10 Best Tennis Skirt For Big Thighs 2024 – for Comfortable Playing Experience

Tennis Skirt For Big Thighs

Tennis skirts are the preferable outfit for girls on and off the court. So choosing the right skirt is essential to have a comfortable gameplay experience. A perfect skirt can serve people in a better way on and off the court.

One more advantage of tennis skirts is that they consume very little space in your bag, which eventually reduces the weight.

But girls with big thighs often find it difficult to choose the right skirt for tennis. The options are wide, so there will not be issues finding the right fit.

best budget tennis skirt

But still, we have mentioned some options for the best tennis skirt for big thighs. So if you’re looking for some impressive skirts, then stay connected till the end.

List of Best Tennis Skirts For Big Thighs

For tennis players, a skirt is one of the most important outfits that cannot be avoided. So people who prefer to have a comfortable playing experience should choose the right fit.

This enhances the overall playing experience and helps people project themselves in a better way. So it is a must to choose the right outfit that suits them the most.

1. Mcedar Skirts For Golf And Tennis

Mcedar Skirts For Golf And Tennis


Usually, companies prefer to launch products that can add value for their customers, in the same way Mcedar has launched a skirt that can be used for both tennis and golf.

These impressively designed skirts are made of polyester and spandex material to provide sufficient stretchability while playing. It has a rope that can be used to tighten the skirt.

This product is available in various colors, so tennis enthusiasts can choose the preferred color according to their preference.

People might prefer to have a pocket to store basic things like mobile phones and iPods. So the company has provided this skirt with a pocket that makes it a perfect fit for players.

This product never bleaches, so there is no need to worry about players’ color fading experience earlier. Even after washing it 30 to 40 times, the color will remain the same.

People who prefer to purchase this product should make sure to follow some common criteria to maintain the skirt in perfect condition.

Users should never use hot water to wash this skirt so that the color will remain the same even after using it a couple of times.

Bleaching and wet hanging can be avoided so that the product might remain fresh for a long time. Girls with bigger thighs can order the desired size that suits them the most.

Mcedar Skirts For Golf And Tennis


  • Made of polyester and spandex material, players can easily obtain a sufficient amount of expandability.
  • Elastic closure can expand and provide essential comforts while playing.
  • Pockets in this skirt will allow people to store mobile phones and mp3 players.
  • It can be used for doing exercise, playing tennis, golf, and other physical activities that a person prefers to do.
  • Replacement or full refund is possible if the customer prefers to exchange or return the product in that particular time period.

2. Ododos Skirts With Built In Shorts

Ododos Skirts With Built In Shorts


Like the above-mentioned athletic skirts, people can actually prefer purchasing this skirt because of its flexibility. The design and the impressive colors in this skirt make it a perfect fit for tennis players.

It is made of 80% nylon and 20% of spandex material, so there is no need to worry about the comforts as it can adjust accordingly.

It is made of high-quality material that can stretch and absorb moisture in a better way. This additional moisture in the system makes it a perfect fit for games and outdoor practices. It has a two-layer cloth that makes it a perfect fit for tennis.

A mobile phone and mp3 player can be placed on the inner side of the shorts. It has a high-rise design, making it a perfect fit for bigger thighs.

The wide waistband design is well suited for people who prefer to have a comfortable playing experience. It can adjust according to the player’s needs, so it can never be torn easily. It is well suited for exercises, basketball, tennis, shuttle, and all the other games where girls prefer to wear a skirt. It is possible to replace or return the item within 30 days, so make sure to give it a try.


  • The mixture of nylon and spandex makes it a perfect fit for gaming.
  • Well suited for big thighs because of its expandability.
  • Two in one skirt has shorts on the inner side of the dress in which people can keep mobile phones and some small keys.
  • Can be replaced, or the entire money will be refunded if there are any defects or faults
  • in the product. A replacement or refund option can be availed within 30 days of purchase.

3. Loukeith Tennis Skirts

Loukeith Tennis Skirts


Unlike other traditional skirts, this skirt is available in various designs and models. So girls can choose the preferred skirt according to their preference and usage. Designer skirts are new to this, so people should make sure to try them.

These tennis skirts can impress people in a better way. Loukeith has designed this skirt in such a way that it can impress the viewers and provide the players with additional comfort.

Like traditional skirts, this product is provided with a pocket in which smaller items can be placed. Made out of 75% nylon and 25% spandex material. This blend has made this skirt attain sufficient strength and stretchability.

The material used in this cloth keeps the player cool as it can absorb sweat in a better way. It has a big waistband from which impressive waist support can be obtained. Tennis skirts usually have a pocket that can help people hold a tennis ball.

Loukeith Tennis Skirts


  • 75% nylon and 25% of spandex material make it a perfect fit for sports use.
  • Supports machine washing, but people should make sure to choose the right liquid detergent to remove only the dust that is present in the skirt.
  • Triple-layer skirt makes it a perfect fit for tennis, hiking, cycling, and other physical activities.
  • Hidden pockets might be helpful for people in some aspects.
  • It can also be used as a daily wear skirt because of its comforts.

4. Coorun Tennis Skirts

Coorun Tennis Skirts


This tennis skirt is made of 100 percent polyester material, which will benefit some aspects. This product has some disadvantages as well as the polyester material can provide comfort and can irritate the player at the same time.

It does not allow the sweat to come out, so it might be considered a disadvantage. It has an elastic closure that can stretch the material as much as possible.

Despite the material, the company claims that it is made 100% moisture-wicking, so there will not be any issues in playing the game. The moisture-wicking material used in this skirt makes the player attain sufficient comfortness while playing the game. This skirt is impact resistant which means it can stay fit for a long time.

The front side of the skirt is plain, and the back side of the skirt is made of pleats which makes it a perfect fit for girls. It can suit well for tennis, basketball and exercise purposes so people should make sure to give it a try.

Holding a tennis ball or a phone while exercising or playing a game has been made easy because of the multilayered material present in this skirt. Headphones can easily fit into the mobile phone jack as the manufacturer has provided a hole to insert wires into the mobile phone or mp3 player.


  • The hole in this skirt makes it a perfect fit for adding or removing headphones into the mobile phone or mp3 player.
  • Guaranteed flexibility along with stretchability is assured.
  • Elastic closure ensures the grip.
  • Pockets can be used to hold tennis balls or mobile phones in emergency situations.

5. Ibeauti Tennis And Athletic Skirts

Ibeauti Tennis And Athletic Skirts


This tennis skirt is a bit different as the designer has provided some fleets at the backside of the skirt. Only the design is different, but people can obtain the same level of comfortness that they get in other skirts.

The band-like structure in this skirt will act as a grip; hence there will not be issues like slipping.

It is made of 90% polyester material and 10 percent of spandex material, providing sufficient elasticity while playing. It fits well for all seasons as the material is soft, but the company claims that it can provide much comfort for tennis players in the summer season.

The pleated tennis skirts, along with ruffles on the backside of the skirt, can enhance the overall look of the tennis player.

A wide elastic waistband on the hip can enhance a person’s overall look. In simple words, it can act as a versatile gold skirt, tennis skirt, and also exercise gear for girls.

The design is well suited for bigger thighs, so anyone who expects the same can choose this skirt for performing various physical activities in their day-to-day life.

Ibeauti Womens Back Pleated Athletic Tennis Skorts


  • Made with a blend of spandex and polyester material
  • Well suited for daily routine physical activities and tennis.
  • Supports machine wash.
  • Ruffles on the backside of the skirt look impressive.
  • Available in various colors and size options, people can choose their preferred skirt.
  • Made with sweat-wicking cloth, which will be an added advantage.

Buying Guide

Ibeauti Tennis And Athletic Skirts


People who prefer to purchase a tennis skirt should make sure to choose the preferred one that is made of high-grade material. This material should provide sufficient elasticity along with comfort for the players.

Without a good quality skirt, tennis players might find it difficult to play the game comfortably. Any skirt with a percentage of spandex and elastic material can provide sufficient comfort for the players.

Type Of The Skirt

Straight-cut skirts can provide better comfort than any other skirt. It allows people to stretch their legs according to their preference, so people should make sure to choose the right skirt that allows them to have a comfortable feel while playing.

best budget tennis skirt

It also fits right in the thighs, which will be an added advantage for tennis players.

Today, most skirts are provided with inner shorts, which helps players place some material if needed. For instance, even a tennis ball can be placed into the shorts if needed.

Shorts not only help in placing some material and help in attaining a stiff feel while playing the game. A skirt and shorts blend is termed skort, so make sure to purchase this to have a better playing experience.

Final Words

Now people must have seen some of the impressive products to wear at a tennis match. So make sure to choose the right product with the help of the buying guide. These are the basic criteria; other than this, the size and other factors can be considered to choose the right fit.

Tennis players can choose the best fit by looking at its material and the type of skirt. So it is always better to choose a skirt that can fit well on all occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can girls with big thighs wear a tennis skirt?

Yes! Of course, girls with big thighs can wear a tennis skirt by choosing the preferred size that can fit well in their waist.

Can people work out using a tennis skirt?

It is possible to use tennis skirts to fulfill various needs as the skirt has an inner layer called shorts. So this kind of skirt can also be called a skort.

Is it possible to insert a tennis ball into a skirt?

A skirt with inbuilt shorts can be used to hold the tennis balls in a better way. So anyone who prefers to purchase a skirt for tennis should make sure to choose the right fit that can hold the tennis balls as well.

Why do females wear skirts for tennis? Why not normal shorts?

Females find it comfortable to move their legs which they cannot obtain in common shorts. So to fulfill women’s needs, companies have provided additional shorts inside the skirt, and this product is named skort.

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