10 Best Tennis Backpacks 2022 – Babolat, Head, Adidas, Wilson

Best Tennis Backpacks

Tennis backpacks, similar to racquets and shoes, arrive in a bewildering exhibit of choices. Each of the significant brands has an assortment of backpacks, going from basic handbags to fashionable totes to even racquet packs.

Our Pick
Babolat 751207 RACKET HOLDER 12 Tennis Racket Bag, Holds 12 Bottles, Pure Drive,...
Good Price
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WILSON Roger Federer DNA 12pk Tennis Bag - Black, OSFA (WR8006002001)
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Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag | Padded to Protect Rackets & Lightweight |...
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adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag
Babolat 751207 RACKET HOLDER 12 Tennis Racket Bag, Holds 12 Bottles, Pure Drive,...
WILSON Roger Federer DNA 12pk Tennis Bag - Black, OSFA (WR8006002001)
Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag | Padded to Protect Rackets & Lightweight |...
adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag
Our Pick
Babolat 751207 RACKET HOLDER 12 Tennis Racket Bag, Holds 12 Bottles, Pure Drive,...
Babolat 751207 RACKET HOLDER 12 Tennis Racket Bag, Holds 12 Bottles, Pure Drive,...
Good Price
Amazon's Choice
WILSON Roger Federer DNA 12pk Tennis Bag - Black, OSFA (WR8006002001)
WILSON Roger Federer DNA 12pk Tennis Bag - Black, OSFA (WR8006002001)
Don't Miss
Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag | Padded to Protect Rackets & Lightweight |...
Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag | Padded to Protect Rackets & Lightweight |...
Also Consider
adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag
adidas Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag

Most of them are planned in similar designs to their best-quality racquets.

tennis racket backapacks

With such countless significant manufacturers currently selling tennis backpacks, concluding which one is best for you can be intense.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best tennis backpacks so you can get a sense of what you should be searching for!

Top Tennis Backpacks Review

1. Babolat Pure Series 12-Pack Tennis Bag

Babolat Pure Series 12 Pack Tennis Bag


The Babolat Pure Series 12-pack tennis bag is the most versatile and popular tennis bag across all levels of players, ranking first on our list of best tennis backpacks. This backpack has all of the features you’d expect for tennis players of all levels. Aside from the attractive appearance, two racquet compartments have Isothermal protection, which aids in string tension maintenance.

It also comes with a lot of storage. Up to 15 racquets can be stored in the main compartments. Strings, tennis overgrips, your phone, keys, and other small items can be stored in the accessory pockets.

A well-designed, ventilated shoe pocket is also included. Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry it as a backpack. Together with its durability and brand recognition, these features make the Pure Series Bag our top pick. This bag is available in three colors: black, blue, and yellow.


  • Excellent shoe pocket with ventilation
  • Isothermal string protection
  • Personalize your tag with a customizable function.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for backpacking
  • There are three color choices available.

2. HEAD Tour Team Tennis Backpack

HEAD Tour Team Tennis Backpack


The spacious zippered main compartment on the Head Tour tennis backpack is exceptional. It does, however, have a front pocket and a side mesh pocket. Because of its basic design and practical features, this tennis bag quickly became a bestseller.

The larger storage chamber is great for storing all necessary tennis equipment, while the front zipper is ideal for small items. They also offer adjustable padded straps for enhanced shoulder comfort.

Two rackets may be carried conveniently in this tennis bag. Polyester is a sturdy, lightweight, and easy to wash and dry material. You can also select your preferred color scheme. The weight is 1.19 pounds, and the dimensions are 14 x 7 x 22 inches. This model comes in black, grey, teal, pink, and navy blue. As a result, you have the option to choose a lovely hue.


  • The spacious compartment provides ample storage.
  • Water bottles can be carried in the side mesh bag.
  • Comfort is ensured by a padded shoulder strap.
  • It has a light and brilliant appearance.
  • It comes in a variety of lovely colors.

3. Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag

Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis 12 Racquet Bag


The Adidas Unisex Tour Tennis 12 racquet bag is more suitable for tennis players of all levels. During your arrival at the tennis courts, the prominent Adidas branding emblem will project professionalism and personality. Furthermore, the large-sized and well-shaped backpack allows you to carry all your tennis equipment with ease.

One of the key reasons to choose these backpacks is that they come with multiple compartments. The main pocket can accommodate two 110-size racquets in two separate heat pouches. You may also store all of your important tennis accessories in the secondary compartment, such as clothing, caps, shoes, food, tennis balls, etc.

Two side pockets are also available for storing your water bottle and juice. Additionally, the well-padded central handle and high-quality straps allow carrying the bags by side or one-sided on the shoulder. Also, a phone, camera, wallet, or sunglasses can be stored in the terry lined tiny zipped center pocket located directly beneath the center carrying handle.

The Adidas unisex bags have a 20-inch height, 11.3-inch length, and 11-inch width for constructive dimensions. It’s important to note that Adidas’ 12 racquet backpacks are made entirely of polyester, making them more durable and long-lasting.


  • The fabric is made entirely of polyester.
  • There are three colors to choose from.
  • Sturdy Carrier and Compartment
  • The middle handle and straps are well-padded.
  • Inside, there’s a key fob and a webbed pocket.

4. Wilson Roger Federer DNA 12pk Tennis Bag

Wilson Roger Federer DNA 12pk Tennis Bag


Wilson Federer Tennis Bag Series is made of PU leather and is designed to captivate spectators from afar. The front panel, Roger Federer’s illustrious signature, and a rubber screen print logo epitomize a tennis player’s individuality and class. This is why it is more appealing to all types of experts.

The Wilson Federer tennis bag’s storage sections are the first thing that springs to mind. With an attractive zipper lock, the main pocket can hold two standard racquets. Changeable clothing, shorts, T-shirts, caps, snacks, and tennis balls can all be stored in the two additional compartments.

Personal items such as watches, cellphones, wallets, and other items can be stored on the front panel. Your water bottle or juice snacks can also be stored in the side pocket.

Of course, the Wilson Team Series backpacks are made of the highest quality fabrics, which complement Roger Federer’s style and personality. Additionally, the high-quality cushioned straps provide the optimum padding and may be adjusted as needed.

These backpacks are also available in two colors. The Wilson team series bags measure 19 inches in length, 12 inches in height, and 8.5 inches in breadth.


  • Large and safe compartments
  • Tennis backpack compartment of world-class
  • Sturdy carrier
  • There are two color options.
  • Padded straps that are easily adjustable.

5. Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag


Another excellent discovery by the firm is the Athletico 3 tennis bag created in the United States. Because of its enormous capacity, several pocket options, and compact UNISEX style, this conventional and high-quality tennis backpack becomes more appealing. As a result, it’s an excellent tennis backpack for practice, games, tournaments, and travel.

The storage capacity of the backpacks is one of the key reasons to choose them. Up to three large tennis racquets can be stored in the main compartment. In addition, the wide front zipped pouch allows you to store more than 12 tennis balls for your normal match or practice session.

Additionally, you may store your wallet, keys, phones, and other items in the felt-lined backside pocket. Furthermore, the backpacks’ shoulder straps are technologically well-padded, allowing you to carry the bag comfortably while protecting your tennis equipment from accidents.

In addition, the backpacks’ tote handles allow you to carry them side by side. These Athletico tennis backpacks are made of a long-lasting 600D polyester fabric. The Athletico 3 tennis bag measures 27.9 inches wide, 11.4 inches tall, and 3.9 inches deep.


  • Fabric parts are 600D polyester and are of high quality.
  • There are three colors to choose from.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Lightweight and compact
  • UNISEX design is light and compact.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Tennis Backpacks

Have you chosen the model you want now that you’ve read our in-depth assessments of each tennis bag? We realize you may still be undecided. That’s understandable, given the abundance of wonderful possibilities! We’ve chosen to compile a buying guide to help you find the best bag for your needs and lifestyle.

Tennis Racquets

Tennis bags can accommodate up to 15 tennis racquets at once. Tennis bags and backpacks are an excellent option if you need to carry a few tennis racquets at a time.

A 9- to 15-pack tennis backpack is the ideal solution if you are a tennis coach or someone who requires more than six tennis racquets on hand. If you only have a few racquets but need space for your tennis shoes and other items, a 3-pack or 6-pack tennis backpack is good.


Aside from the number of racquets you need to keep, you should also consider storage for necessary items like tennis shoes and clothing. Many tennis bags include a shoe tunnel to separate your tennis shoes from the rest of the bag.

Some backpacks have a greater number of accessory pockets than others. If this is crucial to you, look for additional compartments inside and outside the bag to store everything you need.

Way of Carrying

If you’re riding your motorcycle to and from the court, a tennis backpack is the only obvious option. A wheelie tennis bag may be necessary for people who have great distances to walk to their preferred court or for those who travel for tennis.

A simple racquet cover will be enough for those who do not need to transport much equipment. If you’ll be carrying your racquets a lot, a bag with padded straps is a good idea.

Tennis Backpacks infographic


When it comes to tennis equipment, quality is evident, but when it comes to bags, quality can vary greatly. A high-quality, robust, purpose-built tennis backpack from a respected, well-known brand differs significantly from a normal sports backpack not developed with tennis in mind. Quality means the materials used in the bag’s construction and how effectively it functions.

So, in terms of a tennis backpack, you should search for a durable design composed of durable fabrics that can endure some impact. If you’re attempting to store a spare T-shirt dry or a drinks bottle cool, seek bags with compartments made of waterproof or temperature-regulating fabrics.


Then think about the divisions in the tennis bag you want. A tennis bag will, at the very least, feature a section for racquets. Then, if necessary, seek a bag that includes a variety of extra pockets for your equipment and supplies.

  • Compartment for clothing and footwear.
  • Accessory pocket for keys, glasses, cell phones, and other small items.
  • Pockets with insulation.
  • Holders for water bottles.
  • Durability

You believe your tennis hardware should be all around as enduring as could be expected, as you’ll be putting it through a lot of abuse over time. When we get to the court, we often toss our bags, which can cause them to slide over the ground, ripping and tearing less-durable versions.

Our recommendations, on the other hand, are built to last. Nylon is a popular material that is both lightweight and durable – the ideal combination!

Weather Protection

Unfortunately, many backpacks and bags do not provide appropriate weather protection, which would be perfect. Some bags allow the sun’s rays and moisture to enter, potentially damaging the equipment. What good is a tennis backpack if it can’t keep the racquets safe?

Look for a model that includes some form of protection, such as this. It will protect the bag from harmful UV rays, dampness, and any other type of moisture it may come into contact with.


It is critical to have well-padded and adjustable straps when carrying backpacks. As a result, all leading backpack manufacturers created their products with high-quality cushioning that makes it easier to transfer the backpack to the tennis court.

These large padding features also protect the units from unbalanced accidents, making the interior tennis equipment safer. To keep this in mind, check the cushioning quality and adjustability of the strap before purchasing.


It’s difficult to choose which tennis bag is right for you when so many options are available. A decent tennis bag has numerous components, which may be more significant than others, depending on your ability level.

For serious players, factors such as protection, size, durability, and comfort may be more vital, whereas, for intermediate and novice players, pricing, utility, and style may be more important. Hopefully, this information has assisted you in finding the best tennis backpacks for you.


What is the best size tennis bag for me?

It depends on what you plan to put inside! How many tennis racquets will you bring? If you simply need one or two bags, most will do.

Consider the rest of your equipment as well. Will you bring some extra clothing? Is it possible to get a new pair of shoes? Then double-check that you have enough room for everything.

Tennis bag or backpack: which is better?

This will be determined by your preferences. Backpacks are easier for people to carry, but bags often have more usable capacity, which is ideal for traveling and additional clothing/shoes.

Is it vital to look for a shoe compartment in tennis bags?

Different compartments are included in bags to keep items organized and protected. When your rackets brush against your shoes, they can cause complications. Furthermore, increased string tension damages the rackets.

As a result, a shoe compartment is essential. The perfect bag has a compartment large enough to accommodate your shoes. Your rackets will not be under any additional stress.

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Under Armour Hustle Backpack, Academy (408)/Silver, One Size Fits All
  • UA Storm technology delivers an element-battling, highly water-resistant finish
  • Breathable air-mesh padded back panel & adjustable, HeatGear shoulder straps for total comfort
  • Soft-lined laptop sleeve—holds up to 15"" MacBook Pro or similarly sized laptop
  • Water-repellent front valuables pocket to keep your stuff safe
  • Large, gusseted front laundry/shoe pocket placed at bottom of bag (fits pair of shoes up to size 15)
YONEX Pro Tennis Backpack L Fine Blue
  • The Yonex Pro Tennis Backpack L Fine Blue is a great solution for a tennis player who wants a lot of accessory pockets.
  • Size - (Backpacks) | Color - (See Description)
Dunlop Sports FX Club 1-Racket Backpack, Blue/Black
  • LARGE, COMFORTABLE TENNIS BACKPACK RACKET BAG: This 1-Racket Tennis Backpack Racket Bag measures 13 x 9.5 x 19(inches)
  • 3 ZIPPERED COMPARTMENTS: Three zippered compartments provide ample carrying power to this Tennis Backpack Bag
  • RACKET STORAGE COMPARTMENT: One racket pocket with a strap to secure your racket during travel
  • PADDED BACK FOR COMFORT: Mesh and padding on the back of the bag to make it more comfortable when you are carrying the bag
Fila Ultimate Tennis with Shoe Pocket, Black/Grey, One Size
  • Insulated side pocket
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Tricot lining media accessory pocket
  • Multiple zippered pockets
  • Dual tennis racket sleeve