From Wimbledon To The Casino Floor: Tennis Players’ Love For Gambling

From Wimbledon To The Casino Floor Tennis Players' Love For Gambling

Gambling has always been associated with glamour and luxury, especially when it comes to popular casino resorts in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monaco. The excitement of sitting at the table playing against other players, and risking a bigger amount of money is a unique experience that makes gambling so special in the first place.

On the other hand, we also have to mention the most recent trends in this industry, which are related to the expansion of online platforms. Even though you won’t enjoy the glamour of some luxurious resort, you will enjoy other benefits, like convenience, simplicity, and flexibility, which are the main advantages of playing online. However, be sure to use a reliable and well-known website.

Also, if you don’t have experience in gambling, choosing a demo version of a game is the best way to learn more about the features, which is essential for selecting the right approach. In that matter, check out

After you gain some experience, the key is to compare different websites. Commonly, they are offering promotions all the time, especially for newbies. The best way to find the perfect one is to read some reviews. There is a great comparison of Australian online casinos that you can check on this site.

Another great thing about these Aussie casinos is that many of them provide betting on sports events. Therefore, if you prefer to bet on tennis or other sports, it can be a great combination. Moreover, celebrities are known for enjoying gambling, and the same goes for tennis players. You might even share a favorite game with your favorite tennis star. Here are some tennis players known for gambling more often.

Boris Becker

Boris Becker (1)

Older generations who love watching tennis surely enjoyed watching Becker win many of these titles. Besides the great success on the court, he is also known as a passionate player at the casino table. The interesting fact is that he was known as a risk-taker on the court, which is an attribute that helped him win some big prizes in various casinos.

Moreover, we have to mention another attribute, which is his calmness. This ability to remain calm even when things are not going in your favor is essential in poker. Boris has played in many poker tournaments. While the total amount of money he earned on classic table games is unknown, Becker won over $100,000 while playing online on WSOP events.

Patrick De Koster

Patrick De Koster

Patrick never managed to leave a bigger trace on the sport, but this former tennis player had much more success at poker tables. We also don’t have clear information about his land-based success, but the stats from online platforms say that he earned over $250,000, which sets him in the Top 150 players from the Netherlands.

Gus Hansen


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Gus was a very talented young player who never achieved the status of a tennis star after reaching the ATP rank. However, his poker career places him at the top since he is known as a popular name in the world of online poker tournaments.

The total wins are amazing when compared to the previous two tennis stars. Some of their best achievements are second place in the WPT Championship, where he got richer for $1.7 million, and a few first places on WSOP, each with an award of $1 million.

Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius

This player has a similar story as Gus since he also stopped playing tennis at a young age. However, his reason was a serious injury. Quickly after realizing that he won’t make it in the ATP world, his passion focuses on poker tournaments.

He has an amazing career, with a global rank of 57 as an online player. The best poker player ever from Finland. Also, the total amount he got from tournaments is over $17 million.

Rafael Nadal


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One of the best players who ever held a racquet is known for his skills like passion, determination, and courage. You can use these skills when gambling as well. However, we have to mention that he is not playing in tournaments.
We could see him several times at some luxurious casinos where he was testing his luck. Still, we don’t know much about his success in poker.

Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors

Those who have been watching tennis for a long time must know about Connors and his amazing games during the 80s and 90s. He was a leading star back then with 8 Grand Slams won between 1974 and 1996, when he retired.

Outside of tennis courts, Jimmy was always a passionate player in well-known gambling resorts. He even tried his luck in some online tournaments.

Also, it is important to learn more about Connors’s challenging gambling addiction. There was a time when he was going too hard on some table games, betting even over $70,000 per turn. He says he lost millions on betting after retiring as one of the best tennis players ever. You should be aware of it and take this as an example that will help you understand how crucial is to always have a plan and to set some limits before you start gambling.


As you can see, the favorite game of most tennis players is poker. Besides that, they are known for playing blackjack and roulette. Most of the players in this list had some success in gambling. However, you could find out that there were cases where gambling addiction led to issues and challenging moments.

Therefore, before you start playing any game or betting on tennis and other sports, the crucial part is to determine the amount of money you can afford to lose. That will prevent financial issues and make your experience more exciting. The goal is to have fun while chasing bigger prizes, and the only way for that is to make clear decisions without taking too much risk.

In that matter, create a simple strategy where you will determine how much you will invest in each turn, and plan to know when to stop adding more to the balance, and also, when is the best moment to withdraw.

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