Strength and Conditioning: How to Train for Tennis by Yourself?

If you want to achieve success in tennis, you should change your lifestyle and become fully committed. We don’t just mean the period of matches or during training.

You need to devote yourself equally in all aspects of everyday life. It is important to take care of your body, but also your spirit. However, here we will focus solely on perfecting your body.

Do not forget that the match is only the final part of the mosaic. In order to play well, you need to pay attention to your habits off the court. These include adequate rest, stretching, exercise and nutrition. Actually, you have to be disciplined, especially if you train without a coach. We will help you meet your goal.

What does preparation for training look like?

Before going to training, you need to do stretching exercises. Thanks to them, you will reduce the risk of injury to a minimum, and you will not spend a lot of time on preparation. It only takes ten minutes to warm up the whole body, but it all depends on your habits.

After training, you should do the same thing, and tennis players often go to the ice bath. It is good for muscle regeneration after training and for minor injuries.

Don’t forget that you have to work out your whole body in order to perform the kicks correctly. In this case, you focus on all muscle groups.

For example, if you additionally strengthen your arms and shoulders, you will have stronger shots and serves. Strong legs will allow you to reach every ball, and a strong core improves body balance.

What Does Strength Training Look Like?


Your training must include strength exercises. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to develop power, speed, and ideal endurance. However, the most important thing is that you will prevent injury.

Once you learn to control your movements, you will stay in a routine. It will help you strengthen your whole body. Do tennis players lift weights in training? This is partially true, because they train with their own weight. So, they don’t do weightlifting mostly.

Although it is known that strength training has significant benefits in the development path of every athlete, it is of crucial importance to perform the exercises correctly. Don’t forget that strength training should not be an end in itself, but should help develop sport-specific performance and abilities.

Additionally, explosiveness is a product of strength. It is actually power expressed in speed. In addition to all of the above, a person will be more agile, faster and will be able to jump higher, all thanks to strength training. That is why we have singled out several exercises that professional tennis players do.

Exercises for Strength Training

Have you tried jumping exercises? It’s a great way to work on your strength and conditioning. In this way, your muscles, tendons and shins are strengthened. These exercises are also the easiest to perform.

All that is required is to jump as high as you can, pushing off from your ankles and pushing off from your hips and knees. You can exercise your upper body by throwing a ball to practice stability.

Speed Training Exercises


When it comes to speed training, you need to work on developing the ability to run quickly and efficiently around the tennis court. It is best to start with a ten-minute warm-up by doing high-intensity interval training.

Deadlifts will also help, as will KettleBell Swings. Don’t forget anaerobic intervals and supplements you need to support your training about which you can learn more at

What Is Bilateral Training?

This phenomenon is important if you do sports, because it allows you to increase your strength. Bilateral exercises allow the muscles to rest and recover faster when you train other muscles at the same time.

You also train two sides of the body at the same time. Therefore, you must perform an equal number of repetitions. That’s why you strengthen the first side of the body you train, and the second one less because of increased fatigue. The exercise you can do as part of this training is the goblet squat.

How to Establish Rotation Control?

As you know, every time you hit a serve on the court, a torso rotation occurs. If your body is strong and stable, you will have a better capacity for punches.

This means you will hit the ball with much more power and accuracy. Most importantly, you won’t injure your lower back and shoulder girdle this way. In order to continue to achieve good results, do a standing cable core rotation.

How to Stay in Good Shape?

Like any other activity, as soon as you begin to physically tire yourself, your mental processes begin to deteriorate slightly. Tennis players must therefore be as fit as soldiers or people who practice martial arts.

Fitness in tennis should include the movements they perform on the court during the match. These are a forward sprint, a lateral movement into a half squat, a forward sprint, and then a quick turn and return to the starting line.

However, being prepared in tennis means being flexible. You won’t achieve this by constantly running or cycling. If you want to reach full physical dexterity you will need to work on flexibility. Of course, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, body composition and muscular endurance are also important.


However, when it comes to flexibility, you should be working on your joint’s range of motion. Three components affect this ability. these are elasticity, muscle length, joint structure and nervous system. Although you cannot influence the structure of the joint, you can change other items with regular flexibility training.

The end results are improved performance in exercise and sports, improved joint health, prevention of back pain and injury, relief of muscle spasms, and improved balance.


There are many variations in training, but it all depends on your goal. If you want to get better at tennis or stay in shape, you need to work on every muscle.

This means that you will focus on exercises that strengthen both sides of the body separately, as well as all the other techniques we have listed. Strength training improves all other physical abilities and is the basis for all human and athletic movements.


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