Kyrgios: I Don’t Eat Meat and Dairy Products

Kyrgios I Don’t Eat Meat and Dairy Products

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios recently answered the questions of his fans on Instagram, some of which were pretty personal.

On the question of what is the best thing about being a famous person, he responded the following: “The best thing about popularity is that I can motivate young people, but there are moments when I seek privacy and when I wish my life was more peaceful. If the fans want to take photos with me and ask for autographs with a dose of respect, I could do it all day long.”

There were also some other interesting questions regarding his private life and his day-to-day routines, such as:

How do you deal with media often writing in a negative context about you?

“Sometimes, I feel exhausted and hurt. However, in time, I realized how to deal with and fight with it.”

How often do you play basketball?

“Twice a week when I’m at home.”

Do you have a specific nutrition plan?

“I don’t eat meat and dairy products.”

Where did you get such a fiery temper?

“From my mother.”

How was your high school life?

“I was pretty lonely and did not have many friends.”