What Is Love In Tennis: Definition,Origin & Tennis Scoring System

Love Definition In Tennis

Tennis is a well-established sport with a worldwide fanbase, but not everyone knows the proper terminology used in the sport. The sport has a wide variety of terms and meanings, which may sound overwhelming to an outsider.

We’ve built this post precisely for that casual spectator who can go to an event mainly for the tennis accommodation, but doesn’t everyone want their minimal tennis awareness to be revealed. It is an educational article to educate the people who fall in Love with tennis. But love never means affection in tennis.

Love Definition In Tennis

What Does Love Mean In Tennis Scoring System?

Love in tennis ends in a ranking of zero, and that is a normal phenomenon. For example, in tennis, a match finishes when one of the players wins by that score of 15-love.

With this in mind, let’s outline the scoring structure of a single game by describing the scoring system easily.

Love Definition In Tennis

Love Definition In Tennis

By concept, Love is a feeling of deep attachment for another person or object. However, its usage in tennis is different. The term tennis is derived from the French word ‘Tenetz,’ which means “hold” or “take.” Also, tennis’ “Deuce” came from the French phrase “a Deux Le Jeu.”

If you look for the concept of “Love” in any Oxford Dictionary, you might find no other definitions. You will access the origins for the meaning of “love” at Dictionary.com.

Also, we must ask how the word “Love” came to reach tennis. Ironically, the term “love” is synonymous with zero scores in tennis. Many days I question how a zero score to someone in their love life will always make them happy. Perhaps the game’s enjoyment that the player experiences by zero having to complete the game before the end.

Love: A score of zero

Players use the expression “All” to mean that the game is even at 15 or 30. It means the score is equal for both players.

The concept of Love is easy, but it’s when players get tripped up. Please refer to a few examples with the score of Love.

Love  In Tennis

When to Use Love Scoring

Just a few examples of using the score of Love in tennis, so let’s concentrate on those. Here are the potential scores ranked by Love since you will be calling out your score first.




Here are the potential scores and whether the opponent is serving, along with what score will be called first.




Most frequently, players refer to a score of zero as Love in games. If you win the first three games in a set, then the set score should be called out. Trying to clear the score of three-love is also an appropriate answer.

tennis player


When setting up a new game, the starting score is either 0-0 or love-all. However, players frequently do not record scores for games that are already underway. Instead, the score in games at the end of each set will be revealed.

Therefore, players never use the score of love-all in the West-side. The only acceptable way to use the score will be when the score first occurs in the match’s first point.

Origin of the Term Love in Tennis

On the roots of the word Love in tennis, two competing hypotheses have been put forward.

The first interpretation is that Love is adapted from the French word loeuf, which means” egg or the shape of a 0″. This relation is highly questionable, and its plausibility may be questioned.

There are different hypotheses about the roots of the term ‘love’ in tennis. But, all of these theories are on board with one another.

Love  In Tennis

The first hypothesis is that ‘love’ is homophonic to the French word oeuf, meaning ‘egg.’ It is related to the fact that the egg’s oval shape matches the number zero, which lets it be easily remembered (0). Yes, this seems impossible.

The second hypothesis is that the term ‘to play for love (of the game) ‘ was translated. The principle here is that if a person is playing because they are enjoying it. Then they are less likely to be compensated for their efforts.

People have the most optimistic views about Love as beginning from the term “to play for love” (of the game). To not just play for pennies.


tennis racket

Why is the term “love” used in tennis?

In tennis, Love (i.e., a zero-point score) is a concept used to describe a score of zero. There is some controversy about how the current use of the term “love of the game” came to be. Although the most accepted explanation is that those with zero points were still competing for the “love of the game,” even though their score was negative.

What is the Tennis Rating System?

At every tennis match, each service is split up into two to three sets. When you win a set, you must win six games. The games are scored by zero through four, but the scores go from zero to forty. From Love, the beginning is 15 points, then 30 points, then 40 points, then the game stage, which wins the game.

In tennis, why do they say “Love” and “deuce”?

Love is zero. In tennis, the user’s score is given first, so “love-fifteen” means the server has no points, the opposition has fifteen. The tennis game progresses from Love to fifteen, up to thirty, and eventually to forty. If both players hit thirty, then thirty counts.

What is an advantage in tennis?

The current utility of this kind of scoring is known as “advantage scoring” (or “ads”). The half which wins the next level after deuce is said to have the advantage. If the team that prevails with the next point has a two-point advantage, that team has won the game.

Will a tennis player catch the net?

A player must never hit the net until the point has expired. A player should not strike the net while the ball is still in play. And if a player’s body, clothing, or racket touches the net or net posts during play, the ball will be retaliated.

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