Best Women Tennis Shoes 2020 – Stylish And Comfortable


Are you an athletic person or passionate about outdoor activities it is always better to use good-quality shoes that can comfort you and support?  The role of tennis shoes mainly arrives when one requires it for various outdoor or sports activities. Proper tennis shoes should provide traction, stability, and good support to the legs while running or jumping. 

Top 5 Tennis Shoes For Women – Best Brands

There are ample such products in the market but go with the reliable and reputed ones. Always invest more in buying a good tennis shoe that will give you long- term service. Let us try to sort out some of the best women’s tennis shoes. 

#1. ASICS Women Gel-Game Tennis Shoes



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If you are passionate about using the right tennis shoes, it is always best to rely upon the products of ASICS  Women’s Gel-Game Tennis shoes. It is a hard and strong shoe. It can provide a good grip on any type of surface. Even you can feel much relaxed and comfortable after putting this shoe on your legs. There is a rubber compound on the sole area of the shoe, and that prevents abrasion.

It also extends the lifetime of the shoe to a good extent. The Forefoot Gel Technology enhances shock attenuation to a good extent. The stitch of the shoe is made by using good quality products. The users can use the shoe for a whole day without any discomfort.

#2. Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe



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The tennis shoes Prince makes that it is the best one. It is best in a sense it provides great comfort to the legs at the time of playing or any types of outdoor activities.  This shoe is specifically made for the players who love comfort, support, and good performance. The shoe is flexible and has good ventilation systems. It has won the hearts of millions of people because of great breathability.

There is a rash toe cap that prevents the abrasion of the toe. The company started its production in the year 1970 and until now it has been wonderfully creating a good number of products.  The shoe also provides a good grip and thus protects the players from getting slipped. 

#3. K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women’s Tennis Shoe



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The beautiful and attractive look of K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women’s shoe has stolen the hearts of many people all over the world. It is the shoe that provides comfort and support to the legs. Along with the updated upper, it comes with better ventilation support. The compound outsole is just superb, and it protects the exterior part of the shoe. Players who mainly rely upon support and firmness will always love to put this shoe.

The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic material that provides support and good breathability. The midsole also provides maximum cushioning and durability to the shoe. The outsole is made in a much better manner. It comes with strong protection and guard for the users. 

#4. Adidas Women’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe



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Adidas is one of the most reputed company in manufacturing tennis shoes for both men and women.  This product of Adidas is not only lightweight but comes with an amazing look. The cushioned midsole will keep you active and feel comfortable the moment you will put the shoe. On the other side, the outsole is much more durable, and it protects the legs largely. You will experience no discomfort at the moment you will wear it. This shoe is responsible for improving game performance in the field.  People are very satisfied with this product. The good breathability feature is something that should be mentioned here.

#5. New Balance Women’s 696v3 Hard Court Tennis Shoe



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Strike harder with the help of New Balance Women’s 69v3 hard tennis shoes. The shoe is manufactured in a harder manner so it can give the best performance for a long time. The whole shoe is made with good quality leather. It is also simple to wash and keep the shoe clean after using it. The rubber sole is good and of superior quality. It is designed in such a way so that women can perform well in the game.  They are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes. One can choose it as per their choice and demand. Almost all the colours are sober and fit for women players. 

Buying Guide To Choose Best Women Tennis Shoes

If you are planning to buy a good tennis shoe, it is important to follow certain rules. Never get attracted to the look or style of the shoe, but people should give special preference on the quality and durability of the shoe. These factors are the most important ones that should be strictly followed. Apart from this, there are other things that should also be checked as much as possible.


For shoes, the most important thing is the sole. It is always better if the sole is made of rubber.  The rubber sole is best for the shoes as they are comfortable and gives good strength to the legs. Never go with any other shoes that are made of other quality soles.


Most of the modern-day shoes are lightweight ones. If it is found to be heavy. Never buy that because it might not give you the best service for a long time. If the weight of the shoe is less, it can be cleaned or washed simply. The drying process also becomes easy.


Check the materials for the quality of the shoe. In the present time, you can get shoes that are purely made of synthetic or other types of materials. They may not last long or can provide you with poor services. Check the outer and inner sole of the shoe. The outer sole must be strong enough to withstand any injury or damages.

Colour and Size

However, buyers must be cautious while choosing the colour and size of the shoes. Never buy a shoe that is larger or bigger than the size of your legs. It will not only look bad, but you may also feel uneasy after putting it. Regarding colour, it can be said that people should choose decent colours for shoes. Because bright or loud colours do not look nice. 

Good Grip

Almost all the tennis shoes must come with proper gripping. The role of gripping is vital in the sense that it will prevent the player from getting injured. Several accidents are mainly caused because of lack of proper gripping. It should be importantly checked under any situation so you can give the best performance in the field. If you get the lower part of the shoe is not having any types of grips or similar other designs, it may not provide that support to you. 

Warranty Period

There should be a minimum warranty period for the shoes that will help to change it. It is important to note the warranty period that begins right from the time of buying the shoe. The warranty should be regarding the sole or the outer material. 


A good and informative review is helpful while buying a shoe. It is through the reviews that the buyer or the customer can get probable information about the quality and service of the shoe. It is vital to follow the reviews from various leading sites available in the market. It is better to avoid the fake sites that are involved in this process or job of reviews. 

Bottom Line

Mere buying of tennis shoe is not enough, but one should check the basic things that must be present in a high-quality shoe. Remember if you are not buying a quality shoe for your tennis game, you may not perform well in the game.  A tennis shoe should have all the features that are required for a good shoe while playing games or during any other performances. 


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