How To Wash Tennis Shoes?

how to clean tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are an essential item for most athletes. They protect the athlete’s feet, provide a layer of comfort, and give the athlete traction for their most important tool.

But sometimes, even the best athletic shoes can get dirty or smelly. The dust from the road, sweat, and dirt can leave tennis shoes smelling foul and old.

Most tennis shoes that are canvas or leather can be washed out with a mild detergent and warm water. The next round of methods has been developed and proven to work but will require more effort or time to maintain the desired quality of your shoes.

There are many easy ways to help keep your tennis shoes clean and fresh until they need to be replaced.

Let’s get in detail and know how to wash tennis shoes!

Step 1: Check The Care Label

Check The Care Label

The first thing to do when determining how to wash tennis shoes is to check the care label. Rarely are shoes not washable, but as previously mentioned, they will require more work. They may need some unique cleaning products or even a professional cleaning service.

Step 2: Remove Laces And Insoles

The only genuine concern when washing tennis shoes is the smell. Insoles are removable in most tennis shoes and can often harbor nasty odors. The shoelaces are the most critical component to remove before washing tennis shoes.

The upper and lining of most tennis shoes can be damaged if soaked in water with detergent. The laces should also be removed because they can absorb a significant amount of water, become wet, soggy, and lose their quality.

Step 3: Treat Stains

Leather and canvas tennis shoes can be stained by wine, soda, and other nasty liquids. These stains will require some unique cleaning products or even a professional cleaning service to remove the stain entirely. Follow the directions on the care label and wash tennis shoes separately.

Step 4: Add Detergent

Mix your detergent according to the instructions on the bottle and set it aside. The next step is to fill a tub or wash basin with hot water and add the detergent.

Stir the mixture until it is well distributed throughout the water. You may need to add more water if your tub or basin is not large enough to hold your shoes comfortably.

Step 5: Washing Methods

When it comes to washing and drying tennis shoes, there are a couple of options that should ensure that your shoes come out looking their best. There are two basic methods of washing tennis shoes.

The first method is to toss the shoes into the washing machine in their original packaging, which is probably not recommended given the rough edges on some tennis shoes. This can be done with tennis shoes with mesh lining or canvas outer.

The second method is to wear tennis socks while being washed and dry them out afterward to remove excess moisture from inside the shoe.

Anything to be cleaned should be removed from the washing machine and set aside, preventing damage to the washing machine, carpet, or any other items in the washroom.

Step 6: Cleaning Shoes

In general, tennis shoes are cleaned by rubbing with a non-gel detergent and then rinsed well. They may also be dried on low heat in an air-conditioned room while still wet. Not all tennis shoes can be cleaned this way, and it is necessary to follow the care label instructions carefully when cleaning shoes.

Using bleach to wash tennis shoes is not recommended because it can ruin them entirely and do more damage than good if they are not adequately dried afterward.

Methods Of Washing Tennis Shoes

Methods Of Washing Tennis Shoes

As mentioned previously, there are a couple of methods of washing tennis shoes. Following is a list of some more popular and effective strategies for cleaning your tennis shoes.

1. Washing Machine

You can wash your tennis shoes in the washing machine in their original packaging with regular detergent. Start by putting on the laces, insoles, and socks, then open the package, add the shoes to the washing machine, and fill it with water according to the instructions on your care label. Wring out each shoe by hand before placing them back into the package.

2. Cleaning With A Good Detergent

You can use a special detergent sold to clean tennis shoes, but it is not recommended because of the high risk of damaging the shoe. The detergent either needs to be diluted or contain mild abrasives.

Avoid washing in a washing machine, and rinse well with hot water. Depending on the shoes, you may wish to rub them in a towel and then rub them with dish soap. Most shoes can do this, but you must use mild soaps for fear of ruining the leather or canvas parts.

3. Use Hot Water And Soap

tips to clean tennis shoes

Hot water and soap can be poured directly onto the shoes, scrubbed with a brush, and then rinsed. If this does not clean them enough, you must follow up with detergent to remove any remaining grime.

4. Air Drying In A Dryer For Cleaning

Air drying will clean the shoe and prevent any excess moisture inside the shoe from causing damage to the leather, canvas, lacing, or other parts. Wear socks and allow them to dry until they are scorched.

5. Use A Brush For Cleaning

Use A Brush For Cleaning

A soft-bristle brush can be used to clean tennis shoes by removing stains that remain after washing. This is recommended if there are stains on your shoes or if they have been wet with other liquids such as wine or soda.

6. Use A Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner can clean tennis shoes if they are made of leather, canvas, or mesh. You must use a cleaning product on the steamer that is meant for athletic shoes. You may have to try different products until you find one that is best for your shoe type.

Final Words

Cleaning tennis shoes is a straightforward process that should take no more than a room full of hot water, a pair of socks, and your favorite detergent for a brand new shoe feeling.

Follow the instructions on your care label and make sure that you read the labels on any cleaning products. Many soaps are not meant for particular shoe types.

If a liquid has been spilled on the shoes, you may have to use a brush to remove it. It is recommended that you store your tennis shoes where they can be aired out regularly if they will not be used for several days or weeks.

You may also want to air them out before wearing them again if they have been stored in a completely enclosed area for an extended period.

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