Top 11 Best Ping Pong Paddle for Beginners 2024 – Best Models & Brands

Ping Pong Paddle for beginners

Table tennis or ping pong is a fast game that needs proper coordination between eye and hand to win. Having the best ping pong paddle can make the difference between victory and defeat.

As a beginner, you can be sure that the paddle is just a combination of wood and rubber. Believe it or not, there are many things to consider when buying the best ping pong paddle for beginners.

You need to think about the shape, the blade, the rubber, the grip, and so on. There are a lot of paddles available in the market which are known as the best ping pong paddle for beginners.

Aerobic aping pong paddle for beginners

You may be confused with some of the options available in the market if you are looking for the best ping pong paddle for beginners. It is better to do a good market visit so that you can choose the right one.

But if you have a busy schedule, you do not need to be worried.  In this article, we make it easy for you to choose the Best ping pong paddle for beginners.

You will find some important factors to keep in mind when buying a paddle. In addition, some best models from the best brands are also included which are suitable for beginners.

Top Best Ping Pong Paddle For Beginners

Editor’s Pick
Best Performance

Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket

Budget Friendly

STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket


Lists OF Best Ping Pong Paddle For Beginner Reviews 2024

ProductPrice Rating
Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket10/10
STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket9.9/10
Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racket 9.8/10
Cornilleau Tacteo 30 Weatherproof Racket 9.7/10
Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket9.6/10
Killerspin Jet Black Combo Table Tennis Paddle9.5/10
Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle JT-7009.4/10

1. Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket

Eastfield Allround Professional Table Tennis Racket


Eastfield is not a famous brand, but it does not mean that it cannot make a good paddle.

This paddle is suitable for players who want to spin with maximum control, even if it does not have the speed. It really helps beginners learn how to do movements correctly due to the astonishing control offered by this paddle.

It provides a double bounce as compared to other beginner paddles, indicating a sticky rubber quality that is suitable for controlling and producing spin.

It will enable you to make better services by producing more spin and better control, which can give your opponent a lot of difficulties.

It will provide you with better attack opportunities by applying more spin or just defending their shots. This paddle is also good for defense because of the provided control. The paddle can control the ball that is spun by the enemy.

 Main Features: 
  • It is a perfect choice for beginners.
  • The rubber provides spin and control.
  • It is a 5-ply blade with excellent control and feels.
  • It produces more spin and bounce.
  • It is a custom-made paddle for easy rubber replacement.
  • This paddle is easy to use and does not need any particular technique.
  • Its rubber is designed to produce more spin with greater control.
  • It is significantly good for push shots.
  • It provides a smoother hit with backspin.
  • It is also very good at defense.
  • It does not provide the required speed.


2. STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket


As a beginner or an experienced player, you may not want to play with a low-quality racket. Although there are several options in the market, STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket is the perfect option for you that best suits your playing style and comfort.

The STIGA Evolution table tennis racket is pretty different from other paddles and is made to fit the style of professional players. With good quality thick rubber and a 6-ply surface, the blade has a tube section in the handle grip.

STIGA Evolution Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

This is designed to produce a compulsive reaction in the ball when it is hit by the paddle.

It also produces a unique sound when the ball hits by the paddle. As a beginner, you may need some time to become familiar with the paddle.

The racket offers high-quality performance. With its lightweight and balanced with pro class rubber, it is a great option to be purchased at a low price. This is a magical paddle, particularly for those transitioning from beginner to medium level players.

It is approved by ITTF for tournament use. The excellent rubber provides more spin than a cheaper paddle. However, this requires some adjustments to achieve the required comfort.

 Main Features: 
  • It is approved by ITTF Approved for tournament use.
  • It comes with an impact-reducing technology.
  • It has premium rubber for quality performance.
  • It has a 2mm Sponge and 6-Ply surface.
  • It has a hollow grip.
  • It offers players an excellent comfort level.
  • It helps defensive players to return the ball with superb precision.
  • It improves technique and provides power in the shots.
  • It produces more spin as compared to any cheaper paddle.
  • It is a lightweight paddle.
  • It is difficult to maintain control due to its lightweight.


3. Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racket

Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racket


Palio is a famous brand that produces the best ping pong paddle for all level players. This paddle is suitable for learners who have just started playing table tennis for a short time.

It gives excellent control with the spin. The only drawback is that It offers lower speeds than a professional racquet.

The paddle is perfect for smoothing the learning curve and achieving faster results. It is perfect for beginners who want to produce spin and continue with their play style. It has a reasonable price.

Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racket

If you are a recreation player and participating in a club tournament, this is the first step. I love the blade with a faster rubber on different setups. The CJ8000 rubber is fast and sticky enough to perform higher spin practices.

After 6-9 months of play with this paddle, you will see the difference in your performance. Chances are you will need something faster and sticker before the one-year practice is over. At that time, you will need to replace the rubber.

 Main Features: 
  • It offers great spin capability.
  • It is ITTF approved for tournaments use.
  • This gives players better control and feel
  • A perfect paddle for beginners
  • Perfect for players learning new techniques.
  • It has good-quality rubbers and sponges.
  • It produces powerful shots with high precision.
  • The grip is non-sticky and has good quality.
  • It provides an excellent feel and control.
  • It is lightweight and powerful.
  • It is heavier than other paddles for beginners.


4. Cornilleau Tacteo 30 Weatherproof Racket

Cornilleau Tacteo 30 Weatherproof Racket


If you are searching for a ping pong paddle that can be used for the outdoor environment then Cornilleau Tacteo 30 is the best option for you.

It is particularly designed for outdoor table tennis activities, such as schools, clubs, and recreation centers. Moreover, it is famous for its surprising durability and resistance to various elements, such as water and humidity.

It has a unique design. In particular, it is made of a thermochemical elastomer complex, which efficiently resists the use of wood and other materials sensitive to atmospheric agents.

Of course, even without the use of standard rubber, this table tennis racket has incredible impact and speed. It offers superb performance particularly if you are a beginner. Because it is a lightweight paddle, the handle is not too heavy.

These paddles are durable and have an innovative design that is not available in the market. They are equally best for home use.  Its surface will not produce chips. It offers shock resistance for extreme durability. It is easy to clean and the color does not get dim with time.

 Main Features: 
  • It has a comfortable Grip
  • It has an ergonomic flared Handle
  • It is weather Resistant
  • It is highly durable
  • It is available in Blue and White colors.
  • It fights against different weather conditions
  • It has a unique construction for maximum durability
  • It produces decent speed and power.
  • It also offers good spins capability.
  • Its handle has a textured cover for maximum grip
  • It cannot be used in tournaments.


5. Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket

Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket


Now, some of you are looking for a middle-level paddle that can be used in some of the smaller training games and competitions. So, if this is what you want to achieve, you should check out the Idoraz Table Tennis Racket.

Now it is easier to produce spin. Idoraz table tennis paddle provides superb balance and spin during play.

The paddle rubber lining provides a good grip to achieve a very good ball spin. If you are looking for speed, this paddle is also good for it.

Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket

It has a balanced frame and good speed. It is definitely a good choice for both amateur and professional players.

It has a 2mm rubber layer that provides superb control. It is a perfect choice for anyone looking to rise to the next level of performance.

Thick construction is one of the important features of this paddle. The ping pong paddle must be thick to produce the right energy and ball spin. With a balanced design, controlling the shots is very easy. The blade produces a sufficient grip so that the ball can spin as desired.

The paddle handle is also smooth, which makes the maneuver easier. You can have a perfect combination of control and strength due to its well-designed body. With a 2.00mm sponge and ergonomic construction, it can enhance the skills and chances of defeating the enemy.

 Main Features: 
  • It has a strong construction.
  • It has a thick rubber layer.
  • The rubber is approved by ITTF.
  • It will take your performance to a professional level.
  • It offers excellent spin and balance.
  • It provides excellent ball traction.
  • Its handle is very smooth for easy control.
  • It offers a great combination of speed and balance.
  • It has a perfectly balanced frame.
  • It has enough control over the fast shots.
  • It comes with a 30 Days warranty.
  • The rubber quality is low.


6. Killerspin Jet Black Combo Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin Jet Black Combo Table Tennis Paddle


These tennis paddles are designed to intimidate your enemies. So, it is fast and strongly designed to survive the toughest conditions or training. The blade has 5 layers of Nitrx-4Z Killer spin rubber. In addition, PVC tape covers the paddle to protect the perimeter.

In addition, it has a wooden handle for superior grip and excellent comfort. Also, the rubber coating allows for strong shots. Hence, this is a suitable option for anyone who wants speed and control.

It is perfect for players who have an aggressive playing style. It comes with a black sleeve case. It is designed according to the standards of modern players. It has good speed but heavier than other paddles.

 Main Features: 
  • This paddle is made to provide perfect ball control.
  • It is perfect for players who are aiming for the next level.
  • It comes with a case to accommodate paddles and balls.
  • It has excellent construction.
  • Nitrx rubber offers great control of the ball.
  • It has a sleek design for ultimate intimidation
  • It provides perfect comfort and control during tough competition
  • This paddle has exceptional speed and spin ability.
  • It is very lightweight to handle to play with.
  • It comes at a decent price.
  • It produces an unpleasant sound when hits the ball.


7. Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle JT-700

Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle JT-700


If you are a keen table tennis player, you may want to choose the best option for killer games. It is relatively new in the market. The SPGM Pro ping pong racket is specially designed to improve your game. It has a 2mm rubber construction to increase the ball speed.

In addition, the handle is made of a pure word that has a high-quality 5-layer. It fits snugly in your hand to keep it comfortable while playing. Good technical features are combined with color design so it can be one of a kind.

Sport Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle JT-700

This racquet has good quality and great comfort. This paddle is suitable for players who need a balance of spin and control. The only problem I experienced with this paddle is that the case has a belt inside that feels like the paddles padding is going to pull up on the bottom.

It has improved my game significantly. It is made of great material. It offers aggressive shots and ridiculous spin.

 Main Features: 
  • It has a beautiful cool design for youngsters.
  • You will love its appearance.
  • This racquet has a high quality rubber.
  • It has high-quality 2mm sponges for high ball speed.
  • It has a high spin capability.
  • This a 5-ply classical wooden table tennis racket.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Impressed paddle control.
  • It is certainly a better-quality product.
  • It is really quick to move.
  • It is extremely impressive to play.
  • It will improve your game from beginner to medium level.
  • It offers fast speed, unpredictable spin, and stable control.
  • It is heavier than other paddles.



It can be a very difficult task to choose the perfect paddle that can maximize your playing potential with so many options in the market.

Each player level, for example, if you are a beginner, middle or advanced level player, has a certain style and can therefore look for custom characteristics in close proximity.

Lack of paddle speed with exceptional spin and control is a great option for beginners to advance their skills before entering a more advanced level.

Whatever racket you choose, you can eventually win depending on your fitness and ability to play sports. A good paddle certainly does not replace a good technique.

However, a combination of blade and rubber that matches the correct playing procedure and technique will result in a good performance.

There is no need to invest much money for a beginner paddle. For me, the best ping pong paddle for beginners is Eastfield Allround Professional table tennis paddle. It was designed with the aim of smoothing the learning stage for beginners while improving skills more quickly with skill.


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Q.1: What is the best ping pong paddle for beginners?

In this article, the 7 best ping pong paddles for beginners are reviews after a lot of research. For me, Eastfield Allround Professional table tennis paddle is the best ping pong paddle for beginners.

It is particularly designed for beginners. It offers excellent control, feels, and spin. It helps the player to go to the next level of performance.

Q.2: What table tennis paddle should I buy?

There are some features that you should consider while buying a table tennis racket. Make sure it feels comfortable, designed according to your playing style, and is not very expensive.

If you are a beginner ping pong player, you can search and read reviews about some best beginner ping pong paddles.

best table tennis racket

Q.3: Why table tennis rackets are two-colors?

Table tennis paddle has two colors for a reason. Let’s suppose, in tournaments, certain colors can be designed to serve as a guide for playing with less spin than the opposite color. It helps the player to flip the paddle and play the ball in a certain style.

Q.4: What is anti-spin rubber?

The anti-spin rubber is the combination of a less friction top layer and a hard sponge layer which is good against spin attacks and effectively produces spinning shots. You can use anti-spin rubber on one side of the paddle and attacking rubber on the opposite side.

Q.5: How do I update my existing spin paddle?

You can add more spin to the existing paddle by replacing the rubber top layer with a high spin rubber.


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