Meet the Tennis Players Who Like to Take Risks – Thrill Seekers on the Court

Meet the Tennis Players Who Like to Take Risks

All athletes are gamblers! Here is what we mean – at some point during a sporting event, the players and coaches choose to go all in as they search for a win.

This approach is popular among tennis players who go all in on a match they feel they have nothing to lose at that moment, but everything to gain.

For example, Novak Djokovic is known for his high-risk playing style, especially when faced with tight situations. It seems these tennis players take this thrill, euphoria, and positive emotions to casinos.

Many tennis players love casinos and poker clubs because they make them feel like they belong to something bigger. Additionally, gambling gives players an escape route from their daily routines.

Here are the top 10 tennis players who love to take risks:

1. Novak Djokovic

Djokovic is a Serbian professional athlete who has staked his claim among the greatest tennis players of all time.

The Serb has 22 Grand Slam men’s singles titles, including a record ten Australian Open titles.

He also boasts the record of being the first male player to hold all four majors at once across three different surfaces.

His performances have made him a favorite among fans on because he wins most of his matches. Interestingly, Djokovic himself likes taking risks!

2. Stan Wawrinka

Stan Wawrinka

Stan is a Swiss professional tennis player who enjoys an illustrious tennis career that has seen him win Grand Slam titles.

He managed the highest ATP ranking on 27 January 2014 when he was ranked No.3. The Swiss player considers clay as his favorite surface, and his best shots are his backhands and serve.

Besides that, he loves visiting Las Vegas annually, where he spends two weeks at top-rated casinos. He loves playing table games, roulette, and video slots. Wawrinka is a lucky man because he manages to win more often than not.

3. Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is regarded as a straightforward athlete that relies on strength and endurance to win tennis matches. He is also known to be a strategic thinker on and off the court.

The British tennis player is also known as an all-court player who thrives at defense and returning serves. He is also considered to have the most consistent backhands on the ATP tour.

For example, his strategic thinking has enabled him to win several poker matches. He also loves online slots and creates player accounts at new casinos to take advantage of the welcome bonuses.

The tennis great claims that the extra coin makes him ecstatic and gives him the desire to win.

4. Roger Federer

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is another tennis player who loves taking risks. Well, like any other superstar, Federer doesn’t like revealing much about his hobbies and does not speak openly about his gambling activities.

Nonetheless, it is hard for someone of Federer’s stature to go into an establishment and go unnoticed.

People who frequent Monte Carlo have seen Federer in the luxurious casino enjoying table games and roulette. He also loves playing blackjack with his mates.

5. Gus Hansen

After the end of his career, Gus Hansen decided to switch to modern technology. The Dane chose mobile gambling as a way to unwind. He loves playing table games, roulette, and slots.

His modus operandi is that he plays alone, and sometimes he plays card tournaments. Hansen is also said to be a lover of casinos that offer mouthwatering bonuses and low wagering requirements.

6. David Benyamine

David Benyamine

Benyamine is an outstanding French athlete that has featured in many successful tournaments and won multiple prestigious titles. However, his victories did not end when he retired.

Nowadays, Benyamine plays board games and has made good money from his games. His good memory and intuition have enabled him to master many table games and video slots with ease. He is said to have developed a gaming strategy that has worked well in many tournaments.

7. Patrik Antonius

Antonius is another example of an ex-tennis player thriving as a gambler. The Finnish athlete had a successful tennis career before a back injury ruled him out for a long time. These injury problems would later force him to end his tennis career.

Antonius did not wallow in despair. Instead, he established himself as a poker player. Since 2009, the Finnish has won major tournaments and has become a gambling legend. He also loves laying board games, roulette, and video slots.

8. Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors

Jimmy Connors is another top tennis player known to be unafraid of making difficult decisions or facing formidable opponents. The American former world No. 1 tennis icon switched to a new passion after retiring from tennis.

Jimmy switched to gambling to keep their adrenaline levels up. The casino games he loves playing include roulette, poker, and table games. He also enjoys online slots because of their bonuses and progressive jackpots.

9. Boris Becker

Boris Becker

Becker is a German tennis legend who entertained fans globally by beating legendary athletes. He has a solid legacy, and he was popular for his ability to win in difficult situations.

This explains why he has found ways to feel euphoria and adrenaline even after retiring from tennis. The German usually plays poker in online tournaments at top casinos. Becker also claimed that he loves playing online slots because they are attractive.

10. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Nadal is the perfect example of an athlete who gets better with age. The Spanish athlete is famous for his ability to defeat all sorts of opponents, including the young and ambitious.

After his exploits on the court, Nadal loves to spend his time enjoying casino games. For example, he plays poker and has won big money in poker tournaments. Nadal is also said to enjoy playing online slots occasionally.

Final Thoughts

Gambling is a popular pastime activity for many tennis players. It offers them an opportunity to relax from the demands of their careers.

Additionally, tennis players love the thrill of battling other talented athletes and winning matches. Gambling games allow them to feel the excitement of competing and winning.

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