How to Create a Great Short Documentary Film about Tennis

Many topics can be made into a documentary film. There are plenty of topics and all you need to do is to choose the topic, that is, the topic that you will turn into a documentary film, and start organizing everything that is needed to make a great documentary film. There are especially many possibilities when it comes to short documentaries, which can be made in a short period if you have what it takes. And what is it that you need? You need content, materials, time scheduled for work, a team that will work, logistical help, tools, and some other little things that will do just to get a great documentary.

The work will be done even better and easier if you work in a small team or alone. The distribution of responsibilities will be easier if you are in a smaller team, and if you are alone you will have enough time to organize yourself and work day after day on getting the final documentary you want. Especially when it comes to a topic like a tennis. Tennis is an area in which a lot can be shown. You can show everything related to the history of this sport, some of the biggest stars of tennis, about the big competitions and all these using materials that are available on the internet or materials that you can get if you have cooperation.

And then? Then it is important to compile the film according to the idea and plan, check it, and add all the finesse that is needed for the very end. When we say things like this, they seem easy and simple, but it will be easier and simpler when we give you a concrete path to follow to have the tennis documentary you envision and wish to produce. So let’s see together what you need to do and follow to get a great short documentary about tennis that will be well received by the audience and will be very popular with the viewers. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. Make a plan for what part of this sport you will cover

You have an idea of what will be the topic that will be discussed in the documentary, it is tennis. But have you thought about what it is that you will cover in the documentary? Will it be the history of the sport, the history of а competition, the life and of one of the stars, or something else? Consider all this and make a plan to guide you in creating the short documentary so that everything turns out according to your idea.

2. Find materials that you will use

The next thing that is of great importance for the film is the materials that you will use. It is necessary to have materials already found or to see if you will use images, videos, inserts, etc., but also where you can get them. The choice is large, you can find materials from the Internet, but also from one of the large photo and video archives, for which you need to contact and get feedback. Do this early as it is a very important part of the creative process.

3. Do interviews with people in the area

You have the opportunity to include other people in the project, such as sports analysts, tennis players, coaches, organizers, sports experts, etc. They can give their opinions and points of view about certain situations and past events that will make the short documentary attractive to watch, and thus you will succeed in achieving the desired popularity.

4. Make a plan for how you will put together the short documentary

In this section, first of all, you should have a plan about which of the sections will be in which part of the video, that is, how you will distribute all the segments in the film. Also, make sure that you use an application or software that brings you advantages in the creation of the film, that is, it offers you many possibilities for composing and producing the final work. Plan well and implement according to the ideas and advantages that you will have in front of you.

5. Make sure that the parts that are in another language are translated or have subtitles so that the video is accessible to everyone

It is very important to pay attention to subtitling those parts of the documentary that are in another language or simply make the video more accessible to all people by adding subtitles to every word in the tennis movie. For that, you can use specialized software and options like vidby that will help you easily and simply complete this task, which can increase the popularity of the video, make the video look more professional, and make it more accessible to everyone.

6. Check for unintentional errors and remove them

Before you finalize the tennis project you’re working on, that is, before you bring your short documentary film to an end, you need to review it and see if there are any mistakes. If you see these errors, correct them and then finalize the documentary, and if there are none, just confirm that everything is in order and proceed to publishing and presenting the short documentary.

7. Create a plan to post and share

The last thing you need to pay attention to is the post plan. You need to decide whether you will do any promotion, presentation, and sharing of this project of yours through a promotional event, whether you will do a digital campaign through digital marketing tools or just publish it on video platforms and share it. This is the last task that requires a good plan of action to follow.

Making a short documentary is a great idea, especially when it comes to tennis which is one of the most popular sports in the last 20 years. This sport offers a large number of topics and a large number of materials that can be processed and translated into a short excellent documentary. Now you have in front of you a detailed path that you can follow and succeed in your idea.

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