Biggest Gambling Winners and Losers in Tennis 

Going to the casino is always a big challenge. Will you lose money or maybe increase it several times? We can say that no one can resist this challenge, not even famous athletes like tennis players – and who are the biggest gambling winners and losers in tennis, read in the text below.

Tennis Players Love Visiting Casinos

Going to the casino or playing in tournaments or online casinos is no longer just a privilege for wealthy people. Today, you can see almost anyone in casinos – from janitors to doctors, professors, and athletes. It seems that athletes, thanks to their competitive spirit, have an affinity for gambling.

Also, they happen to have money – and let’s be honest, athletes don’t regret spending money on fun and entertainment. Believe it or not, tennis players are one of those who visit casinos most often. Years ago, we could read about large sums of money tennis players left in casinos. For some of them, it was very expensive fun – while to some others, it brought unexpected gains, even trips to tournaments.

The Greatest Gambling Winners and Losers In The World Of Tennis

They say that a gambler hides inside each one of us. It’s possible! Just look at how many ordinary people are in casinos every day. Tennis players are not much different from us mere mortals. The only thing that distinguishes them from us – is the fact they have more cash.

However, no matter how much money they have, some will increase that amount – while others will significantly decrease it. Before you start judging them, let’s be real. If you’re in Vegas or Monaco – we highly doubt you’d skip going to the casino and give yourself a little break for at least one night. And famous tennis players are also humans, so you need to understand them. Most of them consider casinos to be fun.

For others, online casinos such as can be a stress-relief therapy – but some of them have entered the famous gambling circles. Let’s take a look at the biggest gambling losers and winners from the world of tennis.

Rafael Nadal


Today, we all know that the famous Rafa is a fan of Poker. Many even claim Rafa is a well-known guest in Monte Carlo casinos because he likes to spend money. Although some information was at the level of speculation and urban legends – Rafa exposed everything when he started promoting Poker.

Many of his fans were shocked that the famous tennis player promotes gambling – but it is known that Nadal is a poker fan, and he also participated in some professional tournaments. The famous Majorcan was the ambassador of the gambling site Poker stars – announcing even then that he had started to learn the secrets of this game. At the same time, fans were invited to give him tips on how to gamble with the other participants in the most successful way.

Gambling was in “tokens” or real money. One of the highest-paid athletes in the world earned tens of millions of dollars from sponsorship contracts – plus eight million from tournament results. Winner or a loser? We would say that Rafael Nadal is the WINNER in any case.

Boris Becker


Becker is a tennis legend and the No. 5 highest-paid tennis player in the history of the white sport. However, his private life was full of breakdowns. That led him into debt and took his love for gambling beyond the limits of what we call fun. Namely, his financial ruin began with his divorce from his wife Barbara Feltus due to adultery with a certain waitress.

There was also a question of an ‘illegitimate’ child – but the DNA analysis confirmed it was Becker’s. That was the time when Becker began to sink – and in his case, gambling has become more of a vice than just fun. Becker is also well-known as a Poker fan. He often plays online tournaments in big casinos, and the move to Monaco strengthened this new love of Becker’s even more.

A few years ago, he even had the idea to return the money to banks from winnings in poker tournaments. He participated in numerous poker tournaments where he earned over 25 million dollars.

However, his debts were over a hundred million dollars – so it was not enough. Then Becker announced his participation in the World Series of Poker Europe, where the premium was over 111 million euros. However, Becker’s debts are still there, so we can label him as a loser in this story.

Stan Wawrinka


This is another tennis player who is known to love gambling. Namely, when you are in Las Vegas as often as Wawrinka – it is almost impossible to resist. Although it is not very common in the world of tennis – Wawrinka openly said that gambling could save tennis. Of course, he was thinking about sponsorships, although many were not happy about it.

However, Wawrinka is known for his visits to casinos – and many who have seen him there say that he is very successful and lucky. He especially likes roulette and slot machines. Due to luck and his clear attitude – we will classify Wawrinka as a winner.

Bob Brian and Mardy Fish


The best doubles player of all time, Bob Brian, and the former tennis player Mardy Fish – are charged with the promotion of gambling. Not surprising because their fans know they love casinos.

However, this promotion cost them accusations by ITIA. These two ex-tennis players will bear some serious consequences. The first is that they will be suspended from playing for four months. Also, they will have to pay $ 10,000 in the budget of this organization. The two tennis players currently have the function of the members of the Davis Cup of the National US Team, so it is a big stroke for them.

Still, if we look at the financial aspect a little better, what do you think? Are they losers, or maybe the situation is somewhat different? It is clear that such a promotion costs a lot of money, and we can bet that that amount is greater than the $ 10,000 penalty.

On the other hand, the suspension for four months could drag with it greater financial damage to them. However, we believe that the mentioned tennis players made a pre-financing structure that will suit them.

The Bottom Line


Most of these tennis players have no problem speaking publicly about their hobbies. However, in the world of white sports, gambling is still treated as taboo. Either way, things are slowly changing. We hope that luck will follow them on the tennis courts better than in the casino.

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