Verdasco Regrets That the Peak of His Career Arrived Later

Verdasco regrets that the peak of his career arrived later

Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco recently stated that the peak of his tennis career didn’t arrive later. Spaniard will turn 40 in November, and in 2009, he played the Australian Open semifinals and reached the seventh place on the ATP rankings.

“Nowadays, the situation is much different. When I was ranked seventh, the Big Four won almost every tournament there was. It was practically impossible for anyone to even think about winning some major title. Only Cilic, Del Potro, and Wawrinka managed to do so,” Verdasco said.

He also added: “Now there is much more room for everything, and it is much fairer, from a certain point of view. If you would ask me if I wanted to be number seven in the world in 2009 or today, my answer is – today. Roger retired, Murray is not on the same level as he was 10 years ago, and Rafa, sadly, struggles with numerous injuries.”