Tennis Betting: How to Predict, Choose a Strategy and Bet?

Tennis is one of the most popular sports disciplines on bookmaker websites. This kind of sport is available in all online sportsbooks. Traditionally, bookmakers offer a wide range of markets and embrace a huge diversity of events, including both regional competitions and major international tournaments. Thus, the betting strategy is of great interest. Below, we’re going to consider the best strategies to make predictions on tennis and other related issues.

Today, there are many different versions of tennis, with different rules governing how the game is played. However, the basic rules are still the same. Two people play against each other on a rectangular court with a net at either end.

The object of the game is to hit the other person’s ball into their opponent’s court without letting it hit the ground, and then to return their own ball back into play. Points are scored when a player hits their opponent’s ball into their own court – 10 points for a serve and 15 points for a return. If both players are serving at the same time, then only one point is awarded for each serve (10 or 15 depending on which side is playing).

There are also various ways to score if both players are hitting their balls towards their opponent’s court – netplay (hitting your opponent’s ball into the net), hitting a player in possession of the ball (a called “service”), and playing a “ball off” (hitting the opponent’s ball before it has touched the ground).

TOP-5 Tennis Strategies


There’s something oddly satisfying about putting your money where your conscience is when it comes to betting on sports. No matter how much you may loathe losing, there’s something undeniably thrilling about predicting the outcome of a match, or even just knowing that you could’ve made a difference if you’d only placed a bet. And what better sport to dabble in wagering on than tennis?

Note that strategies differ depending on what type of betting (live or prematch) you choose. Thus, let’s consider the best tactics for betting in live mode:

Outsider handicap during the 1st set

This strategy is applicable for events where a favorite wins over an outsider with a score of 3:0 or 4:0 during the 1st set.

The thing is that when this score happens, bookmakers are likely to offer a +5.5 handicap for a losing player. In other words, the outsider should win at least one game. In this case, the bookmaker sets the odds of 1.7-2.0.

This strategy is winning since:

  • the score of 6:0 is rarely observed in tennis;
  • when achieving the score of 3:0, the favorite is likely to relax, while the outsider puts all efforts to hit the opponent;
  • the favorite can intentionally give one game to the outsider due to psychological reasons and empathy;
  • bets based on this strategy are beneficial for long-term predictions.

Usually, the outsider manages to get 1 point.

Total Under in the 2nd set

This strategy applies to matches where the 1st set finished with the Total Over of 10.5, i.e., it is preferable to bet this tactic on matches with the score 7:6, 7:5, 6:7, and 5:7 after the 1st set.

As practice shows, if the 1st set was played with over 10 games, the 2nd one is likely to have fewer games. Bookmakers usually the odds of 1.3-1.4 for such matches.1.3-1.4 for such matches. This tactic is profitable on the long distance.

Bet on the score 40/40

According to this strategy, bettors make predictions on Total Under/Over for a score of 40/40. If the bet loses, a bettor should double his bet size. Bookmakers offer odds of 2.5-4.5 for such bets, which serves as an excellent condition for catching up.

The “Fan” strategy


This strategy is mostly applicable to tournaments in women’s tennis. The essence is in making predictions on several potential winners. Thus, one win covers all other losses. This happens because bookmakers cannot determine clear favorites of upcoming matches and set profitable odds (a minimum of 6.25 or higher).

Schukin’s strategy for breaks

This strategy is applicable to matches with two equal opponents. Its essence is to bet on breaks with the odds of 3-5. If bettors face a series of losses, the bet size is doubled after two subsequent losses. This strategy is good for high rollers with big bankrolls to stay in the black in the case of long sessions.

Bettors can use any of these strategies when making predictions for tennis betting on The bookmaker GGBet offers a rich list of markets and offers fruitful odds for events.

How to Bet on Tennis?


Before you get down to betting, you should pick a suitable betting website and register on it. Make sure to analyze all aspects of the betting process. When browsing potential online sportsbooks, pay due attention to the following points: banking options, game profiles, bonuses and other kinds of encouragement, options for mobile betting, and customer support.

  1. After a thorough analysis of several bookmaker websites according to this plan, pick a suitable one and create an account.
  2. Verify your profile to unlock a complete range of functionalities.
  3. Deposit the bankroll to make real money predictions. Here, you’ll also get a Welcome free bet as a bonus. Promotions for deposits are common for online bookmakers.
  4. Now, you’re ready to start online betting. Choose the event to bet on from the list of upcoming or current competitions.
  5. Decide on what type of forecast you want to make. It can be a live or prematch prediction. The level of complexity also differs. According to this level, bets are divided into ordinary, express, and system predictions. Ordinary bets are the most popular ones.
  6. Set the bet by specifying the bet size and your prediction.
  7. Watch the match and wait for the result.

Many users prefer sites that offer quick action and easy navigation. Sites that offer this type of user experience tend to be well known and reputable, which is valuable in an industry where customer satisfaction is critical. Overall, it is important to remain informed about the latest tennis betting news in order to make the best decisions when placing bets.

However, remember that statistical analysis is an obligatory step of the preparation process. Always study competitors and find out previous achievements and the strong and weak sides of both players.

Statistics is the main tool of bettors to increase the probability of winning and make grounded fruitful predictions. Tennis is preferable for newbies in terms of statistics since only two players can influence the game course.

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