Best Tennis Dampener 2020 – Ultimate Shock Absorbers for Racket and Strings


Do you love playing tennis? Have you bought yourself a new tennis racquet? But if your arm is still hurting and is not happy with your new and the high-quality racquet, then it is time for you to get your tennis dampener. A dampener is a small piece of accessory that is attached to the tennis racquet while playing tennis. When the ball hits the racquet, a lot of vibration is created due to the high speed with which the ball travels. It also makes a sound when it hits the racquet. In order to reduce the sound and the vibration on the racquet, a tennis dampener is the best choice. 

There are many players who say that this vibration has an impact on their game and hence using a dampener is helpful. There are a lot of advantages to using the dampeners and a lot of players used them. Some people are worried if using a dampener will reduce the way that racquet works without using one. This is just a myth and there is nothing that can change the way the racquet works. These dampeners will just reduce the vibration and make it easier for the player to concentrate on the game. 

Top 5 Best Tennis Vibration Dampener

A dampener may ease the game, but it is going to make it difficult for you to choose one for your tennis racquet. There are a number of models available in the market, so we have made a list of the top 5 available in the present market. Also, go through the buying guide, which will help you in picking the best tennis dampener for your racquet. Here are some of the best tennis dampeners

#1 Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener – Pack of 2

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First, on the list, we have Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener. It is one of the most simple dampener options available for you in the market. It is very simple, but it is very effective when you fix it on the tennis racquet and start playing. It is round in shape and it is a button style dampener. There is a small hole in the middle of the dampener and it looks more like a donut. This hole will make it more efficient than other pieces available in the market. There are two pieces of dampeners available in one pack. It is available in black colour, but you can also pick red or white colours as well. 

#2 ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener – pack of 3

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Next, on the list, we have ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener. It is available in a pack of three dampeners. Each of these three dampeners is of different size, one is used to for two strings, the other is four strings and the last is for six strings. That is one of the reasons why this is one of the best selling tennis dampeners in the market. They are available in many different for the player to pick. If you are looking for a simple dampener, then you can use the two string dampener and if you want maximum shock absorption, then it is always good to go for the six strings dampener. 

#3 HEAD Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener – Pack of 2

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Next, on the list, we have HEAD Djokovic Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener. It is available in a pack of two dampeners. It is another simple dampener available on the list. It comes in round shape and it is a button style dampener. You will be able to fix it very easily and start using it. They are white in colour. These dampeners are very effective in reducing the string noise and the vibration that is created by the strings. When there is less noise, then you will have total control over the game and more precision as well. 

#4 21K Sports Tennis Vibration Dampener – Pack of 3

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Next, on the list, we have 21K Sports Tennis Vibration Dampener. It is available in a pack of three dampeners. All three dampeners are six-string dampeners. They provide high shock absorption at a very affordable price. You have nine different colours to pick from if you love trying different colours of dampeners. If you don’t like all these colour options, you still have a multicolour option. They are made of high-quality material and they will make the game almost muted. They are going to last for at least 100 hours of the game. 100 per cent refund if you are not happy, within 30 days of purchase. 

#5 Babolat Custom Damp Tennis Dampeners – Pack of 2

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Last, on the list, we have Babolat Custom Damp Tennis Dampeners. It is available in a pack of two dampeners. These dampeners are used by many popular tennis players for their game. You can find them in yellow, white and black colours. You can just insert it between two strings of the racquet. It gives you high shock absorption even when it is very small in size. They stay secure in the place where you fix them and do their job very well. They are strong enough and do not break easily. 

What to Look For When Buying Tennis Dampener 

It can be confusing to anyone when there are so many options available for choosing one object. Even with a tennis dampener, it is the same. You have so many brands and so many options to look for. This guide will help you with the points to concentrate on when you are buying a tennis dampener. Let us get started…

The Type

Basically, there are two types of tennis dampeners available in the present market. One of them is button style and the other is worm style. Most of the players opt for the button style dampener as they are easy to fix on your tennis racquet. You just need to fix this button on the two mid strings of the racquet and you are done. When it comes to the worm style dampener, which looks a long worm. You need to weave this long worm through many strings of the racquet and this will take a lot of time. 

The Shape

If you are going for the button style dampener, then you get them in rectangular and also in round shape. You can always choose the one that suits your taste. 

The Design

Usually, the dampeners are not clearly visible when fixed on the tennis racquet. But still, the players want to pick something different. There are dampeners with emoji printed on them or some other things printed on the dampener. Some of them come in the shape of an emoji or some cartoon character as well. So, it is totally your choice. 

The Number of Dampeners

There are dampeners that can be fixed to two strings, four strings, and six strings as well. You can buy a pack that has more than one dampener. It can be a combination of different dampeners of different sizes or it can be a pack of dampeners of the same size. They are usually very small in size and there are chances of losing them. They may also break if the tennis ball hits the dampener. So, it is always a good choice to pick a pack that contains more than one dampener. 

Bottom Line

You can now easily pick one from the top 5 tennis dampeners listed above as all of them are very effective. Using a tennis dampener is very useful for any tennis player. So, get your tennis dampener today!!


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