Biggest Upsets in Tennis

It is widely known how important tennis is as a sport in the world, the so-called white sport has gained momentum in recent decades, with the appearance of the world’s greatest aces. In addition to its elegance, this sport has many other segments that are worth watching and consuming.

In addition to the fact that people follow it as a sport, many have started to consume it recreationally because they find in it everything that helps them to be stronger in terms of health, both physically and mentally. Many people consider it a gentlemen’s sport because it is almost impossible to have any problems, starting with shouting, profanity, and the like. But is it so? Some things are almost impossible to control.

In the following, we will talk about the biggest upsets that have happened in tennis in recent decades.

This highly disciplined sport is considered one of the most studied sports in the world. Starting with playing in silence, preparing for the start of the match, changing the tennis balls and to the uncertainty that this sport provides.

The match can last up to 11 hours, or up to 28 minutes, as has already happened at the biggest world tournaments. Among the most watched tournaments around the world, we can single out: Wimbledon – the so-called Grand Slam, played on grass and taking place in Great Britain.

What is interesting about this tournament is that traditionally every year before entering the stands, strawberries with jam are bought, according to some accounts, over 24 tons of strawberries are ordered every year. The second biggest tournament is Roland Garros, the so-called French Open Championship.


It is a clay court game that takes place in France and is considered one of the first tournaments of the open era. In addition to these two biggest tournaments in the world, there are also Canadian doubles and Australian doubles.

As we have already mentioned above, many features of this white sport are very interesting, starting from the length of the match to the prize fund awarded to the winner, which is the essence of the competition. The prize fund is not equal for male and female tennis players, Wimbledon is the only tournament in which the prize fund is the same for both sexes.

Some people think of tennis as a monotonous game that takes too long and gives you a headache while rotating left and right, but those who are fans of this sport know that it is not quite like that. Whoever is a true tennis fan knows that many exciting matches will not leave anyone indifferent. We have already mentioned that with the appearance of the greatest aces, tennis reached its peak.

So we will implement our examples precisely on them. We can safely single out Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal. When we talk about the excitement, and at the same time the tension during the matches, we can confidently say that it happened precisely between these greatest aces of the world.

The biggest match in the world happened between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open in 2012 when the match lasted 5 hours and 53 minutes. The tension of the match is indicated by Novak’s scream at the end, which made this the longest match in the history of the Australian Open official. Then Djokovic defended his title at the celebration of 100 years since the existence of the Australian Open.


However, according to many studies, we have come to the point where tennis matches are massively fixed, which is why it suits the bookies, as well as the people who are intermediaries in these fixings. People followed the highest odds en masse on, in agreement with bookmakers, you could follow live events with different stakes and know that you will take money with certainty. So, despite all the precision and grace that this sport provides, not everything is as it seems.

Of course, not all matches are always fixed. In question were abnormal quotas that required abnormal sums of money that were in circulation. Also, according to the research, we could see that the Russians are the ones who are remembered for their controversy regarding these frauds. Although, we can’t blame only, the whole team involved in this system. When we talk about the length of the match, it is logical that it is the easiest way to make excellent odds and earn money.

It was found that, in addition to all other forecasts, the most reliable one was precisely for the duration of the match. To people who are not familiar with this type of fraud, the large odds that were set for that betting selection were not logical, so they went for some lower odds that they thought were safe, or how much safer, while on the other hand, participants in with the so-called fixtures, they did exactly the opposite.

In addition to the above about what goes against the precision of this great sport, we cannot help but mention the discrimination that happened last year, regarding Novak Djokovic and the decisions of the Austrian Embassy where Djokovic prohibited from participating in the world tournament of the Australian Open because he decides to refuse vaccination against Covid 19.


Djokovic was deported from the country, lost the right to participate in this tournament, and in addition to all that, he had to pay court costs of €500,000. People all over the world thought that this decision of the Australian Embassy was inappropriate, and despite the support of all institutions, every appeal was rejected and it remained that Djokovic will not participate in this tournament.

It is very important to know that everything in the world has its virtues and flaws, nothing is perfect, because perfection does not exist. If you understand this as soon as possible, both the world and your life will be much more beautiful. It’s the same with this grandiose sport, fans of it appreciate knowing that.

So, all of the above was found in some sources, which means that there is some truth in it, but it cannot be said with certainty that it is the absolute truth, or they simply did not try to hide it, because one thing leads to another, for them, publicity grows every time with a string or an innovation that is related to the characteristics of anything, in this case, it is bass tennis.

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