12 Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet 2023 – Comfort and Affordable Picks

Wide Fitting Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a sport that is liked by people of all ages. It is a sport that involves incredible concentration, strategy, and endurance. It also involves running. Therefore, the shoes you choose should be adequately fitted for impact on the ground and support for lateral movement. Luckily, tennis shoes have a long history of functionality and design.

Tennis shoes are now incorporating some of the features inside them due to the increased gaming demands. You want comfort on or off the court when your feet are wider than average. We then look for the best tennis shoes for wide feet and try them out.

tennis shoes For Wide Feet

This list will give you an overview of the important features and why the shoes are made of these pieces. Our guide will help you choose new tennis shoes to stay competitive in your game.

When buying tennis shoes, you need to consider the playing court and personal preference. It is important to find fit, cushioning resistance and sufficient grip for adequate lateral support. You also need to make sure your feet are the right size.

These factors play an important role in tennis. Tennis players need shoes that adapt to the power and sprint of the player, as well as extra lateral movement. The shoes on this list include some of the best features that allow you to excel in the field.

Our Top Pick Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet 2023

There are some tennis shoes available in the market to help you solve the problem that is faced by many people who have wide feet. So, the following are our top pick tennis shoes review for wide feet women.

Editor’s Pick
Best Performance
Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe

Budget Friendly
Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe

List OF Best Tennis Shoes For Wide Feet 2023

1. Nike Men’s Revolution 3 Running Shoe – (Best Selling Wide Feet Shoes)

Nike Men's Revolution 3 Running Shoe


Finding shoes that fit for wide feet is no easier than this because NIKE Men’s Revolution 3 is the right decision for you. This is one of the best-selling tennis shoes for wide feet. You will love the amazing way these shoes work. You will never have to make a fortune to earn money. If you are a non-tennis player, there is still an exciting option to try.

It has a standard elastic outsole with deep flexible grooves, for seamless change. It also has a Phylon sole, which makes these shoes valuable. The padding around was awesome and did not feel like spongy.

Like other Nike tennis shoes, it also includes the above-engineered work and it may be the best element. Keep your feet dry and cool to ensure adequate ventilation. Generally, these shoes are lightweight, incredibly comfortable and have a good ventilation for the best game.

 Main Features: 
  • It is made of meshed phylon foam.
  • It has rubber outsole.
  • It has meshed upper for optimal breathability
  • Its soft foam midsole delivers lightweight, responsive cushioning
  • Its rubber outsole offers excellent traction
Amazingly agreeable
Highlights firm padding
NIKE wide toe box
Superb cushioning
No curve support for high curves


2. Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe – (Best Performance Wide Feet Shoes)

Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Tennis Shoe


The Barricade Wide 4E is an incredible sneaker with a refreshing sense of freshness and comfort. This provides you a stable configuration. It is an incredible shoe made for larger people who have a wide foot. Insole has a soft feel that gives you an excellent fit and feel. The manufacture materials that cover it top help for a variety of strong developments.

The strong elasticity of the outsole deserves reference because it is backed by a six-month warranty. We love the top because it is produced by using fabulous engineering materials combined with the effort that makes the shoes so attractive, stable and easy to maintain. They keep their feet dry during the whole session.

The cushioned sole that highlights EVA’s innovation offers more foot care and support. The outsole has an AdiWear 6 elastic sle with a herringbone track example that includes toughness and support on any surface. game. This sole also has a 6-month warranty and is available in three amazing colors.

 Main Features: 
  • It is made of synthetic material.
  • It has rubber outsole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Barricade mesh upper with synthetic overlays for stability, comfort and breathability
  • Adiwear outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability in all courts
  • Abrasion-resistant Adituff wraps around the toe and medial forefoot to help protect against foot drag that occurs during serves, volleys and extreme lateral movements
  • Adiprene+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency
  • 3D Torsion provides adaptive midfoot support
  • Adiprene under the heel for superior cushioning at impact
Wonderful plan with imported material and manufactured materials
It comes with half year elastic sole certification
Breathable work upper with scraped spot safe ADITUFF for help
ADIPRENE+ in the forefoot offers more drive
It provides excellent cushioning
It is pretty costly


3. ASICS Men’s Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes – (Best Men’s Tennis Shoe For Wide Feet)

ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 6 Tennis Shoes


Gel-Dedicate 6 has a rubber sole that guarantees durability and support. The shoe comes with a gel cushioning system designed to reduce the impact on the heel. They are designed to withstand rapid movement and provide greater durability than other shoes. However, due to heavy construction, breathing is a problem that causes “warm feet”.

The size can be reasonably fit. So, you can increase the size by half when buying the shoe. They also need time for proper rest. However, despite these factors, Asics is one of the best value for money in the market. They are high quality tennis shoes for wide feet. They are durable and fit for a strong tennis match.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These shoes offer all the comfort and support you need from the first point to game point. The EVA Midsole absorbs shock and rises as you move on the field. The ACA fits into your feet with a sense of comfort that is not beneath your feet. It is removable to allow space for custom orthotics.

 Main Features: 
  • GEL technology in the forefoot provides cushioning and comfort even during longest rallies.
  • The TRUSSTIC SYSTEM components created under the midfoot area allow you to create leg stability and help control twisting.
  • It allows you to change directions quickly.
  • The special richness of the top of the shoe creates additional stability and comfort.
  • With the comfortable and elegant GEL-DEDICATE 6 shoes in your tennis bag you will be ready to start the competition during the day or training.
They fit well and feel extremely good
They are exceptionally durable and sturdy
They are comfortable
Good for pickleball
They absorb shock and reduce impact while landing on the ground
Reduced breathability due to heavy construction


4. Babolat Men’s Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoe

Babolat Men's Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoe


Babolat Propulse Fury shoes are made for people who want to play to the next level. They are made of very durable Michelin rubber finish. A great feature of the shoe is that it fits superbly. It has a large toe box that allows for more fit.

The powerbelt construction provides more support for the heel and the middle section. The high stability of these shoes is important in the field, whether you are in an offensive or defensive position. Synthetic materials are also breathable and comfortable.

If you are looking for durable shoes that emphasize comfort and breath, these Bobalot shoes are a great choice. It is designed for use on all surfaces. They come with a 6-moonth warranty. Some players mentioned the weight of the shoe. However, this is due to their durable construction. Babolats is a personal favorite of the professional player Benoit Paire. It is the best choice if you are looking for tennis shoes with wide toe box.

 Main Features: 
  • Babolat has re-engineered tennis shoe to be more comfortable and durable.
  • It is developed for the high demands of the modern game
  • The Propulse Fury’s focus is on improved stability.
  • It has pwerbelt straps
  • Kompressor heel cushioning
  • Michelin outsole
It gives comfortable fit
It is fairly breathable
It provides good cushioning and support
It is best for all types of courts
They are highly durable
It is slightly heavy

5. Wilson KAOS 2.0 Tennis Shoes – (Best Sneakers For Wide Feet)

Wilson KAOS 2.0 Tennis Shoes


So far on the list, we have mentioned tennis shoes that focus on endurance and stability. This may be good for strong players, but there are others who prefer lighter shoes.

Wilson Kaos 2.0 All Courts is a lightweight and flexible option. It offers the best in the field. It is designed for players who are looking for speed and agility. The layers of the fabric allow sufficient airflow.

The fit is good. However, some have noted that they are slightly narrower than other tennis shoes for wide foot. The area of ​​the toes is smaller than average.

So, it may increase in size if you have big feet. The shoes provide an adequate cushion with a strong feel to the ground.

Duralast outsole is also durable and offers good traction. KAOS 2.0 is a great choice for anyone looking for a soft and light tennis shoe. This is also one of the best tennis shoes for wide feet.

 Main Features: 
  • Skinguard administers upper protection for durability
  • Forefoot and lateral reinforcement enhance support during lateral movements and push-offs
  • Df2 provides cushioned court feel, yielding compromise between comfort and quick performance
  • 2D-FS delivers enhanced support, responsiveness, lateral stability and control in the forefoot of the shoe
  • Endofit provides enhanced comfort, stability and an intuitive fit through a full inner sock construction
  • R-dst+ offers the best combination of cushioning and rebound for more dynamic performance
Good breathability
Lightweight with an emphasis on speed
Good cushioning and comfort
Highly durable
Provide support during lateral movement
Toe-box is slightly narrow

6. New Balance Men’s MC1006v1 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men's MC1006v1 Tennis Shos


NB MC1006v1 is a classic shoe for those who enjoy tennis shoes that remains true to the ground. It has a sturdy rubber sole that is quite durable and offers incredible protection. The shoes prefer stability and were adapted to suit tennis players. The standard New Balance padding helps provide support throughout the game.

These are high-performance shoes suitable for serious players. Breathing is also good for these shoes because of the perforation on the toes and on the side panels. The toes are quite flexible.

However, it is rather narrow, which can be a problem for those with larger feet. So, it may be advisable to order half size larger toe area. The MC1006v1 also offers less cushioning than a tennis court. So, is more suited to outdoor courts than clay courts.

 Main Features: 
  • It is made of 75% synthetic and 25% mesh rubber material.
  • It has rubber outsole.
  • It provides cushioning and stability
  • Tennis shoe have meshed upper to increase breathability.
  • Lightweight foam midsole
  • Non-marking Ndurance durable outsole with long-wear drag tip
Highly durable for even the most demanding play
Good mix of stability and support
Upper is airy and breathable
Durability is extremely good
They are very flexible
Slightly narrow toe-box


Why Are Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet Important?

Other than a tennis racquet, tennis shoes are the most important piece of equipment for players of all skill levels. Comfort bears huge significance, so it is important that the shoes you want to buy can fit you appropriately and allow you to move and change directions quickly.

Settling for a pair that does not fit you correctly can lead to a number of problems, including some unnecessary injuries. Players with wide feet need to always look for options that will fit them just right. It might take a bit of time to try out new options, but it is essential to keep you comfortable and improve your performance.

Wide Fitting Tennis Shoes buying guide infographic

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Tennis Shoes for Wide Feet

When browsing for tennis shoes for wide feet, there are certain things you should pay close attention to in order to get the best value for your money’s worth. We want to assist you with this endeavor, so we have put together a brief list of guidelines you should follow to get a perfect pair.

Wide Feet Adjustment

Since you are looking for tennis shoes for wide feet, you will require a model with a broad toe to the arch area. So the first thing that you need to consider is to ensure that the toe box and overall width of the shoe are suitable for the width of your feet.

Balanced Cushioning

Balanced cushioning is essential for almost everyone and is an especially important consideration if you have issues with a high arch, fallen arches, or wide feet.

Look for the shoes with a lightweight midsole and proper padding, as they will ensure your comfort, support, and stability throughout your tennis matches.

Shock-Absorbing Midsole

When browsing for your tennis shoe for wide feet, make sure that the one you decide to pick has the midsole with the ability to absorb the shock at a very high level. This is due to the fact that shock absorption allows you to play tennis without any discomfort in the heel or arch area.

best Wide Fitting Tennis Shoes


The breathability of your tennis shoe bears huge importance. In order to keep your feet dry, it is essential to pick shoes with improved perforations. Mesh and synthetic materials are the best choices for this particular purpose, and your priority should be to pick a pair of shoes with an upper made of these materials.


When we talk about tennis shoes in general, one of the most important things they need to offer is firm traction. This type of shoe will offer you a secure and strong grip as it will help you stay stable on your feet and help you improve your footwork as well. Look for the models that offer a rubber outsole with a special grooved pattern to ensure stability during movement.

Court Type

When picking your tennis shoes, look for a design that is specifically made for a court type and surface you plan to play on. The most common surfaces are hardcourt, clay, and grass, and here is how to pick:

  • Hardcourt – This is one of the most demanding court surfaces when it comes to outsole durability. Look for tennis shoes that have a modified herringbone pattern and plenty of cushioning to provide you with perfect grip and shock absorption.
  • Clay – The ideal shoes for clay courts offer the outsole with a full herringbone grid pattern. This pattern ensures that your outsole can grip the clay surface properly while stopping, sprinting, and changing directions. It is also effective if your playstyle involves sliding from side to say when playing.
  • Grass – For grass courts, you should opt for shoes that have an outsole design that features dotted or nub-like embellishments. This will grant you a proper grip on a slippery surface such as grass while also allowing you to move quickly and comfortably.

Footwear is quickly tested to make sure that it meets the appropriate standards for athletic performance. A mechanical test is performed to test the cushion so that the foot can reach a normal landing. These impact tests describe the situation that tennis players will face.

This ensures that shoes are specially designed to help you achieve maximum performance. We have shown you the 6 best tennis shoes for wide feet available on the market. The good part is they are being used by the professional players themselves.

Now you have a better idea of ​​the various characteristics of tennis shoes and their importance. This guide will help you make a more complete purchase decision.

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All shoes are best in performance and have their own pros and cons. As a final recommendation, I would say that the NIKE Men’s Resolution 3 Tennis Shoe is the best among all. I personally prefer it as the best model on this list and suitable to most players.


Q.1. What to look for in tennis shoes for wide feet?

Some of the things to look for include width fittings, cushioning, support, traction and breathability.

Q.2. What are the most comfortable shoes for wide feet?

The most comfortable shoes for wide feet are:

  • Clarks Cute Heels for Wide Feet
  • Skechers Comfortable Shoes for Wide Feet
  • SAS Best Wide Width Shoes

Here are some other interesting choices for you:

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