Best Tennis Overgrip 2020 – Soft And Absorbent


No tennis player plays tennis with a racket having no overgrip. A player can become champion in tennis only when he is satisfied with the base of the grip. The tennis overgrip is not costly at all, but it should suit the style of the player, and the way racket is handled.

Top 5 Tennis Overgrip Dry Feel & Durable

There are different types of tennis overgrips which fit perfectly well with the racket.  Let us discuss some of the best tennis overgrips available in the market, which offers a strong base to the racket and brings a positive change in the game of tennis.

#1. Gamma Supreme Tennis Overgrip

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Gamma Supreme is one of the best selling overgrips in the market, which most of the tennis players always prefer. The overgrip has a tour-pack of 15 pieces, which are long durable and resalable. It has excellent tackiness added with complete absorbency.  The overgrip with soft feel stands up for long hours of play makes it exceptional. The thin overgrip remains tight and absorbs all the sweat while playing for long hours. The overgrip is available in bright and striking assorted colours and fits perfectly to the long handles.

Even it is available in black colour. The dark colour looks great but keeps absorbing more under the sunlight. The overgrip can last for more than 3 months when used it for playing the games every day under the sunlight. Overgrip technique has increased the standard of tennis across the world. It is an opportunity for the professional players to enhance their performance on the tennis court. 

#2. Tourna Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

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Tourna overgrips are of high-quality and designed as per the professional standards offering better performance. Tourna overgrips are used by the players in various tournaments and mainly in the grand slam championship. It is designed and made available in the US markets, where it is highly popular.  Most of the players keep the overgrip handy while facing tough tournaments. Tourna grips have set the golden standards in overgrips, which are often imitated. It is mainly famous for its properties of absorption.

It makes the grip tackier over the racket as the player keeps sweating. The light blue colour placed on the grip of the racket is the famous trademark of the company. The racket is made of a high-quality base material that is used commonly. It lasts longer under hard-hitting circumstances by offering excellent performance. Most of the professional players keep it handy in their kit while travelling.

#3. Head Xtreme Soft Racquet Overgrip

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Head overgrip makes it easy for the professional tennis players to have the finishing touch in the match. The grip is designed with the help of specially made material elastomer, which adds extra grip and higher absorption capacity and keeps the area around the handle dry. Head overgrip fits well to the branded tennis racket making a perfect combination. The procedure used in the game of Ski is now used in the game of tennis.  The racket is sports equipment that needs to be handled effectively by improvising the overgrip technique. 

The most intense overgrip of the racket absorbs the sweat and moisture to keep it under control while playing the shots. The excess absorption capability of the grip keeps hands dry, which adds more precision while playing the game. The pack consists of 3 easy to apply overgrips along with the adhesive to wrap it tightly on the handle. 

#4. Wilson Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip – Black

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Wilson ultra wrap tennis overgrip is one of the finest and highly favoured brands that millions of athletes, sportspersons, and tennis players around the world admire the most. Wilson overgrip is designed to push the limits of the performance on the tennis court and enhance the level of confidence among the players. The overgrip adds one extra cushion on the grip, which provides an extraordinary grip that makes the players play the shots better. 

The superior brand offers a super-quality overgrip, which is full of tackiness and absorbency. It not only adds extra power into the tennis racket. It also makes the grip dry by reducing sweat and moisture around it while playing and helps the player to play his shots with complete ease and comfort. The pack consists of 3 well-designed overgrips along with accessories such as adhesive tapes, which helps the players to play a better game.

#5. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip in 8 Colours

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Yonex super grap overgrip is available in 3 rolls of strips, including grip tapes.  The overgrips remain highly effective and help the players in gaining self-reliance while playing the game. The overgrips are useful for other sports such as badminton, Squash table tennis etc. Yonex overgrips are available in multicolour combinations. The tacky feel around the grip helps in holding the racket well in hands for long hours. The overgrip is made of soft material, and the pleasant touch of the grip feels better and offers extra power in the shots.

It certainly helps in gaining extra stability and makes a player play with ease and confidence. In most of the tennis tournaments, the players have the advantage of such effective overgrips, which makes the difference in the match. The sturdy and durable overgrips have become popular among the tennis players and become part of the tennis kit.

Buying Guide To Choose Best Tennis Overgrip

In order to get some guidance regarding the overgrip of the tennis racket, some of the points are discussed in the buying guide below. The tennis overgrip is an essential part of the player performance on the court. The overgrip offers numerous advantages while playing and winning the game. Let us find out some important factors which can help you to buy a base of the grip in from of an overgrip.

Comfort: The overgrip added to the handle mainly depends on the size and length of the handle. The overlap winding from bottom to the top remains tight, soft, and comfortable. The players enjoy the tight and comfortable grip while holding the racket in the hands. The overgrip adds extra cushion on the grip to make it feel comfortable while playing.

Shock & Perspiration: The main reason that makes the overgrip popular among the professionals is the shock-absorbing capacity of the overgrip during the game. It also reduces perspiration and keeps the area around handle dry and clean. Professional tennis players mainly use the overgrip technique during worldwide tennis tournaments.

Better Grip & Stability: The overgrip will easily replace the grip but without reducing its originality. The overgrip absorbs the sweat and helps a player to tighten his grip during the game. It certainly makes a player feel confident. With the help of adhesive, the grip around the handle can be tightened. The strong base of the grip offers an exceptional tackiness along with complete absorbency. The players can hold the racket firmly with complete stability.

Final Words:

These are some of the main factors which are important while deciding to buy the most useful overgrips for your racket. While deciding to buy the branded overgrip from the market, you should study every brand along with features and functionalities. Most of the brands offer a well-designed and technically strong base of the grip that offers positive changes in your play and in your shots. Read the buying guide along with the product details given above, understand the usefulness of the various branded products, and then choose the most suitable brand that fits your needs.


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