Taking a Whack at Tennis Betting

Sports betting on tennis has been part of the sport since the 15th century when the sport has its popularity. As it fell from favor over the century, betting has shifted to other sports. Like any sporting event, betting on the outcome is a common game among the spectators.

Tennis has its ups and downs but is still considered a sport for the elites or upper class and royalties. It became a professional sport in the modern age as punters continue to evolve and even go online According to Casinocrawlers. We shall talk about what is tennis betting, its pros and cons, and whether there are alternative sports to bet on.

What is Tennis Sports Betting?

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Tennis sports betting has many forms, like betting on a certain game or who will win the tournament. From short-term to long-term betting here are ways you can bet on tennis.

Set Betting

The game of tennis is determined by sets, there is the best of three and of five. If a player won the first two sets the third set will decide the game. So for example, if a player is leading in sets 2:1 you can bet on the best of five 3:1 meaning the player will win the next set to win the game. This is a highly technical betting system, and many who are deep into the game appreciate it.

The probability is much higher because it is simple and depends on the performance of the player who you bet on winning. It is the classic sports betting that everybody has known since sports existed.

Live Betting

A more dynamic way to bet on tennis is betting when the game is ongoing. Live betting is more involved in betting the game’s outcome, the goal is predicting certain outcomes of the game and more of the combination of set betting and who will be the winner. The odds may change all of a sudden making this one of the most thrilling types of sports betting.

Long-term Betting

This type is for the big leagues. Betting on who will be the winner of an individual to the overall tournaments is the biggest of this sport. Tournaments involved are from the French Open to the US Open, Wimbledon, the finals of ATP and WTA as well as the Davis, Hopman, and Fed Cups.

They bet on the grand slam champion, the player that has won the four major tournaments within the year. This betting in the long term has picked up in popularity with the football league seasons and bets are high because the chances are slim.

Pros and Cons

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In every betting game that involves money, winning and losing are not the only pros and cons. Here are some of the Pros and Cons in Tennis betting.

The Pros

A Wide Market

Tennis is one of the highest markets to bet on, from sets to racing to a certain score, a variety to bet on and win. A single game can have a wide selection to bet on like the games in a casino.

There Is No Draw

Unlike football, tennis has no draw and the fast pace of the game ensures that a point will be gained within a few minutes. In betting on the outcome, you will only choose the player that will win and there is no draw option.

A Variety of Strategies

In tennis betting, you can strategize in picking your games to place bets. You can bet small in set betting and the outcome of one game testing the water and then gauging if you will bet big.

High Winning Probability

With the variety of ways to bet and predict the outcome of the game, you can bet. There are variables that are not considered in the rankings like fatigue, and current performance. This influences the game which can be in favor of anyone betting on a certain game.

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The Cons

Not For Beginners

This game is not for newcomers, tennis betting is for people that have more experience in looking into the odds. The probability of winning can easily shift with variables like the court or if the player is playing with an injury.

Policy Changes Fast

Online betting has a reputation for changing policies depending on what protocols they need to follow. There are instances of cash freezing with some suspicions of cheating.


Frauds and scams plague online gambling so better be careful in entering new sites with too-good-to-be-true offers.

Legal Restrictions

Many countries put bans on gambling and some have high standards that discourage new casinos from starting. Though revenue is high, the negative image of gambling still persists in the public eye.

Other Optional Casino Games

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If you are a beginner in online betting, there are many alternative games for you to play. Gaining the experience and the instinct to bet on a player is the same as playing in slots or cards. Here are some examples.

Online Casinos

If variety of games you are looking for, online casinos are like having a gambling hall in the palm of your hand. From roulette, and card games, to slots you can choose any game and enjoy perks and bonus spins.

Sports Betting

Football, rugby, and basketball are some sports betting games that you can get into. Horse or car racing is another avenue you can place your bets, these sports are easy to understand.


Tennis betting is one of the rising types of sports betting. Various ways to bet and fast-paced games, make tennis an exciting sport to place your bets. Whether you play by set betting, the classic, or go big and bet for the grand slam, you can win big with the right strategy.

Yet every game has its negative sides so watch out for online frauds, and make sure of the policies and regulations. This game is not for beginners so be sure that you have in-depth knowledge of the sport or have someone who knows it.

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