10 Best Tennis Strings For Control 2024 – Low-Cost and High-End

If you’re seeking for the best tennis strings for control, you’ve come to the correct spot. When it comes to this product, you should choose one that meets your preferences, is comfortable, and is reasonably priced. Strings are an essential component of your tennis racquet since they govern the amount of tension necessary.

Natural gut, nylon, or polyester are the most common materials used to make contemporary strings. Hybrid strings can also be created by combining two distinct types of strings.

Depending on your preferences, you can use a hybrid or a standard string. Both have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to improving your stroke play.

The next post will go over some of the best for control, as well as their longevity, impact, and what are the various benefits of utilizing them well.

Top Best Tennis Strings For Control Review

1. Wilson Duo Power

Wilson Duo Power

This string set is ideally suited for flawless playing, and it is reasonably priced for all of its features. It is long-lasting and lowers stress by up to 10%. It is suitable for both professional and intermediate players’ racquets.

Before acquiring a product, you should be knowledgeable about several issues. They can help to improve the racquet and the game. This string is perfect for everyday use. As a result, when purchasing a product, it is critical to evaluate the intended use. Let us go through each feature in depth.


  • It has a mix of NXT Power and ALU Power.
  • It is useful for increasing racquet power.
  • It reduces strain on ALU Power by up to 10% for increased comfort while playing.
  • It measures 7 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 0.37 inches tall.
  • It is a long-lasting string with a professional feel at an affordable price.

2. Tourna Big Hitter

Tourna Big Hitter

If you are looking for good quality and affordable tennis string, you can go for this one. Known for its quality performance and comfort, it is one of the best tennis strings for developing control and is worth the money. Due to the softness of the material, it is a popular string in the market.

This string set has many good features. The versatility of this string makes it ideal for any type of racquet. Let us discuss all their key features in detail.


  • It is made from polyester, which provides immense spin and power.
  • The making is such that it has many sharp edges which are twisted to provide maximum spin.
  • The polyester used is a modern blend with adequate softness and great durability.
  • It is suitable for intermediate players and professionals to improve their game.
  • Its 18 gauge string gives a softer feel to the player.


3. Head RIP Control

Head RIP Control

This is another tennis string that is well suited for your racquet. This RIP tech provides a unique construction to the string, which enhances the control.

This product comes with a modern design and great quality. At an affordable price, it ensures high-level performance. Let’s have a look at some of the crucial features in detail.


  • It is suitable for athletes playing at the tournament level.
  • It comes with a modern RIP technology which enables the player to change the pace and power as required.
  • It is a thin string with enhanced control and comes with multiple nylon fibers for excellent durability.
  • It has proper elasticity to provide comfort to the player.
  • A unique ribbon is woven around a fiber core for topspin and playability.


4. WILSON NXT Control


This string by Wilson is one of the best in it’s category and is a popular product from this category in outdoor sports.

The product comes with proper control and durability. It is perfect for players wanting to have better control of their racquet. Let us check out the features of this product in detail.


  • It provides a gentle effect on the arms and provides excellent control.
  • It offers better comfort with sensitive stroke play.
  • It comes with a multifilament string with enhanced durability.
  • It is available at a cost-effective price.
  • It is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level players.

5. Luxilon Natural Sets

Luxilon Natural Sets

This is another tennis string set by Luxilon, with modern technology. It is made from the natural gut and provides high quality. Though the price is higher compared to other products, the features of this product are worth the investment.

It comes with great comfort and power. To have a complete understanding of the product, consider its features and determine whether you want to purchase it or not.


  • Since the material is natural gut, you can expect perfect control along with the power and comfort.
  • It is made with natural serosa fibers which offer resilience and immense power compared to any synthetic fibers.
  • It is a perfect string for using in a hybrid setup as it would enhance playability.
  • The length of this string set is more than 12.2 meters.
  • The comfort level provided is perfect with 16 and 17 gauge.

6. GOSEN G-Tour Super Control String

GOSEN G-Tour Super Control String

This is another excellent tennis string with additional features. It comes with shock absorption technology and is healthy. For its quality, the price of this product is quite reasonable.

Different features set this product apart. Since these strings are more about control and power, you must be aware of all the features before purchasing. Let us know about those features in detail.



  • It is a 1.28mm gauge and 12.2m string for excellent control.
  • It has a soft polyester monofilament which provides comfort.
  • It is recommended by doctors as it prevents shock to the elbow.
  • It is long-lasting and arm-friendly.
  • It is made in such a manner that it enhances the spin.

Buyers Guide

Before going to buy any tennis strings, you should keep in mind different factors. This buyer’s guide will assist you in selecting the best product as per your requirement. Let us discuss some vital factors in choosing a string for your racquet.

Type Of Styles

Tennis strings come in a variety of styles. Because of their great flexibility, natural gut strings are excellent for playability. They provide tremendous power while also providing the requisite smoothness while using the racquet. Such strings’ tension is likewise long-lasting. To give good stroke play and comfort, multifilament strings are constructed of tiny strands.

These strings are highly durable and lessen the likelihood of elbow injury. Hybrid strings are good for playability and durability. This string is made up of two sorts of strings, as the name implies. These strings can be adjusted to obtain the ideal string based on a player’s preferences.

They extend the life of a string. Synthetic strings may be purchased for a cheap price. These strings provide a good performance for beginners and tend to be effective in their gameplay.

Type Of Material

Types of Tennis Strings

Polyester string, which is made from a single polyester fiber, is stiffer and has less flexibility. They are ideal for topspin. Their tension, however, evaporates rapidly, and they lose control. Another material that is used in combination with nylon strings to increase comfort is Kevlar. It also extends the durability and tension for a longer length of time.

It does, however, offer less spin and comfort for a shorter amount of time. It is a well-known tennis string material. It offers both solid playability and comfort. They do not deteriorate with exposure or weather, making them ideal for beginning players.


String tension and string gauge determine the power of how fast and hard the ball is served through. A thinner gauge string creates more power than a thicker string however they tend to be less durable. The  Companies that employ higher-quality polycarbonate materials are present in high quality racquets.


Spin is also affected by the type of strings used. Spin is technically employed by players to confuse opponents when they are not close to the net by delivering topspin or drop shots. Polyester strings spin more than nylon strings, and it can make a significant impact on your game performance.


The durability of a string is determined by the gauge chosen. The thick gauge will last longer than the narrow gauge. A string’s durability is also determined by the material used in its manufacture.

Kevlar strings are often quite durable, and they are made to be extremely lightweight at the same time having strong tensile strength. One can use extremely thick materials and have greater durability but lack strong flexibility.

How to String a Tennis Racket


The key considerations for determining string gauge are durability and spin. When a string is thick, it is more durable but offers less spin, and vice versa when the string is thin. It is advised that players pick strings in the order of durability and spin preference.


String tension is essential for playing. A string’s tension range is indicated on the racquet. The racquet has more power and is more comfortable when the string tension is high. The handling, on the other hand, will be challenging, and the length will be brief.

When set to high, power is lowered but comfort is increased. The duration would also be increased. The optimal degree of stress should be neither excessive nor insufficient.

Tennis String

Price Range

They generally come in the range in price from $4 to $40. A more expensive string will provide higher performance. It is recommended that novices use basic strings, while pros should use higher-end strings. Strings that come in reels are also beneficial for guitarists who break strings regularly. String sets are suitable for folks who only play on occasion.


Before purchasing tennis strings, there are several variables to consider. They should be suitable with your racquet, have adequate tension and spin, and last a reasonable period of time based on your usage. Overall, they should improve your stroke play performance. Cutting corners on quality will make the product and the money spent unprofitable.

As a result, after reviewing all of the product’s main characteristics, invest your money sensibly and methodically. Before selecting a tennis string, consider all of the elements and nuances. You can test any of the goods described in the article to see whether they meet the needs of your tennis racquet and playtime.

Get the right information by conducting an extensive investigation to ensure what comes near to suiting you based on your game and experience. Remember that your money should be invested wisely. It may take some time, but the work is well worth it. As a result, choose the product after conducting thorough study.

Frequently Asked Questions

best tennis strings

What Should Be The Tension Range?

Usually, the tension ranges from 40 to 65 lbs for most players. But the professionals are advised to string their racquets with as less tension as possible and regulate their ability to control.

Which String Type Is The Best For The Sport?

Strings made from the natural gut are the best for beginners and intermediate-level players as they provide the correct amount of power and comfort and polyester strings are ideal for professionals because of the control they provide.

Do They Make An Impact On The Gameplay?

Since they are the only part of the racquet which makes contact with the ball, strings are very important for your stroke play and playability. The different types of strings determine the tension, power, spin, durability, and many other important factors for a player.

What Should Be The Interval Before You Restring Your Racquet?

The interval between restringing your racquet depends on how often you break them. For beginners, it is recommended that they restring every three months. For intermediate players, restringing every month is recommended. For professionals, it is recommended that they restring their racquets every week or two, as their rigorous playing schedule impacts the quality of strings.

How Much Does Restringing A Racquet Cost?

The average restringing cost is about $40. But it could come between $15 to $75, depending on the type of string you are using. For frequent players, it would cost slightly more as compared to occasional players.




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