Kokkinakis Meets His Hero Chris Paul

Kokkinakis Meets His Hero Chris Paul

Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis had a successful day on Tuesday, not only upsetting fifth seed Jiri Lehecka in straight sets at the Arizona Tennis Classic but also attending the Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA game a few hours later. 

Kokkinakis has been a lifelong fan of the NBA and has a particular affinity for Suns point guard Chris Paul, whom he considers his favorite player.

For Kokkinakis, following Chris Paul’s career has been a passion of his for many years. He first saw Paul play for Team USA and the New Orleans Pelicans when he was younger, and he was immediately drawn to the way he played the game. 

Kokkinakis admires Paul for his smooth and intelligent style of play, which sets him apart from many other players in the league. Even as he continues to play professional tennis, Kokkinakis makes time to follow the NBA and keep up with his favorite player’s career.

Kokkinakis’ passion for basketball highlights the importance of having diverse interests and hobbies outside of one’s chosen profession. For athletes like him, having something else to focus on can provide a healthy balance to their lives and allow them to de-stress from the rigors of their sport.