Is Nadal Favorite to Win the French Open in 2023

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Why do you like watching tennis? This is one of the most searched questions on Google and we think it’s this common for a good reason. Research shows the people who enjoy watching tennis even if they’ve never played it in their entire life, are the people who are real fans of the sport.

By real fans, we don’t mean ex-tennis players or occasional tennis players who are simply interested in this field; but we mean people who know a lot about the sport itself, along with the players, the statistics, the tournaments, the scores, and everything in between.

As a matter of fact, tennis is one of the top 5 watched sports in the world. In the same category, we have football and basketball, standing next to tennis, as group sports (seems like tennis enthusiasts enjoy individual sports and prefer this individual game).

Aside from people who enjoy watching other people playing this sport, it’s been proven that there are almost 90 million people around the world who are in tennis in some way. Or in other words – who are playing tennis, recreational or professional? It is a pretty large number, isn’t it?

However, the enthusiasm about this sport is not the same in all the countries across the group. Take the US as an example. Since tennis thrives in Europe and Australia, it seems (mentally) pretty far and unavailable to the US population.

It doesn’t mean that tennis is not being watched there, but the point is that it’s significantly more popular in Europe and Australia. Some of the countries with the biggest popularity of the sport are France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

As a sport, tennis is one of the oldest disciplines and some claim that its origins can be found in the 12th century with a different name and slightly different rules of course. On the other hand, if we talk about when it became the official sport and when it gained popularity: it is the 19th century or the late 1870s. Till this day, it never stopped growing, both as a discipline and as a fanbase.

And then, we have tournaments. Events that cause the most excitement, and the most frustration of its fans. Not to mention the great money returns and losses for people who wager on their favorite players!

Everyone has their own favorites, but it could be said that Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, the Davis Cup and finally – the French Open are the tournaments that are worth visiting for at least once in your lifetime. If not, they are definitely worth watching, cheering and betting on. Click here if you want to see how you can bet on the upcoming tournament.

Since the pandemic took over the world, our habits and routines have tremendously changed. It changed tennis as well. But it seems like in 2023, things are slowly coming back to normal. Fans are still divided into categories, according to their adored tennis players, so you can often hear there is team Nadal, team Djokovic or team Federer. One thing is sure: people are ready for some action!

As the French Open or Roland Garros is coming closer, people have already started making predictions about who’s gonna win this tournament this year. And they mostly think it’s gonna be Nadal. Or at least they hope so!

But what are the real odds he is going to win the French Open, and if not him, who’s gonna win? Let’s dive into it.

First of all, we can’t help but mention that Nadal is the absolute king of the French Open. What do we mean by this? The answer is simple: this player has won the tournament 13 amazing times. He showed his dominance so many times that it would be hard to imagine anyone else at this position.

Besides that, he has 21 Grand slam titles in general, which makes him the only player in the world with a score like this. But that’s not all. He has also won 91 ATP singles! The list can go on and on, but one thing is sure – Roland Garros is where he feels the most like himself.

That being said, this May and June, we’ll be able to watch how history is being created. But, some unexpected events have an impact on people’s opinions about who they should place their bets on.

3. Novak Djokovic

For example, Novak Djokovic couldn’t participate in the Australian Open due to vaccine measures, but now that there are no limitations when it comes to vaccination nor he needs one, he’s free to play at Roland Garros. His fans have already started placing bets on him, expecting that he’ll return stronger and more stubborn than ever!

2. Rafael Nadal

Everyone expects that the king gets his crown again. However, this year, Nadal has some strong counterparts. Still, people are ready to place bets on him, and he claims that he is ready to get that trophy and add it to his big collection, making it the biggest in history! This is why he is in second place this year, when it comes to winning odds.

1. Alexandar Zverev

This German player is high on the list of potential French Open winners this year because he showed great skills, lots of energy and great potential in his previous tournaments. It doesn’t come as a surprise that people believe that he can win Rolan Garros. His odds stand pretty high if measured in the number of bets that are placed at the moment, which makes him the perfect candidate for first place in 2023.

Finally, it would be unfair not to mention Stefanos Tsitsipas, because people are wagering a lot on him these days. He’s also one of the absolute favorites when it comes to this tournament, which also makes him a pretty good candidate if you’re willing to invest some money in sports betting.

Although pretty young and new in tennis, he’s already been ranked as the world’s no 3, and he made his homeland proud, since he was the first Greek ever with a tennis achievement like this.

Who will you bet on this French Open?


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