Swiatek: “Even Regular Conversation Was a Challenge for Me”

Swiatek “Even Regular Conversation Was a Challenge for Me”

Iga Swiatek, current number one on the WTA list, recently spoke about her life outside tour, social media, and her relationship with people. This was a rather rare occasion since Iga rarely speaks to the media about anything that isn’t tennis-related.

Her idol is Rafael Nadal, and throughout the years of her career, she followed his example of not talking a lot about her private life, and when she finally does it, no one gets too much information out of it. With that said, the moments she actually opens up are highly cherished by the media.

“There was a time in my life when I was so introverted that even regular conversation with people was a challenge for me. Before I turned 17 or 18, I had a lot of difficulties watching people directly into their eyes. I hated the fact it was so difficult for me, and I felt bad because it prevented me from creating real relationships,” Iga said.

She is currently ranked as the number five richest athlete on the Forbes list, with a net worth of 14.9 million USD. Unlike most women on the WTA tour, she earned most of her money from the prize pool, not sponsorships.