10 Best Nike Tennis Shoes for Women 2024 – Comfort And Support To The Feet

Best Nike Tennis Shoes for Women

The first shoe was invented in 1500 BC. After that, multiple shoes were made for both men and women.

The footwear industry has widely grown over the years, making different types of shoes for people.

Their main purpose is to protect and provide comfort and support to the feet during the day. Many types of shoes are made that can be worn and are suitable for specific occasions.

Many shoe brands are making shoes specifically for sports.

They are widely being used by athletes while playing games and winning competitions. They are made with unique features that help them achieve their goals.

They give you stability and have special cushioning that helps with motion control.

Nike is one of the brands that is highly recognized for its shoes. They produce a wide variety of shoes suitable for everybody. They have some special pairs designed for sportsmen and women.

Tennis is considered one of the hardest sports to play, so the players need a good pair of shoes to support them throughout the game.

They have launched a specific line for women who play tennis. They are slip-resistant and shock-absorbing.

These can help the players to make quick movements around the court. Some of the best Nike women’s shoes for tennis are mentioned below.

They can be an amazing addition to your kit.

Top Picks for 2024

1. Nike Women’s Gymnastics Tennis Shoes

Nike Women's Gymnastics Tennis Shoes



Keeping in mind that these Nike shoes are designed for women, they are available in twelve different color options.

These man-made shoes are extremely lightweight and have a synthetic sole.

This sole promotes breathability allowing air circulation and prevents the foot from sweating while playing the game.

The design of these shoes is inspired by the old days when women playing tennis used to wear tiny shorts.

They used to pair them with knee-length socks and flat shoes like these. They come with a typical lacing and have a locked fit.

They can keep your foot in place without even moving for a bit.

Every shoe comes with two different tones that do not make them look like a boring sports shoe that is only comfortable to wear.

The Nike Women’s Gymnastics Tennis Shoes are made with leather which makes them very durable. The fusion of midsole and outsole of these shoes supports your feet during quick movements.

They protect the feet from getting hurt during the day.

  • Twelve color options are available
  • Have a synthetic sole
  • Very durable
  • It might be hard initially


These typical lace tennis shoes are extremely lightweight with a variety of color options.

They have a breathable sole that keeps the feet cool while playing the game and is very durable. Nike tennis shoes are made up of leather but can be hard when worn initially.

2. Nike Women’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Court Lite 2


These shoes have a rubber outsole which makes them very durable and provides traction control.

You can make quick and easy movements throughout the game with the feet having the ultimate grip. They are made up of high-quality leather that adds to their durability.

The neck and the tongue of these Nike Court Lite 2 shoes have a thick, soft cushion that supports the upper and ankles of the foot.

These keep them safe from strains and injuries.

Tennis shoes are meant to absorb the shock during the game, and these tend to be best for that.

They are available in three different colors and can be the best tennis shoes for you.

Whether playing as a professional or starting off with your career, you can definitely opt for these shoes. They are a good investment that can help you make progress and enhance your gaming skills.

  • Extra soft cushioning at the ankles
  • Traction control ability
  • Thick rubber outsole
  • The quality might not be up to the mark


The Nike Court Lite Shoes 2 has a thick outsole and provides you with extra grip. They are slip-resistant and can prevent the feet from getting hurt.

The thick cushions and the rubber outsole might deform after use for some time.

3. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 HC Women’s Tennis Shoes

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 HC Women’s


These are one of the best shoes produced by Nike for tennis-playing women.

They have a high arch and are medium in width.

We can think of these as excellent shoes that provide the feet with ultimate stability by the name cage.

They will absolutely remain intact even if you are a hardcore tennis player practicing for hours every day.

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage is very light and soft, helping you in movability and fast responses during the games.

These shoes do not hold you back and support the forward movement while playing.

They have a unique lacing system that keeps the foot lock in them without moving and making you feel uncomfortable.

They have a very sturdy construction, and after wearing these, you will feel a sturdy grip on your toes all the time. They have a unique color scheme for this line which makes them very attractive.

With the improved and better quality sole, these are definitely the best women’s shoes for tennis and will not disappoint you at any point in time.

  • High Arch Support
  • Attractive color combinations
  • Light and highly flexible
  • The unique lacing system pressurizes the foot on the outer side

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Cage is a solid, lightweight, and highly flexible shoe. It is available in unique color combinations and has high arch support.

The tongue of the shoe is stitched on one side while it’s open from the other. So when you tie them up, they can put pressure on one side of the foot.

4. Nike Women’s Air Zoom Prestige Tennis Shoes

Air Zoom Prestige


This shoe is made up of mesh and synthetic materials, which makes them breathable, allowing air movement to keep them sweatproof.

The Air Zoom Prestige Tennis Shoes have a dynamic structure that perfectly fits the foot, keeping them tight and accurate.

They have thermoplastic polyurethane, which is softer than many kinds of rubber and gives the shoe torsion stability.

They come up with laces and have heels. The heels protect the feet, supporting them and keeping them in the correct posture.

The extra durable rubber and the herringbone pattern make it non-slip and suitable for any environment.

Hence these can be considered the best Nike shoes for women playing tennis and can be an extraordinary addition to your kit if you are interested in playing tennis professionally in the courts someday.

  • Made with breathable mesh material
  • XDR rubber used
  • A herringbone pattern is present on the below surface
  • Tight fit shoes do not fit everybody


The Nike Air Zoom prestige shoes are lightweight and breathable. They have their XDR, which makes them durable, while the herringbone pattern makes them slip-resistant, especially in grassy courts.

They have a dynamic tight fit which might not be suitable for everybody.

5. Nike Women’s Tennis Shoe

Nike Women's Tennis Shoe


Nike Tennis shoes are high-top shoes that cover your ankles with a thick, soft cushion.

These can protect your ankles from any pressure during the game and keep them safe.

They have a rubber sole which makes them durable and slip-resistant. It uplifts the feet offering better grip.

These shoes are flat with no heels. The lower part of the sole has a herringbone pattern which helps the shoes not to get stuck with any dirt or impurities from the court.

The clean surface helps them lift their feet and make quick movements while playing some terrific shots during the game.

They are made up of fabric that promotes air circulation making the feet sweatproof through the matches.

These fabric shoes are easy to clean and maintain. They come up with a typical flywire which helps to give the ultimate support to the feet and fit nicely, minimizing the weight of the shoe.

  • Protection for the ankles
  • Rubber sole
  • Herringbone pattern on the lower side
  • The fabric might irritate the skin


These Nike Tennis shoes have a rubber sole and are made up of fabric. Their herringbone pattern helps to keep them clear, enabling easy movements.

The fabric used can be harsh and irritate the skin when worn for longer periods of time.

6. Nike Women’s Flare 2 HC Women’s Av4713-105

Flare 2 HC Women’s Av4713-105


These shoes come with mesh lining and have a very nice shiny, sleek finish on the outer side. The midsole has a soft cushioning that keeps the feet stable and provides the ultimate grip while playing on the court.

The Nike Women Flare 2 has extra rubber on the outsole that provides them with traction.

You can easily make quick movements from one side of the court to another without the fear of slipping.

These shoes have inner sleeve length and can be worn without wearing the socks as well.

They have enhanced durability because the molded rubber dots are present on the medial side of both pairs.

The Nike Women’s Flare is the best for women who want to add color to their respective looks and play aggressively.

They are suitable for all kinds of environments and can be worn to practice as well as the actual matches.

This is one of the very famous designs of Nike produced for women playing tennis.

  • Soft midsole cushioning
  • Molded dots on the medial side
  • Rubber outsole
  • Everyone might not prefer half inner sleeve length


These shoes have a soft midsole cushioning and a double-layered rubber outsole that makes them extremely durable and worth buying.

They are breathable and halve ½ sleeve length, which might not be comfortable for everybody.

7. Nike Women’s Tennis Air Zoom Ultra

Air Zoom Ultra


The Nike Tennis Air Zoom Ultra are lightweight shoes that weigh 8.8 oz. They are made up of breathable mesh material and keeps the feet comfortable during the game or intense practice sessions.

They have flywire cables that make the shoe a perfect fit for the feet, keeps them intact, preventing the shoe from coming off.

These Air units have responsive cushioning, which allows the women to feel the ground beneath their feet during the match in the court.

The shoes are a little stiff, so that the feet are stable, not allowing much flexibility. They can absorb the shock keeping the feet safe from any injuries and strains.

The forefoot of the shoe is covered with additional skin that makes it very durable.

The midsole consists of thermoplastic urethane, which is best for use in any environment.

The courts being harsh or grassy, they can be worn on both and are one of the best Nike tennis shoes for women.

  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Extra cover on the forefoot area
  • It has a thermoplastic urethane shank
  • Narrow toe box for people with wide foot


The Nike Tennis Zoom Air ultra has a mesh lining and is extremely lightweight.

They have a protective layer of skin on the forefoot that can provide you with many years of comfort. There might be a size issue for people with wide feet.

Buying Guide

Tennis is considered one of the most active and hardest games of all time. While playing on the court, it is necessary to protect your feet from any injury.

Many renowned brands, including Nike, make special shoes for tennis players.

Thorough research should be done before buying the best tennis shoes so that they can support you in the courts while playing.


Court Type

While hunting for tennis shoes, it is recommended to prefer shoes according to the court type.

Different types of courts are present, including harsh, clay, and grass.

The harsh courts can be very hard, taking away all the energy from your feet.

To make your feet comfortable while playing out in these courts, it is necessary to buy soft, comfortable shoes that can absorb shock.

Clay courts are soft and require an entirely different type of shoes.

These shoes should be made of the herringbone pattern so that the clay does not get stuck into the shoes while playing and causes irritation to the feet.

They should provide the ultimate grip so that you can make quick movements. They should help you slide a little bit, enabling mobility.

The grass courts, on the other hand, can be slippery. So a shoe with a nub pattern should be bought with a string traction force and gives you the ultimate grip.

Hence Nike has many different types of tennis shoes for women that can be worn on any court you prefer.

Foot Type

Standing for a long best of 3 matches and making quick movements, it is necessary to have a perfect tennis shoe.

This can only be bought if you know your foot type well. If you have pronated feet, you need to buy a lightweight shoe and helps you prevent damaging your ankles and knees. The shoes should have lateral support exerting less pressure.

If you are a person with supinated feet, then a shock-absorbing shoe should be bought. They should be highly flexible, giving enough space to the feet.

They must keep the foot aligned, supporting the heel and ankles while playing tennis on the court. Nike makes a wide variety of tennis shoes for women with pronated, supinated and ideal feet.

Playing Style

While selecting a shoe for playing tennis, the playing style plays a significant role. If you mostly play at the baseline, it is important to opt for a lightweight shoe that provides lateral support to the foot.

It should have a durable foam with soft cushioning so that you can easily make movements across the court.

If you are a volley player and charge at the net most of the time, it is recommended to buy shoes with a protected toe cap layer on them.

These help you protect yourself from injuries and cuts during the game. The shoe should have improved flexibility so that the balls of the feet can increase the muscle activity in the entire body.


Which Nike tennis shoes are best?

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 HC are the best tennis shoes. They keep the feet intact and have beautiful color combinations.

With the better and improved formula, they come with a unique lacing system.

What is special about tennis shoes?

The tennis shoes are specially designed for the players playing on the courts. They are flatter, giving stability to the feet.

These shoes have different herringbone patterns on them, which help them play in different types of courts.

What are the different types of tennis shoes?

Many tennis shoes are available in the market, including thick soles, hard soles, etc.

They are designed according to different foot types and the courts the player plays in.

Are badminton and tennis shoes the same?

Yes, badminton and tennis shoes can be the same to some extent. Both are very harsh games and have quite similar movements.

The tennis shoes are made sturdy, flexible, and lightweight, to be used on badminton courts.


Women now actively participating in all kinds of sports have encouraged many brands to make special shoes for them. Nike leading the way launches special lines for tennis-playing women.

The tennis shoes are very different from normal sports shoes. They should be solid and have sturdy construction.

The herringbone pattern is a must which makes them slip-resistant.

Some of the best tennis shoes for women are mentioned above, but the best two among them is mentioned below:

  • Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 HC Women’s Tennis Shoesnull are very sturdy and solid. They keep the feet intact and have a unique lacing system. The sole has an improved formula as compared to the other pairs. It has a unique color combination with high arch support.
  • Nike Women’s Air Zoom Prestige Tennis Shoesnull are extremely lightweight and have a dynamic structure. They fit well and have torsion stability. The extra durable rubber used makes them very durable and can be your partner for many years.

The two best Nike Tennis Shoes for women are mentioned above. They should be comfortable, durable and keep the foot in an accurate posture.

All the information provided in this article is research-based and very accurate. It can help you find your perfect tennis shoe.

The Nike tennis shoes are incredible, and you will not regret a single penny investing in them. Happy Shopping!

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