Toni Nadal – Djokovic Is a Hard Man to Beat

Toni Nadal - Djokovic Is a Hard Man to Beat

Spanish coach and Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni Nadal is aware of the position his cousin is in, but he does not doubt that his former pupil will do everything it takes to win the upcoming Roland Garros.

“I didn’t speak with him about potential retirement. It is my assumption, but I doubt he currently plans to retire,” said Toni Nadal, who recently stated that Rolland Garros in Paris might be the last tournament in Rafa’s career.

Afterward, he talked about Nadals battle with Novak Djokovic for the highest number of won trophies at the grand slam tournaments. They are currently tied at 22 grand slam titles.

Djokovic is a hard man to beat because he is “fresher.” I hope Rafa will have a chance at the Roland Garros, his tournament. We’ll see what will happen after Paris. It is a big rivalry between him and Djokovic. Now it is not about winning this or that tournament; it is about continuing to fight.”