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Are you a tennis player who wants to improve their game? If yes, then a tennis ball machine is an irreplaceable partner for you as they help the players coordinate the foot with the stroke mechanism.

The machine prepares the players for various shots by moving them all over the court. Tennis players can have great fun using this fantastic tool and improve their swing. But tennis ball machines are costly, and the new emerging players cannot buy them initially.

Finding a used tennis ball machine is the only solution that will help you save some money and become a better player at the same time. A good quality tennis ball machine lasts for years, and buying a used one isn’t a bad option.

A few tips and tricks will help you find better deals within a reasonable price range without compromising quality.

Buying Cheap Used Tennis Ball Machine

When hunting for the used tennis ball machine, first search the online websites and marketplaces near you. Many deals are present on the online forums, and you can find a hit-or-miss product.

Even though they do not guarantee the quality, you can find the best deals. If the machine available on the website is from a seller located nearby, you can go and check the machine in person as well. The following platforms provide plenty of options and are excellent to start from.


How To Buy Used Tennis Ball Machine On The Cheap

Amazon, an E-commerce Company, allows the sellers to sell used products in a few categories only. You can find a wide range of tennis ball machines on Amazon, and that too in excellent condition.

There are high chances of getting the machine of your own choice. If you are not aware of any specific models, start looking randomly. When you see a machine that you like, open the page. Search whether the tennis ball machine is new or used under the product description.

Once you find the link for the used machine, go to the page to view more details related to the unit. The price, condition, features, and necessary information, will be mentioned.

As we all know, Amazon has a return policy, and every product they sell can be returned if not up to the mark. It would be best to go through the customer reviews whether the seller is authentic or not.


Craigslist is also one of the places you can find used items in good condition. They are one of the few websites that sell used tennis gear, accessories, and many more gadgets.

How To Buy Used Tennis Ball Machine On The Cheap

Craigslist will leave you stunned when you start browsing as it has many products. Even if you are not a regular buyer, you can still download the CPlus application. This helps you find the products at the top of the list.

This even can save the items you search for, so you need not to find them all over again the next time.

You can find the used tennis ball machines with the sellers near you as craigslist helps you customize your settings. Whenever the sellers post something new that falls into the specific criteria of your liking, you will get a notification.

This is a handy feature as it keeps you updated, and you are the first to grab the best available deal. If any used tennis ball machine comes with a great price, you can contact the seller as soon as you get notified and even negotiate about the price.

This feature will help you save time and energy as you don’t need to scroll down for hours searching for the best deal.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has a marketplace for all its users, and it is considered authentic. The developers try their best to reduce the scams, but almost everybody has access to Facebook.

This is highly beneficial but can result in thousands of fake accounts. A variety of things can be found on the Facebook Marketplace, including the used tennis ball machine. Sellers from all over the world and your city can be seen as well.

If you continuously browse for the tennis ball machines, you will get notifications from Facebook in your notification box whenever a new posting is present. Even if you are interested in buying a specific model, search with a name, and you will find multiple products.

A platform like Facebook Marketplace helps you stay informed and grab the first tennis ball machine that comes in your budget.


How To Buy Used Tennis Ball Machine On The Cheap

When searching for good quality but used tennis ball machines, you should check the manufacturers’ websites. They have machines made for the demo or returned by the buyer. Some are still in warranty and have a separate section on the website.

It is best to find the used tennis ball machine from the manufacturers as they are the makers. However, the manufacturers will not offer a great deal in terms of price but getting a used machine in the warranty is a steal. You can save almost 20 to 30 percent from the original price and get a tennis ball machine that works perfectly fine.

Private Sellers

If you cannot find a good deal with the manufacturers or websites, try to find the used tennis ball machine with the private sellers. The manufacturers sometimes lie just to get rid of the product and label them as used when they are defective. So make sure you buy a machine that has no defects and works perfectly fine because you might end up spending more if it is faulty.

Local Offers

If you search for the used tennis ball machine, you can find it locally with local sellers or someone you know, maybe a friend or a family member. This might help you find a great deal of the machine that helps to improve the overall stroke and footwork. This also helps save the shipping fees as the machines are heavy and cost a huge amount of money.

No Brand Loyalty

Only a few brands make tennis ball machines, and if you want to stay loyal to the specific brand, you are limiting your options. This will also not help you save money; you might rather spend more than the expected budget. There are a variety of machines present in the market and choosing the best model according to your level is very important.

If you are a beginner who wants to improve the game and play different shots at a high pace, you should check for the simple models to use. But suppose you are a professional player who wants to eliminate the need for another player during the practice sessions. In that case, investing in a high-end tennis ball machine is necessary. Finding these machines in use at a great price is complicated, so they should be brought in whatever brand they are available in.


What should I look for in a tennis ball machine?

The essential factor in the tennis ball machine is the speed at which it throws the ball at the player. Playing at different rates at different angles helps improve the players’ overall game. They allow you to move in the entire court and play various shots.

How long do tennis ball machines last?

The tennis ball machines usually last for 3 to 9 hours if powered by a battery. This is a great time, and one can have long practice sessions. The machine works efficiently with all the parts moving smoothly for five years usually. It should be replaced once the performance is not up to the mark.

Why are tennis machines so expensive?

Tennis ball machines are specialist machines with multiple features that help improve the player’s overall performance. They have numerous settings that the player can set according to their game style and what angles they need to work on. Hence it is why this heavy-duty machine with complex moving parts has a high price.

How many tennis balls are in a ball machine?

The tennis ball machine can hold 300 tennis balls at the most. It eliminates the need for a partner or a coach so you can practice easily without waiting for anybody. The machines with larger capacities save a lot of time and energy as you do not need to reload again and again.


Hence, there are several platforms where you can buy a used tennis ball machine cheaply. These websites or sellers might offer a great deal in terms of price. Investing in a used machine is not bad if it has no defects and all the parts are well maintained. Hence new machines can be costly if you are a beginner who wants to improve the game.

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