When a paddle flies the ball, the shoe enables the player to play better.

Men and women are getting closer to pickleball and it is the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. The choice of shoes for men and women is varied. Due to a lot of shoes available in the market, it can be difficult to know which pair is the best.

Our Top Pick Best Pickleball Shoes 2024 Reviews

After a lot of research, a list of the best pickleball shoes for men and women is compiled in this article. Read the review carefully and choose the best option for you. Here is Our Top Pick.

Editor’s Pick
Best Performance
ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes
ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes
Budget Friendly
HEAD Men's Revolt Pro 3.0 Shoes for Pickleball
HEAD Men’s Revolt Pro 3.0 Shoes for Pickleball

Lists of Best Pickleball Shoes 2024 Reviews

ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 1210/10
HEAD Men's Revolt Pro 3.0 Shoes9.9/10
K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express 29.8/10
Adidas Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoe9.7/10
Tyrol Volley V Men's Pickleball Shoe9.6/10
Fila Men's Axilus 2 Energized Pickleball Shoe9.5/10
Prince Men's T22 Shoe for Pickleball9.4/10
New Balance Women's 806 V1 Tennis Shoe9.3/10
Saucony Women's Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker9.2/10
ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 99.1/10

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes – (Best Asics Pickleball Shoes)

ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes


You have learned a new sport and it seems to be pickleball. Do not wear a pair of old trainers in the pickleball court, however, took the Asics Gel-Challenger 12 tennis shoes. Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

They are designed to act perfectly in the pickleball court as well. It is designed using a combination of fabric and synthetic materials.

Most commonly, it has a synthetic sole, but do not overdo the excitement for this shoe pair. If we talk about the midsole, is built with Solyte midsole material which makes the midsole lightweight.

The good feature of this material is that it is lighter than the EVA and SpEVA materials that are commonly used. Also, it offers better cushioning and durability.

Not only that but there is also a gel cushioning system incorporated on the heels and the front foot. So far it absorbs a lot of shock during impact.

With notches, these pillows are also easy to direct different terrains and can be worn freely. So, flexibility and comfort are two features you will have if you select these pickleball shoes.

Due to the rubber sole, the Gel Challenger 12 provides excellent cushioning and durability. Like other ASICS models, its TRUSSTIC System decreases the weight of the sole while still maintaining the shoe structure.

Due to its Ortholite Sockliner, it absorbs moisture very effectively. Due to its high cushioning, these shoes are perfect for plantar fasciitis.

 Main Features: 
  • It has a lighter midsole as compared to EVA and SpEVA midsoles.
  • These shoes offer high cushioning and durability.
  • Its GEL cushioning system reduces shock and protects the toe and front foot.
  • Ortholite Sockliner absorbs moisture and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Its sock liner can be removed for medical purposes.
  • They are made of fabric and synthetic materials.

ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes

They are perfectly sized
They are highly comfortable
It is lightweight but durable.
It allows quick movement in several directions.
Trusstic System technology decreases the sole weight while maintaining structural integrity.
It does not have enough ankle support.


2. HEAD Men’s Revolt Pro 3.0 Shoes for Pickleball – (Best Head Pickleball Shoes)

HEAD Men's Revolt Pro 3.0 Shoes for Pickleball


HEAD Men’s Revolt Pro Tennis Shoe looks great, is comfortable, and works professionally. These shoes are perfectly suitable for aggressive players on the pickleball court. They also feel lightweight combined with high quality and comfort, a feature that is not found in some top tennis shoes.

These shoes have a meshed upper and are lightweight and durable. On the sides, the durable TPU layers provide good support and stability. It also brings incredible toe and arch support along with superb cushioning.

TPU heel stability and comfortable EVA outsole also improve the working of these tennis shoes in multiple folds. The shoes have higher cushioning and the hybrid sole fits all surfaces.

The third-generation Head Revolt has lightweight than before. The overall weight has been reduced so that these shoes are faster on the court, but do not sacrifice performance as durable shoes. These shoes feature a top-of-the-line PU upper.

Tri-NRG technology makes the shoes more comfortable which utilizes cushioning and solidity to produce the perfect balance from the heel through the midfoot and into the spine.

The Lockdown strap creates a sense of security and increases confidence. In the end, the Head Revolt 3.0 has changed the previous model into a more comfortable and lightweight shoe that retains the same durability as in the past.

 Main Features: 
  • It is very light in weight but still has a perfect combination of comfort and stability
  • Its midsole is made of TRI-NRG construction
  • It has lockdown straps to keep your feet in place
  • It has a medium width.
  • Tri-NRG Technology makes them more comfortable with the use of cushioning
  • It has a meshed upper for maximum airflow.
  • They have a hybrid outsole
These shoes are designed for aggressive players.
These shoes are manufactured for hard playing surfaces.
This shoe offers a better grip to the ground for more control and mobility.
Upper straps of the shoes keep your feet in the same position.
They offer high cushioning to absorb shock during impact.
Its build quality is very good. It feels extremely strong and long-lasting.
Some players face difficulty in moving quietly on the court due to hard soles.

3. K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoe

K-Swiss Men's Hypercourt Express 2 Tennis Shoe


The K-Swiss Hypercourt Shoes are also included in the list of best pickleball shoes. These shoes are famous due to their high durability, comfortability, and ventilation whether used to play tennis or pickleball.

In addition, K-Swiss GlideGuide outsole technology forms a sticky outsole that helps provide support and stability while striking shots. The K-Swiss shoes are suitable for indoor pickleball play, as well as more durable for outdoor courts.

The best feature of K-Swiss Hypercourt shoes is its comfortability. Firstly, it is a lightweight shoe that keeps you fast on the court, secondly, it has strong arch support, good breathability and offers excellent cushioning on hard surfaces.

In addition, the shoe works well during additional support tests. It offers an excellent grip on the entire surface to remain stable. Although not as durable as the Adidas Barricade, particularly in the toe area, the K-Swiss Hypercourt still performs best in durability tests.

It is also proven to be one of the best shoes in the grip test. Hence, you will barely slip into these shoes.  The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 pickleball shoes are not only good-looking in the court, but also give you stability during quick movements on the field.

The interior is very nice and fluffy, which can be a problem for other shoes when there are heat and ventilation, but not in the case of Hypercourt Express. You will be surprised to know that the shoes provided a more competitive level of ventilation.

These shoes can provide great cushioning and comfort while keeping your feet active and dry. These shoes are provided with a larger “footprint”. These shoes are very lightweight.

 Main Features: 
  • Its upper is made of Synthetic Leather.
  • It has textile Collar Lining
  • It has rubber Outsole
  • It has CMEVA Midsole
  • It has EVA Sock Liner to absorb sweat.
  • Its sticky outsole provides support and stability.
It prevents slippage and brings excellent traction in the court
They are very comfortable, breathable, and has strong arch support
They are very lightweight
They offer fast movement in the pickleball court
They are durable.
These shoes are perfect for wide feet players.
They are too stiff, hurts bottom middle of the foot


4. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe – (Adidas Pickleball Shoes)

Adidas Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoe


Adidas has designed excellent tennis shoes, and it is also perfect for outdoor pickleball. The best feature of this shoe is its latest technological rubber soles. The synthetic top is bonded and allows airflow between the meshed upper and the midsole. Hence, they are very comfortable to wear. It is also made of strong and durable materials.

On the outside, Adidas is already using ADITUFF materials, which is exactly what it looks like. This is a very tough material that will look almost the same even after sixty hours of play.

Adidas uses the ADIPRENE support system in the midsole. This technology supports transmitting power quickly and safely from leg to foot. It will enable you to rotate quickly when you want to change direction, without losing stability due to the special torsion system.

Men’s Barricade Club Shoe is perfect for indoor and outdoor play. If you are ready to invest about $100, you will get a pair of good, long-lasting shoes.

These shoes have a highly durable outer sole that wraps around the forefront and backfoot to provide protection against injuries during serving and lateral movements. I have had an injury playing tennis and I have to wear some good shoes that support the ankle. Adidas Barricade helps me a lot during my injury time.

 Main Features: 
  • It has a mesh upper that allows airflow and keeps the feet dry.
  • It has a soft and elastic tongue for comfort.
  • It has the most responsive cushioning that we ever have.
  • Seamless upper designed with extra support to ensure a custom fit that adjusts every move.
  • It features Barricade support and constancy in midfoot and extra flexibility in the forefoot.
  • Abrasion-resistant Adituff protects toe and forefoot during extreme lateral movements

Adidas Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoe

This shoe is the perfect shoes at an affordable price.
They are extremely comfortable and offer great support and traction.
These shoes are very lightweight and flexible
These shoes are made of textile material
They are extremely durable.
The sizing and fitting are up to the standards.
Players with wide feet may face issue due to its narrow design.

5. Tyrol Volley V Men’s Pickleball Shoe – (Tyrol Pickleball Shoes)

Tyrol Volley V Men's Pickleball Shoe


Tyrol Men’s volley pickleball shoes have the best design of the shoes listed in this article. They are only a few shoes available in the market that are particularly designed for pickleball players.

These shoes have nylon mesh upper which can add breathability and make the shoes easy to wear. The insole also has ventilation and a cooling system, so, you will definitely not get hot while wearing these shoes.

Many users who try Tyrol men’s volley shoes loved the grip and stability provided by an outsole of high-quality rubber. The rubber toe provides strength to the footrest and a power clip to support the shot.

Users not only love the comfort of all these shoes on the court but also the overall construction that gives you an edge in the court.

Tyrol volley pickleball shoes are bigger on the feet than many other shoes. Heels are also wider, meaning some users may need to add inserts to increase comfort. Hence, these shoes are perfect for those who have wide feet. According to many users, these shoes do not need a break, so you can play pickleball when you get them.

 Main Features: 
  • These shoes come with a durable Vibram outsole.
  • These shoes are designed for players who need comfort and support combined with high performance.
  • Rubber outsole with torsion-resistant and EVA midsole provides greater stability.
  • It has meshed nylon upper and ventilated insole and midsole for exceptional airflow to keep the feet dry and fresh.
  • The EVA midsole is used for maximum performance for extended play.
  • Its exterior Heel design and toe guard offer stable support for ankle support.
They are perfect for wide feet players.
It has an exceptional design.
They are extremely breathable shoes with a cooling system.
They have a wide toe area.
The wide toe box, textile linings with breathable meshed upper ensures ideal comfort.
They provide excellent grip and stability.
They are not very durable.

6. Fila Men’s Axilus 2 Energized Pickleball Shoe

Fila Men's Axilus 2 Energized Pickleball Shoe


The combination of the best performance with a decent look is seen in Axilus Energized 2. Due to their quick and lightweight performance, these shoes are made for professional players who like to play aggressive shots. These shoes have a molded cage on the front for maximum support and stability while maintaining a sense of flexibility for quick lateral movement.

It offers a rebound feel under the feet, a powerful rubber cushion that provides day-to-day comfort and enables players to play with confidence and solid experience. The Evergrind outsole is designed for maximum durability for players who give a tough time to their shoes in the court.

They also have good traction on all playing surfaces. Because of their responsiveness, mobility, and comfort, these shoes are suitable for players who are serious about their movements.

These are designed for the best performance. It is designed to outclass other shoes in the court. FILA Axilus 2 Energized puts the endurance that FILA fans love at the front and center, with a responsive, lightweight, and style approved by tennis professionals. The sock liner is arch supported and the cage provides a great fit, while the added rubber and energy provide incredible stability and air-light feel.

 Main Features: 
  • It has molded upper and lightweight nylon lining.
  • It has a breathable meshed upper and molded sock liner for excellent comfort and support.
  • Its midsole is made of TPU stabilizer that allows the player to move confidently and aggressively.
  • It comes with a 6-month outsole guarantee.
  • It comes in three different colors.
It has an anti-slide nylon lining.
It has excellent rubber cushioning for superb comfort and rebound.
It has a durable Evergrind rubber outsole in an adapted herringbone pattern.
Its outsole enhances durability and traction on all surfaces.
It has a forefoot cage and heel cup.
It is highly breathable for extra comfort.
It offers low arch support.


7. Prince Men’s T22 Shoe for Pickleball

Prince Men's T22 Shoe for Pickleball


If you are looking for pickleball shoes in the T series, it could be the T22. The Prince T22 men’s shoes are designed by the basic techniques of the T-series. It is particularly made for high performance. Simply, this pair of pickleball shoes provide maximum comfort like other expensive shoes. If we consider its construction, the shoes have a strong meshed upper and are breathable.

Not only that but there is also high strength and support in these shoes. In addition, the TPU straps are attached ensuring that the feet are properly locked. This feature also improves track support and stability.

These shoes ensure the foot is stable during rotation as well as during lateral movements. If you like this style, then this pair will suit you. It comes in two different color laces so you can give it as much space as you want.

It offers more support and stability with all the features. These shoes are perfect for the player who need more ankle support. By increasing the mesh at the top, the T22 improves airflow while keeping the same durability and support.

This is the most comfortable tennis shoe I have ever worn. It provides a lot of support laterally which is great for someone with flat feet. It has a wide base, is well cushioned, and does not feel heavy or bulky. I wear them for pickleball during the Winter months and tennis during the summer months.

 Main Features: 
  • It has breathable and synthetic upper which improves comfort and flexibility.
  • Its meshed upper allows more airflow to keep the feet dry.
  • It has EVA Midsole to absorb shock during impact with the ground.
  • It has a durable outsole in a herringbone tread pattern for extra durability and grip on all surfaces.
  • It comes with a six-month outsole guarantee.
  • It comes in three different colors.
They offer maximum support.
They are incredibly comfortable
It comes at an affordable price.
It is perfect for bunions and flat feet players.
Its wider toe box is great to put orthotics in the shoe.
Sometimes it causes inadequate fit

Best Pickleball Shoes for Women

8. New Balance Women’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women's 806 V1 Tennis Shoe


Obviously, these shoes will not win a fashion contest for you, but they are high-quality outdoor pickleball shoes. The New Balance WC806 tennis shoes provide many great features and technology that make them a great choice for professional pickleball players.

For beginners, these shoes have C-CAP midsole. These molded midsoles provide some of the best cushioning and arch support that we see in expensive pickleball shoes. These shoes offer all these features without reducing flexibility and mobility.

New Balance WC806 Tennis shoes also have the innovative New Balance Abzorb technology for the insole. The insole is made from a mixture of compression foam cushioning, like the C-CAP midsole. But only innovative technology does not make great shoes; also made with top-quality materials, particularly uppers.

The WC806 New Balance Tennis shoes have an exceptional herringbone outsole, particularly for outdoor pickleball. This is a suitable design for outdoor pickleball shoes because it adds traction on the surface of the outdoor court, making it easier for quick movement which is important for pickleball players.

In the end, the new edition of the WC806 comprises a better toe material to protect them from damage from forces and strains. Overall, these are good pickleball shoes. Some players want it in a few different styles and pleasing colors.

 Main Features: 
  • These shoes are made of a mixture of quality leather and synthetic materials.
  • They have a rubber outsole for better cushioning.
  • They come with ABZORB cushioning to protect toes during impact.
  • C-CAP midsole provides cushioning and arch support.
  • It has a quick-dry liner to absorb sweat.

They offer excellent stability and support.
They help reduce pronation as you move cushion and help with surefooted traction.
This shoe is recommended for flat arch foot types.
They give me good support and allow me to move quickly from side to side without any ankle issues.
They are very durable.
These shoes run both narrow and short.


9. Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker

Saucony Women's Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker


Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion is a high-quality choice for outdoor pickleball courts for a number of reasons. In contrast to New Balance pickleball sneakers which has a herringbone pattern, Saucony shoes have an exciting triangular pattern. We observed that this kind of outsole can provide the traction needed for concrete or asphalt pickleball courts.

The best feature of these pickleball shoes is the cushioning and sole-based stability system. This grid stability system will definitely give you an upper hand in a pickleball match. It provides consistent and reliable balance and control, even while moving fast in back-and-forth positions.

These shoes offer a wide selection of styles and colors. They have the same things in the past, which you really like. Lastly, the best feature of these shoes, like other Saucony shoes, is that they include a good fit. No matter the shape or size of your feet, we are sure that these are very suitable for you and will suit you better than any other option.

In fact, if you factor in smart grid technology, quality soles cushioning and the support, design choices, and of course the perfect fit, Saucony sneakers are nothing less than “a good mention”.

 Main Features: 
  • It has a rubber outsole.
  • They provide protection with a wearable design.
  • Its outsole provides excellent traction and foot protection
  • Its GRID system offers long-lasting cushioning
  • They are available in a wide width, breathable, washable, and durable.

Saucony Women's Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker

Its durable rubber outsole offers high traction and durability
They are both affordable and comfortable.
They are perfect for plantar fasciitis.
These shoes are great for running on non-paved surfaces
They fit absolutely perfectly and they're wide enough to be comfortable for both walking and running.
These shoes provide superior stability
They are not very durable.

10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes – (Best Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet)

ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes


These shoes are designed to offer players lateral stability and quick movements in the court during play. The ASICS gel cushioning system is positioned in such areas that will provide benefits from tireless foot movements required in specific sports or activities. GEL-Rocket 9 uses GEL at the front which helps reduce shock during the jump.

Rubber compound containing the content of natural rubber that helps improve grip on courts and surface traction. Trusstic System uses a built-in, intentionally placed plastic shank on a rubber sole that provides support and strengthens the shoe with high stability and less weight.

Wide feet There are not high-performing shoes but due to their sturdy design, they have good value. These shoes are perfect for beginners and intermediate players. These shoes are also very comfortable and stable.

The shoes fit true to size. The bottom sole material is pretty strong and durable. But I do worry about the rest of the shoe’s material. Specifically, the sides of the shoes, and the shoelace holes if used constantly.

I believe will tear fast because it’s not thick enough. I do like the embossed ASICS signature lines on one side but the inner side of the shoe seems to be just painted on and will no doubt get marked very easily. But overall a pretty nice shoe and very economical.

 Main Features: 
  • It is made of fabric material.
  • These shoes have a rubber sole.
  • Traditional lacing provides an optimal fit.
  • These shoes have a backfoot and forefoot GEL Cushioning System to absorb shocks and protect toes from impact.
  • Trusstic System Technology minimizes the weight without reducing the structural integrity.
  • Its lightweight meshed upper provides airflow through the shoes to keep the feet dry.

ASICS Women's Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes

Its breathable mesh lining provides extra cushioning.
They offer great court traction.
These shoes are very comfortable to wear.
They offer a perfect fit.
It has excellent arch support.
They are not very durable and start wearing in a short time.


Best Pickle Shoes Buyer Guide:

Finding the best pickleball shoes is not an easy job. There are hundreds of pickleball shoes offered across dozens of brands each with a variety of pros and cons. That’s why I create a guide to buying pickle shoes to give you the best choices when deciding which pickleball shoes you should buy.

There is a slight difference in the best women’s and men’s pickleball shoes. Hence, you need to know what you are searching for while choosing the best shoes for yourself.

Pickleball Shoes buying guide infographic


Because a pickleball player needs to jump every time to face unexpected paddle strokes and to counter a variety of attacks, you must have adequate cushions inside the shoe. It not only provides the necessary comfort, but it also reduces strains and pains caused by sudden shocks.


To play indoors pickleball or on slippery surfaces, you need to pick up a pickleball shoe with enough traction, which maintains friction control on the shoe, preventing damage and accidents. Shoes for this purpose usually have the appeal of making materials such as rubber.

There are some shoes that have trusstic system technology, gel bearing system, and torsion system that help increase traction. It is important that you know what traction system you are using when buying.


It will be more of a problem than you think once you are done with your rigid sole shoes. If your shoes are not flexible, you will not be able to move or jump in the required time, losing almost all of your strokes.

It is best to choose shoes that can be flexible up to 90 degrees. Also, you can stop hurting and injuring yourself due to stiff shoes while playing. Therefore, it is important to know how flexible the outsole is when buying. For example, is it manufactured from rubber, and are suitable shoes for your feet?

best unisex Pickleball Shoes

Shock absorption

It is best if everyone chooses pickleball shoes that include proper cushioning materials like pads or gels. Jumping successively can create a strain on the knees. Shock-reducing shoes can effectively prevent damage caused by sudden jumps.


It is a great idea to buy a pair that will keep your feet sweat-free, especially during tough and long matches. A layer of breathable mesh can simplify proper ventilation, keep you cool, and increase efficiency.


Don’t compromise on the quality of your pickleball shoes, whether for a pickleball match or any other game. Durable pickleball shoes provide easy movement, better traction, and high resistance on the court. Quality pickleball shoes can be used for 5 years, but it mainly depends on how you wear them.

best adidas Pickleball Shoes


The best pickleball shoes for men and women are listed in this article. To get the best pickleball shoes, you need to know the playing style and feet characteristics.

This way you can buy shoes that match your style and will help you to improve your game. The shoes chosen for pickleball must have the right characteristics and should provide the best traction and stability in the court you like.

The life of your shoes depends a lot on how you use them. If you wear shoes on the right surface, then it will last longer and will give you the performance you want.

The effectiveness of your game depends on the quality of the sports equipment you have. Look for quality and improve your game.

Extra cushioning can bring a huge difference. Similarly, if you don’t have the right pair of shoes to support the heel, ankle, heel, and arches, then your movement will be limited. All the shoes mentioned in this article have their own features, pros, and cons.

Read them carefully and make your best choice. I hope you will find this review quite detailed and helpful.


best men and women Shoes for Pickleball

Q.1: Are tennis shoes good for pickleball?

Yes, tennis shoes are great to play pickleball. Your body feels the same stresses while playing pickleball as in Tennis. Therefore, they are designed to counter the same type of stresses. These shoes also provide the finest support for this type of sport.

Q.2: What is the best pickleball shoe for men?

All the shoes are excellent and high performing. Due to its lighter midsole, high cushioning and durability, GEL Cushioning System, excellent feel, comfortability, lightweight, and durability make ASICS Men’s Gel-Challenger 12 Tennis Shoes the best pickleball shoe for men.

Q.3: What is the best pickleball shoe for women?

Pickleball shoes for women are also excellent and high performing. Due to its quality leather and synthetic materials, comfortability, ABZORB cushioning, arch support, quick-dry liner, excellent stability, support, and durability make New Balance Women’s 806 V1 Tennis Shoe the best pickleball shoe for women.

Q.4: What are the benefits of Pickleball shoes?

Buying the right pickleball shoe is a tough decision if you play pickleball regularly. Pickleball shoes must be durable and supportive. This ensures you wear your tennis shoes first before you have to buy them again.

In addition, pickleball shoes offer better support and cushions on the midsole, which will protect you from injuries. In addition, good pickleball shoes will be breathable and comfortable to play for a long time.

Q.5: What is the life of Pickleball shoes?

It depends on how your playing style and the usage of pickleball shoes. As an estimation, you should use pickleball shoes for more than 6 months before considering buying a new pair. Some shoes can be used for 12 months or more.

Before you go, check out our list of other worth-mentioning models:

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