10 Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings 2024 – Improve Durability

Natural Gut Tennis Strings

Natural Gut Tennis Strings are one of the most playable strings available. This string gives exceptional power and comfort because of its high elastic qualities. Tension lasts longer as well. Manufacturers, on the other hand, have made minor improvements to improve durability.

Players prefer to keep this string in their kitbag because it makes them stronger on the court, despite its exorbitant cost. Natural Gut is a player’s favorite string.

We looked at the Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings in this article, including softer strings for improved control and harder strings for power hitters.

List of Top Natural Gut Tennis Strings

1. Babolat VS Touch Blue Natural Gut String

Babolat VS Touch Blue Natural Gut String


Among the tennis strings tested, the Babolat VS Touch natural gut string has the best feel and playability. Natural gut strings are among the softest on the market, making them enjoyable to hit and gentle on your joints and muscles.

Natural gut strings wear out rapidly, but Babolat has placed a protective coating on top that, according to the manufacturer, extends the string’s life without affecting its feel and comfort. This string’s thick gauge should help it last longer.

At last, the Babolat VS Touch regular stomach string gives a great feel and solace, yet be ready to spend a premium for it – normal stomach strings aren’t the least expensive tennis string choice.


  • Excellent playability.
  • Strings that are evenly distributed.
  • Shock-absorbing and soft.

2. Wilson Natural 16 Tennis String

Wilson Natural 16 Tennis String


Wilson Sporting Goods, founded in 1913 and is one of the most well-known tennis brands on the market, offers world-class natural gut tennis strings.

Wilson recently updated their natural gut product to make it firmer and more powerful. Simultaneously, the natural material considers spin and position control, making this string a flexible other option.

It’s somewhat more solid than other natural gut choices because of the dampness-safe covering; however, it’s not as extreme as synthetic gut options.

Wilson Natural Gut is a comfortable string to play with, despite not being the most durable option on the market. In the event that you’re a power hitter, have a go at consolidating this string with a polyester or Kevlar string in a hybrid arrangement.


  • The string tension is maintained.
  • Feeling of softness
  • The ball feels completely under your control.
  • With the gentle suppleness of the string, you receive a sharp response.
  • The best contender for this string will be a power hitter.
  • Also suitable for a player in search of a softer, more sensitive string.

3. Luxilon Natural Tennis String Set

Luxilon Natural Tennis String Set


Luxilon is a well-known racquet manufacturer whose goods are noted for their exceptional quality. While they specialize in polymer tennis strings, this is their first foray into natural gut tennis strings. This suggests they have a lot of experience, and you can count on them to deliver.

The comfortability of these natural gut strings is the nicest attribute. Because they absorb the energy from ball strikes by creating a pocket, very little impact is conveyed to your wrist or forearm, allowing you to swing comfortably without developing aches and pains.


  • The biggest advantage is the strings’ strength and comfort.
  • Very comfortable, as it minimizes arm aches.
  • It works effectively in both hybrid and standalone systems.
  • Spinning aid with a unique design.
  • Playability and durability.

4. Volkl V-Icon Natural Gut String Set

Volkl V-Icon Natural Gut String Set


Volkl V Icon, a German business that has been active since 1923, comes in last in the Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings list. Although it is best known for its racquets, which have been used by legends such as John McEnroe and Boris Becker, the company has also built a strong reputation for its tennis strings.

V Icon comprises beef serosa fibers strung together to create a vibrant string, similar to the other natural gut we’ve mentioned. The resulting string has a high level of comfort and stress absorption, as well as natural resilience for outstanding tension maintenance.


  • Cost-effective choice
  • Beef serosa strands are braided together to create a vibrant string.
  • comfort and stress absorption at a high level
  • great tension preservation

5. WILSON Sporting Goods 17 Gauge Natural Gut Tennis String

WILSON Sporting Goods 17 Gauge Natural Gut Tennis String


These strings are backed by the Wilson quality guarantee so you can expect a nice set of strings overall. Each time the strings strike the ball, they produce a forceful response, which players will appreciate while hitting game-winning shots.

When putting up your strings, make careful to determine the right amount of tension for maximum strength. One of the high points is the power that these strings provide.

The price is probably one of Wilson’s best features. When it comes to playing with a natural gut, it gives players another great cost-effective choice.


  • Unparalleled tensile strength
  • Provides maximum power, comfort, and tension maintenance
  • Offers sharp response
  • Helps get individuals a great play

Buyer’s Guide For Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings

Buyer’s Guide For Natural Gut Tennis Strings

For many people, picking a tennis string is even more difficult than picking a tennis racket. It isn’t easy to know which string is appropriate for you with hundreds of alternatives. Consider your racket, a car, and strings to be the engine.

Strings have just as much of an impact on your game as the racket you use. When it’s time to hit the court, finding a string that works well with your racket will give you more confidence in your equipment and your game.

Your Skill Level

If you’re a beginner to intermediate player, you’ll want to go for softer (less stiff) strings that put comfort and power ahead of longevity.

For one thing, as a novice, you are unlikely to break any strings with your playing. This means you won’t have to change them often, and you won’t require extra-durable strings.

Softer, stronger strings are also more forgiving if you can’t hit the ball in the center of the racquet, which improves accuracy (along with power) for novices. Finally, utilizing an overly stiff string or strung at too high a tension might cause long-term injury to your arm and wrist.


matural gut tennis strings

Friction influences the spin potential of a string. As the strings snap back into position fast after being displaced by the ball, lower string-on-string’ friction implies higher spin. Lower ‘ball-on-string’ friction, on the other hand, translates to less spin.

The more tightly the strings grasp the ball; the more spin is generated. The maximum spin potential is achieved by a low string-on-string’ and high ‘ball-on-string’ friction.


Tennis strings assume a huge part of how you feel in your arm. A softer string will retain the ball’s effect and be simpler on your arm. Bringing down the pressure with which you string your racquet can likewise assist your strings with feeling more good.

An adaptable tennis racquet can likewise be valuable. A nice racquet and strings can ease arm and wrist torment and forestall infirmities like tennis elbow, similar to a decent set of court sneakers.


More playable strings, then again, are less sturdy. Strings that are stiffer and thicker are more sturdy but less playable.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate player, you’re unlikely to break or replace strings frequently. As a result, this may not be a significant consideration when selecting a string, as even a more pleasant natural gut string will be durable.

Intermediate and advanced players may prefer a longer-lasting string to save money by not having to replace it as frequently.


Tennis string power is determined by string gauge and tension. The shot’s power is generated in large part by the string. If you’re having trouble hitting hard shots, you should use a softer string to provide greater power.

The thinner the gauge, the more power it produces, resulting in stronger projectiles. Multifilament strings generate a lot of power when returning a shot.

String Tension

tennis String Tension

String tension is specific to each player, their racquet, and the string they use. However, when you transition from one string to the next, it’s crucial to think about the string’s features and how tension affects its performance.

The string’s power level, which is higher than practically every other string on the market, is one of the most crucial concerns with natural gut.

On the off chance that you’re changing from synthetic gut to natural gut, for instance, you should build the pressure of natural gut by a few pounds to diminish the power level.

Natural gut is exceptional because it stays agreeable and performs well at more considerable pressures, so you ought not to worry about a couple of pounds influencing the string’s playability.


Natural gut tennis strings were initially made from sheep stomachs, explicitly the mucosa, which is the deepest layer of the sheep digestive system. As a result, they have remained one of the most popular choices among tennis players worldwide, no matter how gross or odd they may appear.

Although it appears to be the same, not all-natural gut is created equal. The difference in quality and playability depends on the manufacturer and the processes utilized.

Understanding the differences in tennis strings and balancing the benefits and drawbacks of each is essential when choosing the Best Natural Gut Tennis Strings for your racquet.

What works for one person may not work for another; therefore, it’s critical to understand as much as possible to make the best decision for yourself.


What is Natural Gut?

Natural Gut is the most traditional tennis string available. Many top players, like Roger Federer, prefer this string. Federer uses a hybrid setup. In particular, he incorporates natural gut in his racquet’s mains.

Natural gut strings are created from cows’ intestines, but Babolat originally utilized sheep’s intestines to make them in 1875.

Is it true that natural gut strings react to water?

Since most natural gut strings are covered with a defensive covering to avoid dampness and weather conditions harm, they are unaffected by water.

Natural gut strings, then again, in the event that they are not covered with a defensive covering will retain dampness and become fragile, particularly after drying out.

Getting your tennis racket wet is not a smart idea because it will ruin it. This is because the protective coating, typically composed of polyester resin, will wear off with time. One-time wetness, on the other hand, is unlikely to cause harm.

If you’re worried about water damage to your natural gut strings, we strongly advise you to examine whether they’ve been coated with a covering that prevents it.

How long do Natural Gut Strings last?

Natural gut strings, especially polyester (monofilament) strings, are not as durable as other string kinds. They aren’t weak, though, and if kept away from damp and direct sunshine, they will endure a long time.

Creating a lot of topspin is another thing that quickly wears down natural gut strings. Because when you continuously generate high topspin, the ball will swiftly consume the natural gut string.

For this reason, many spin and natural gut string enthusiasts combine the two materials to create a hybrid string.

Cleaning natural gut strings after you have completed the process of playing is a key stage in broadening their life span. Scouring your strings will abbreviate their life expectancy. Clean the strings off on the two sides of the racket utilizing a perfect fabric.

What effects will different temperatures have on Natural Gut Strings?

In freezing temperatures, natural gut strings stiffen, becoming less elastic and thus less powerful.

In warmer temperatures, the impact is the opposite, making the strings soft, and resulting in more elasticity and a stronger trampoline effect. In cold conditions, the control will be superior; in hot temperatures, it will be less so.

How long does tension stay in the Natural Gut?

After the main day of play, natural gut strings will lose just 4%-6% of their tension, which is generally low contrasted with other string assortments.

The vibe and execution will just further develop following the underlying string loss. The strings were at their best in no time before they broke, as per numerous people.

Natural gut strings, on the other hand, maintain tension better than any other string. Natural gut strings provide more benefits than drawbacks.

If these weren’t enough, check out some other picks from Amazon also:

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