13 Best Multifilament Tennis String 2024 – Stronger & Less Friction

Multifilament Tennis String

Multifilament tennis string takes up less space, last longer, and are more likely to withstand stress. They also offer an improved feel over single filament strings because they give off a little less friction during play and when struck by your opponent or ball in return strokes.

Multifilament strings also offer versatility in a range of tensions and the type of player they can accommodate. They can be used for either a strong, powerful player or a weaker, more finesse-style player.

Tennis Strings

Multifilament strings offer better playability and feel than single filament strings. In addition, they offer more options and versatility in tension and a variety of tensions available to meet most individual requirements.

Polyester has been identified as the best option for multifilament strings because it provides good strength, durability, and consistency with good resilience to shock loads. String construction also uses less elastic string material than single filament strings, which are ordinarily more susceptible to breakage.

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Top Picks Multifilament Tennis String

1. Head Reflex MLT

Head Reflex MLT


The Head Reflex MLT is a multifilament tennis string that offers good playability, durability, and feel. It can offer power and control to all styles of players. This string maintains a low tension level, allowing for easy playability and responsiveness from the ball.

This string also maintains good durability, despite its low tension. However, it is also more susceptible to shock loads than single filament strings.

The Reflex MLT is used when a durable multifilament string is desired. It keeps tension well and offers good durability without sacrificing the player’s style.

Head Reflex MLT


  • Extremely durable and resilient
  • Impressive features
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Good control
  • Great tension maintenance

2. Wilson NXT Control

Wilson NXT Control


Wilson NXT is top-ranked in playability and comfort. In addition, it’s the best-selling multifilament string suitable for various playing skills and styles.

This multi-string is constructed using Xycro Microfibers, almost similar to a natural gut string. However, the tradeoff with premium strings reduces durability relative to other synthetic strings.

Its maximum comfort makes it a superb choice for players with arm-related injuries such as tennis elbow. It offers fairly good tension maintenance and power. In addition, it’s quite good at producing topspins. Overall, NXT Control can deliver high-end performance.


  • Extremely durable
  • Great durability
  • Low tension level
  • Great resilience to shock loads
  • Good control

3. Babolat Xcel

Babolat Xcel


The Babolat Xcel is a best multifilament tennis string that offers great playability and durability. It is very durable and has good playability and feel. The Xcel maintains the tension well and offers consistent performance to all types of players.

Its four separate cores, which give the strings their name, provide great ball bite during play, which allows for impressive power on your groundstrokes and your serves.

This string also provides excellent consistency during use despite constant contact with the ball during play. This string has many benefits, including good durability, consistency, and playability for both finesse and power players.

Xcel is available in natural or blue colors. In addition, it comes in three gauges: 15L (1.35mm), 16 (1.30mm), and 17 (1.25mm).


  • Extremely durable
  • Impressive features
  • Great durability
  • Good control
  • Great tension maintenance

4. Head Velocity MLT

Head Velocity MLT


The Head Velocity MLT is a multifilament tennis string that offers great playability and durability. It can accommodate any style and provides a good feel during use. This string maintains the tension you set without any significant loss in hours of play or performance.

This string also has good stability, which means it does not change significantly during play despite constant contact with the ball. The velocity MLT is also very comfortable and offers excellent durability as consistent as its control and power characteristics.


  • Good feel
  • Good ball bite
  • Excellent consistency
  • Impressive features
  • Very durable
  • Great durability

5. Wilson NXT

Wilson NXT


Thanks to its four separate cores, the Wilson NXT string maintains consistent performance, which provides great ball bite during play. This string can also offer control and power to all players who use it, despite its low tension level, allowing for a great feel from the ball and enhanced control for your groundstrokes.

Additionally, the NXT maintains a low tension level to give you more options in selecting a playability level for your game by adjusting the tension you set on it when you put on your shoes. This string is also very durable, allowing for great play quality without sacrificing your game.


  • Excellent power and control in a low tension level
  • Extremely durable
  • Great feel from the ball
  • Impressive features
  • Impressive features
  • Impressive power and control
  • The very low tension level
  • Great durability

6. Tecnifibre NRG2

Tecnifibre NRG2


The Tecnifibre NRG2 string offers great durability, power, and control at a very low tension level. It is an economical multifilament string but still gives a lot of playability. This string can provide all players with impressive power, control, and feel.

The NRG2 is constructed with polyester, which offers good resilience to shock loads and high levels of durability despite its low tension levels. This string offers great benefits, including low tension-level options, endurance, and incredible playability for strong and finesse players.


  • Excellent power & control for any player
  • Very durable
  • Good ball bite
  • Good playability for all styles of players
  • Very good durability

7. Gamma TNT2

Gamma TNT2


The Gamma TNT2 is very durable and allows for consistent performance during use. The TNT2 maintains low tension levels to ensure consistent performance, allowing for easy access to your shots and better control of your groundstrokes while you are playing.

The string also has a great response to the player’s strokes, which means it returns the ball at the same point each time it is hit.

This string also maintains high tension levels well, keeping your game going strong when you are not hitting the ball and when you are. The TNT2 offers a lot of playability for any style of player.

Gamma TNT2


  • Impressive response
  • Excellent tension retention consistency
  • Impressive control for both power and finesse players
  • Impressive durability
  • Impressive feel & response to player’s shots
  • Low tension level

8. Head Rip Control

Head Rip Control


The Head Rip Control is an affordable multifilament tennis string with great durability thanks to its solid construction. It maintains low tension levels well, which will not change significantly during use despite constant contact with the ball.

This string is also very responsive to the player’s shots, enhancing its great playability. This string is soft and comfortable, which offers both power and control during use and easy access to your shots.

The Rip Control string is also very durable, making it a good choice for recreational or competitive players at any level of play. This string offers some great benefits, including easy access to your shots, good durability from its solid construction, and good longevity from its low tension levels.

The Rip Control also provides low power loss when hit by powerful strokes while still offering great control and feel on your shots.

Head Rip Control


  • Great durability
  • Low tension-level options
  • Impressive power & control for any player
  • Low power loss
  • Great ball bite
  • Good playability for all styles of players

9. Gamma Live Wire XP

Gamma Live Wire XP


The Gamma Live Wire XP provides great power and control for power players. This string is constructed with four different polyester fibers that come together to give you the sharpest feel of any string on the market and increased durability from its lower tension levels.

The Live Wire XP maintains low tension levels and allows easy access to your shots thanks to its responsive construction, allowing you to enjoy your game more than ever before. The string also has an impressive elongation rate, meaning it will not break nor stretch when hit by powerful shots.


  • Excellent control
  • Impressive durability
  • Low tension level options
  • Very responsive construction
  • Great feel
  • Very soft feeling and comfort that does not reduce power

10. Solinco Vanquish

Solinco Vanquish


Solinco’s Vanquish string is constructed with many different polyester fibers and a composite core to provide you with power, control, and durability in a low tension level string.

This string is comfortable and offers good durability that allows for consistent performance during use. The Vanquish maintains low tension levels well to prevent premature failure due to constant contact with the ball and maintains high tension levels well to keep your game strong even when you are not hitting the ball.

This string offers some great benefits, including good control, excellent playability, and good durability from its low tension level options. The Vanquish also provides great playability for both power and finesse players.


  • Impressive feel, control, and power for any player
  • Great durability
  • Impressive control & feel
  • Seamless & comfortable hitting surface
  • Excellent durability

Buying Guide

Multifilament Tennis String Buying Guide


One of the key specs in tennis strings is the gauge, or thickness, of the string. Most of the strings currently on the market start at 15 gauge, which is the thickest, and go up to 18 gauge, the thinnest.

As a general rule, the thicker the string you go for, the longer it will last. And those who like to hit hard will see more use out of a thicker string with a lower gauge.

On the other hand, however, thinner strings offer improved playability and more spin potential.

So the trick is to find a happy medium that works best for your style of playing.

The length of your string is not important when it comes to performance, but it can be very important in comfort and performance if you are trying to achieve a specific string pattern.

Longer strings offer more power and control, while shorter strings allow greater access to your shots and are better for finesse players.


Multifilament Tennis String Buying Guide - Brand

When choosing a string, you should consider the brand, as each manufacturer has its unique design and construction.

The more expensive brands will offer better performance and control & feel at higher tension levels, while the lower-end manufacturers have more affordable options with lower tension levels. However, dozens of different manufacturers also manufacture strings, so they may vary slightly from brand to brand.

Value For Money

The value for money refers to how much a new string will cost, which is an important factor to consider when choosing your new string.

The more expensive the brand, the more money you will pay per ounce of tension level. However, many more popular brands like TopSpin and Wilson provide great strings at affordable prices.


Multifilament Tennis String Buying Guide - Durability

The durability refers to how long a string will last, which is important if you are looking for a string that will last several months without breaking or losing performance.

The more expensive strings tend to be more durable, but lower-end strings can still provide excellent longevity at reduced tension levels. Higher tension levels tend to cause premature string breakage, though sometimes with most players’ good overall playability and comfort.

Bottom Line

Choosing a string is an important process that can be tricky for players with little experience. Most beginners will use the same string until it breaks, which is generally the wrong thing to do because a new string will allow you to make better shots and produce more power than ever before.

A string will lose tension as you use it, which is natural and plays a very important role in the performance of your new string. The higher your tension level, the easier it is to maintain the perfect tension, while lower tension levels do not require nearly as much maintenance but require some time to break in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Multifilament Tennis String

1. How Long Do Multifilament Strings Last?

It relies on the material’s composition and the frequency and intensity with which it is used. It might take anything from 3 to 10 hours to complete. Strings with high durability can last up to 30 hours. On the other hand, it might take 2 to 7 hours if a player is up against a hard-hitting opponent.

If a player observes a significant decrease in spin, power, control, or comfort from their strings, they may need restrung.

How Often Should You Restring A Tennis Racquet?

If you’re using synthetic, multifilament, or natural gut strings, restringing as many times as necessary is suggested. This will ensure that the string tension remains uniform and steady. Again, a stringing machine is highly recommended.

For every 30 hours of play, many players advocate restringing.

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