12 Greatest Grand Slam Victories In History Of Tennis

grand slam victories

Lawn tennis was invented in France in the 11th century, while the open era of tennis has produced many incredible champions. It has seen many miracles. Many players have won Grand Slams multiple times in the history of tennis.

This is something that avid tennis lovers are very aware of. There are so many talents of a grand slam on this list. We will tell you all about the great victories in the Grand Slam finals in tennis history.

1. Roger Federer

Roger Federer’s incredible tennis skills have won the hearts of everyone. His skill and talent earned him the title “The Swiss maestro.” The 8-time Wimbledon champion has seen a lot since his ATP debut in 1998 at the Swiss Open Gstaad.

He won 103 ATP singles, which includes 20 major singles titles. He is also the first tennis player to achieve more than 14 grand slams.

2. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is the new GOAT! Federer was the first man to achieve the honour of 20 Grand Slam singles titles. Nada made history. Over 5 sets, 5 hours, and 24 minutes, Nadal defeated Medvedev in the Australian Open final, on 30 January 2024. He became the most outstanding player, with 21 Grand Slam singles titles.

With 13 French Open titles and 21 grand slam titles, he is known as the king of the clay. Tennis fans are well-known for Nadal’s unwavering work ethic and mental strength. This was evident when he defeated Federer in the Wimbledon final in 2008. Rafal Nadal presently holds 89 ATP titles.

No player may have won nine titles at Roland Garros in a decade. A clay-court specialist may become rarer as stars like Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic have overcome severe obstacles with their all-courts abilities.

3. Rod Laver

Laver was able to cross the transition from amateur to professional tennis. This made him one of the greatest players of all time and one of the most important.

While Laver has won 200 singles titles, his second calendar-year sweep at all four Grand Slam tournaments was remarkable. It happened seven years after his first Slam sweep. This will forever emphasize his greatness.

4. Novak Djokovic


Djokovic won over Federer in 2014 and became the first man to beat Federer at all four Grand Slams. Djokovic also had surpassed what seemed to be a declining Nadal as the player with the best chance of beating Federer’s major record.

However, both Nadal and Federer have seen huge resurgences over the decades. The 2024 Wimbledon, French Open, and Australian titles were won by Djokovic, which brings his total to 20 grand slams.

5. Ivan Lendl

The baseline approach of Ivan Lendi revolutionized the game. Lendl earned the 8 Grand Slam singles championships on his name and became the most dominant power in the second half of the 1980s.

Lendl holds several prestigious records, including the longest indoor winning streak of 66 games and the most Grand Slam runners-up finishes (11). One of his most notable achievements is making it to the 19th Grand Slam finals.

6. Pete Sampras

Sampras held 14 Grand Slam, a lifetime accomplishment while retiring from his professional tennis, and it was expected that it would continue. Although the speculation was wrong, Sampras’ almost invincible play on fast courts is still classic.

7. Tony Trabert

Tony Trabert

Tony Trabert, a Cincinnati native, achieved five Grand Slam singles titles in the initial stage of his career. It is a remarkable achievement in tennis history. After this grand victory, he became one of the best tennis players in the world. Trabert won the 1955 French Open also.

8. Bjorn Borg

Bjorn Borg is the king of European majors. He won 11 titles in London and Paris in his 25th year. It is extremely unlikely that anyone else will win the 6 French Open titles and 5 Wimbledon titles. Borg was first a clay-court king.

He toiled hard to become a good player on the field and achieved 7 grand slam titles. He won the Channel Slam, the French Open, and Wimbledon in the same year. This feat was repeated three times (1978-1980).

9. Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi

Agassi is widely considered the greatest player in tennis history by both critics and other players. Agassi won 8 grand slam singles title in tennis and was an Olympic gold Medalist in 1996.

Agassi was the first tennis player to conquer four Australian Open titles in the Open Era. This record was set by Roger Federer (2010), but it was broken by Novak Djokovic (2015) and Federer 2017.

10. Fred Perry

Fred Perry

After winning the Australian Open, U.S. Open, and Wimbledon in 1934, Fred Perry of Great Britain achieved 8 grand slam titles in his third year. Perry was the first tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles career, and he is the sole British player to have done so. Perry was also the 1929 world champion at table tennis and immigrated to America to fight for America during World War II.

11. Bill Tilden

Bill Tilden

From 1929 to 2017, Tilden held the record of winning 10 Grand Slam titles, which he did until Roger Federer reached the Wimbledon finals for the eleventh time. Tilden did not win the French Open, but he made it to the finals twice.

Tilden never participated in the Australian Open. Tilden produced, financed, and wrote many Broadway plays. He was also blacklisted for homosexuality in his later years.

12. John McEnroe

John McEnroe

McEnroe is well-known for his innovative style of play and stunning volleys. McEnroe was an energetic player who could strike at any place on the field court. McEnroe was more aggressive and focused on winning.

He was known for his anger and outbursts. McEnroe had a remarkable career, earning him among the most significant players. He achieved 7 Grand Slams titles in both singles and doubles and reached the finals of 11.


The above-listed players hold the most significant victories in the history of tennis. For getting the latest updates, stay connected with FanDuel.com!




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