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Monte Carlo Masters Prize Money - Turnament

As the clay courts of Monte Carlo become the battleground for some of the finest tennis players in the world, the stakes are as high as the cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean. The Monte Carlo Masters is not just a test of skill and endurance but also a lucrative opportunity for the players. It is one of my favorites, and here are some details about the prize pool.

An Overview

Nestled in the scenic lap of luxury, the Monte Carlo Masters has always been more than just a tournament; it’s a tradition that celebrates tennis in its purest form.

The increase in prize money for 2024 is a nod to the event’s growing stature. With a total purse of €5,800,000 the tournament has seen a significant 6.7% increase from the previous year, setting a new bar for excellence and reward.

The Winning Prize

Winning Prize - Monte Carlo

The winner of the Monte Carlo Masters stands to receive a prize that is as much about prestige as it is about monetary gain. In 2024, the champion will walk away with a prize of €892,590.

This substantial amount is a clear indicator of the tournament’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding the pinnacle of tennis achievement on one of the most challenging surfaces in the sport. This financial reward is a culmination of the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the Monte Carlo Masters.

For the player who outlasts the competition on the demanding clay courts, the prize is a fitting tribute to the skill, endurance, and tactical prowess displayed throughout the tournament. In 2024, the second-place finisher got a prize of €481,270, a substantial amount that honors the skill and determination required to reach the final of such a prestigious event.

Even though it is not as much as getting in the final of a Grand Slam tournament, it can be a significant add-on to your-round performance for all top players.

What about WTA and Doubles?

The Monte Carlo Masters, primarily an ATP event, does not feature a WTA competition, as the women’s tour has separate events. However, the doubles tournament at Monte Carlo is a showcase of teamwork and strategic finesse, bringing its own thrilling dynamic to the red clay courts. In 2024, the winning pair in the doubles tournament got a prize of €274,030.

History of the Monte-Carlo Masters

The Monte-Carlo Masters, officially known as the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters for sponsorship reasons, is an annual tennis tournament for male professional players held in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France, which borders the principality of Monaco.

The event dates back to 1896 and has a storied history as one of the oldest tournaments in tennis. Originally played on the red shale clay courts beneath the Grand Hôtel de Paris, the tournament moved to the Monte Carlo Country Club in 1928 where it has remained ever since.

The event became part of the ATP Tour Masters 1000 series, a category of nine tournaments that are ranked just below the four Grand Slam tournaments in terms of prestige and points. The Monte-Carlo Masters has been a stage for some of the most memorable moments in tennis history.

It became an “Open” event in 1969, allowing professional players to compete alongside amateurs. Over the years, the tournament has been part of various circuits, including the Grand Prix tennis circuit and the World Championship Tennis circuit. Rafael Nadal’s dominance at the Monte-Carlo Masters is one of the most notable aspects of its history.

Nadal won the title eight consecutive times from 2005 to 2012, and again in 2016, 2017, and 2018, making him the player with the most wins in the tournament’s history.

Recent Winners and Runners-Up

Here is a table showcasing the winners and runners-up from the last five editions of the Monte-Carlo Masters:

Year Winner Runner-Up Score
2023 Andrey Rublev Holger Rune 5−7, 6−2, 7−5
2022 Stefanos Tsitsipas Alejandro Davidovich Fokina 6−3, 7–6(7–3)
2021 Stefanos Tsitsipas Andrey Rublev 6−3, 6−3
2020 No competition (due to COVID-19 pandemic) N/A
2019 Fabio Fognini Dušan Lajović 6−3, 6−4

More About the Tournament

The clay courts of Monte Carlo are renowned for slowing down the ball and producing a high bounce – conditions that test the strategic acumen of players. It’s here that matches are often won by the thinkers and planners, those who can adapt their game to long rallies and craft points with precision.

The surface demands not just physical stamina but also mental fortitude, as players navigate through matches that can become grueling tests of endurance. Playing in Monte Carlo also means adapting to a unique microclimate. Nestled by the sea, the courts can be subject to variable conditions, with the coastal winds sometimes playing a crucial role in the trajectory of the ball.

This adds an extra layer of challenge for the players, who must demonstrate agility and adaptability to succeed.

The Fan Experience

The Fan Experience - Monte Carlo

For fans, the Monte Carlo Masters is an experience like no other. The tournament offers a blend of world-class tennis and the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. Spectators can bask in the sunshine, enjoy the local cuisine, and even try their luck at the famed Casino de Monte-Carlo, all while being part of an elite tennis event.

In recent years, the Monte Carlo Masters has embraced technology to enhance the tournament experience. From electronic line calling to advanced statistical tracking, the event uses cutting-edge technology to bring fans closer to the action.

The Hawk-Eye system, in particular, has become an integral part of the tournament, allowing for precise line calls and adding an extra layer of excitement for spectators.

Training Ground for Clay Court Season

The Monte Carlo Masters is often regarded as the ultimate training ground for the European clay court season. It serves as a precursor to the French Open, providing players with a chance to fine-tune their clay-court game.

Success in Monte Carlo is frequently seen as a strong indicator of potential performance at Roland Garros, with many champions at Monte Carlo going on to excel in Paris.


Who has won the most at Monaco?

Rafael Nadal holds the record for the most titles at the Monte Carlo Masters, having won the tournament an impressive 11 times.

Is Monaco part of France or a country?

Monaco is a sovereign city-state and country located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. It is bordered by France on three sides and the Mediterranean Sea on the fourth.

Is Monte Carlo a Masters 1000?

Yes, the Monte Carlo Masters is one of the ATP Tour Masters 1000 tournaments, which is a series of nine tennis tournaments that are ranked just below the four Grand Slam tournaments.

How much is the prize money for ATP Qatar 2024?

For 2024, the tournament is offering total prize money of $1,377,025, the largest in its history, a 29% bump compared to last year.


The Monte Carlo Masters is a symphony of elite tennis, strategic battles, and natural beauty, all played out in one of the most luxurious settings in sport. It’s a place where history is made, where the clay courts tell stories of triumph and heartbreak, and where the game of tennis is celebrated in grand style.

As the tournament evolves, it continues to uphold its traditions while embracing innovation, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the tennis world.

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