Can You Play Tennis in The Rain? How Long Does It Take To Dry?

Can You Play Tennis in The Rain

You remember, the rain typically slows or stops a professional tennis match whether you are an ATP or WTA fan. The tournament referee generally determines whether they find this to be too slippery or unpredictable to proceed.

Often the players take it to interrupt the game, but the match referee gets the final decision. There is no referee in club tennis, and players chose when to avoid calling.

Can You Play Tennis in The Rain

Can You Play Tennis in The Rain?

In principle, in light showers, but certainly not in heavy rain, you might play tennis. The determining factor is the precipitation’s strength and whether the surface and the field are slippery or not.

Most matches in the club are played on hard or clay courts. Two forms of clay are available green clay and red clay. Green clay is sometimes called “har-true,” and red clay is a finer, softer kind of clay that slightly absorbs more water. When enough rain arrives, every surface (hard or clay) will be affected and make them too slippery to risk playing.

How long does the tennis court dry after rain?

wet tennis court

When a light rain ceases, clay courts’ time to dry enough is typically 15 to 25 minutes. It takes at least an hour or more to dry if the raindrops down hard and the clay yard gets bogged down. In most cases, heavy rain takes 3 hours on average to dry clay courts. Owing to the lack of sun, it may be longer at night.

The drying time will take longer on hard courts. I suggest a pause to play if a light rain happens, and the court looks damp, and the lines are slick. And you probably ought to save puddles happening. It will take up to an hour for the court to dry after a light rain on a rough courtyard. The materials for the court and the time of day depend on it.

In 30 minutes, I saw some hard courts dry, while others took more than an hour. Some courts are well irrigated, while other courts tend to absorb water in the ground and puddle up.

If heavy rain falls for 10 minutes or so, you might be staring at it several hours before the court dries.

To conclude, you can still play tennis on a wet court, so it depends on how much friction you have, how heavy it’s raining, and what kind of court you’re playing on (hard court or clay).

How Does Water Affect Tennis Balls?

How Does Water Affect Tennis Balls

The furry or hairy section of all tennis balls absorbs water. This allows the ball to rise in water and weight (usually 1-3 ounces).

Keep in mind that just 2 ounces are the tennis ball itself. If this occurs, the ball definitely slows down and does not bounce as fast or fly as easily or as long. In comparison, any time the ball is shattered, the water will come off the ball.

A tennis ball with water-logged is no fun to play with. But even though the traction of a wet court is fine, the balls will absorb moisture and have a big effect on your game. This is a perfect reason why it can be tough to play tennis in the rain.

The only remedy is to wait until tennis balls are dried or dry. If the courts have much humidity, the fresh balls can absorb it easily and get water-logged again. Therefore, when the courts are muddy, I suggest not playing. You can use waterproof tennis balls.


It’s ultimately your decision or calls while playing in the rain as to whether you should go on or not. I tried to play sometimes, but the courts were just too wet. Of those situations, air on the cautionary side. In soft rain on clay, I’ve played complete matches. Yet it’s different on hard courts. They are pretty unplayable until it gets to a certain point.


Q.1: Are tennis balls waterproof?

If you are searching for waterproof tennis balls, they may be more resistant to water. When a ball falls in a puddle because of water damage to the tennis ball, once you get it out, it won’t be safe. Nevertheless, in cases where the ball is not submerged in water, you will be fine.

Q.2: Does rain ruin tennis balls?

No, the rain will not damage the tennis ball because it can no longer be used. But it will make tennis balls practically impossible to play in the wet. If you open a new ball, and when it rains, the ball can add water if you play for a while.

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